Chapter 3

Getting Help

As the four friends run to the police station to get help, coming from the opposite direction the rest of their friends are searching for them.

As Fangface rounds the corner he collides into Biff, "Oof!" they call out as they fall backward from the collision.

"Biff?" Storm asks as she comes to a stop next to her brother.

"Storm? Fangface?" Biff asks as he looks at the twins with a dazed expression on his face.

Storm helps Biff to his feet, "Yeah, it's us, but what are you doing here?" she replies, and then helps her brother to his feet.

"I expected Fangface to be here but I wasn't expecting you, Storm, how you get here anyway? I thought you were in college?" Biff asks.

"It's a long story, Biff, and I'll fill you in once we find Pugsy and head home. I'm sure our parents are worried sick about us." Storm replies as the rest of the gang catches up, and she takes notice of Toni, "Who are you?" she asks.

Fangface looks at his twin, "(Grr) Sis, that's Toni, she's a friend of mine." He comments.

Storm walks up to her and extends her right hand out to Toni in greeting, "Nice to meet you, Toni." She says.

Toni shakes her hand in return, "Nice to meet you too, Storm, Fangface said he had a twin, but I didn't know you'd be a different fur color." She replies.

"Yeah I'm a bit unique, but anyway back on topic, how did you guys get here?" Storm asks as she noticed Barbara, Pugsy's mom, among them.

Barbara looks over at Storm, "We came to help you guys rescue my son." She replies.

"Well first off we need to get to the police station before Edward Junior does." Luca comments.

"Willackers, we'd better get going then." Kim states as they start to walk off only to have Downy's gang find them.

"There they are, get them." Downy orders.

The friends, once again, split up, Toni, Fangpuss, Fangface, Tiger, and Luca going one way, while Storm, Biff, Kim, Barbara, and Stutz go another way.

Downy and the gang members that followed him soon corner Tiger, Luca, Fangpuss, Toni, and Fangface in an alley, "Now we got you." He states sinisterly as he draws his gun.

The rest of the gang members draw various weapons, and start advancing on the friends.

Luca pulls Toni and Fangpuss behind a dumpster as Tiger changes into Backbiter, and him and Fangface start fighting the gangmembers.

Meanwhile, Storm has led the others into a clothing store, and they dress up as mannequins in order to lose the gang members following them. Jake and the others look around and leave the clothing store, they continue further down the street.

Storm steps down from a pedestal and removes the dress she is wearing, "Well got rid of them for now." She states.

"Yeah, I sure hope that Fangface and the others are doing okay." Kim says worriedly.

"Knowing my bro, Downy and his creeps will realize how much they've bitten off." Storm replies with a smirk.

Biff looks down the street, "Well let's go, we need to find our friends." He says and leads the others off.

At the same time, Fangface, Backbiter, and the gang members have been arrested and thrown into jail.

'Do you think Storm will find us?' Fangs asks Fangface mentally as the teen werewolf lays down on one of the beds.

'You know she will, Fangs, calm down.' Fangface replies.

Fangs sigh, 'I know, I know, I just hope she or Fangpuss find us soon.' He says.

Fangface gets up and heads to the window, he spots some familiar figures, 'Fangs, I think I see something outside.' He says, and whistles loudly, "Sis, guys, over here!" he calls out.

Storm comes running up to the window, "Bro, what happened?" she asks out of concern.

"(Grr) The police thought we were the bad guys." Fangface explains.

Barbara runs up next to Storm, "Don't worry, Fangsy, we'll get you out." She reassures.

"Yeah, hang tight, twin bro, we're gonna get ya out." Storm replies as she reaches up and pats her brother on the arm.

"We'll be back, Fangsy, don't worry." Barbara comments as the others run off, but Storm hesitates for a minute.

"I don't feel right leaving you here, bro." Storm says as she watches the others go off without her.

Fangface places a hand on his sister's shoulder, "(Grr) Go with them, Stormy, they're going to need you." He replies.

Storm looks at him for a moment, "Okay, but I will be back for ya, twin bro." she states and takes off after the others.

'Now what?' Fangs asks in Fangface's subconscious.

Fangface lays back down on the bunk, 'Now we wait.' He replies.

Storm catches up with the others as they head away from the police station, "So what's the plan?" she asks.

"We need to find out where Pugsy is, then we'll figure out how to get Fangface out of jail." Biff replies.

"But I wonder why they captured him? I thought they would've recognized Fangface after all we did help them catch Mysterio." Kim muses.

"Who knows, but we'll find the truth out." Biff reassures as Storm comes up next to him, "Storm, think you can find Pugsy's scent?" he asks the white furred she wolf.

"As long as you have something of his I can." Storm replies.

"Wouldn't his scent be similar to mine?" Barbara asks.

Storm looks at her, "Similar enough for me to track him down." She replies and lightly breathes in catching the scent easy enough, "I got it, come on." She adds as she drops to all fours and tracks like a bloodhound.

Fangpuss in the meantime has gone to the jail house to free his cousin, while Luca takes Toni to his "mom" in order to find out what Edward Junior has in store for Pugsy. Storm heads in the same direction not knowing that they are going to fall into a trap.