Another update on the Phi Brain because I need to get out of my system, I think :l Anyhow, this chapter is basically four mini-drabbles fused into one chapter. I wrote them for fun because it seemed like such a good idea at the time, BUT THAT IS OKAY.

Hypothetical moments-moments which could have happened, but sunrise didn't end up putting it in because then, it would turn into a yaoi anime, and there's no way they could do that to the poor phi brain-the fangirls can pick it up from the bromance, they call out.


Hypothetical moments


Kaito's eyes focused on the puzzle, as he scrunched up his eyebrow trying to focus his attention to the solution of the puzzle he had been offered. It had that component of difficulty in it, and since he racked his brain trying to figure it out, he was totally unaware of the presence of another person in the room.

A hand flew past his shoulders, and another laid upon the top of his head, as the other occupant of the room leaned in, analyzing the puzzle Kaito had in front of him. Without the dark-haired boy's consent, his fingers flew to the puzzle and made a move. Of course, naturally, Gammon knew the answer, and was only helping out his fellow puzzle-solver.

Angered, Kaito twisted his head to face the red-head. "That was totally unnecessary! I would have figured it by myself-"

-only to be cut off by a pair of lips on his, forcefully pressing down upon his, as the feeling of euphoria possessed him completely. His eyes widened at the scene displayed as his hands fell freely at his sides. "I expect a reward later, Daimon Kaito." And with that, his 'attacker' walked off.


Gammon was having an unbelievably bad day. Reason? He didn't really know. It was probably because everyone had been ignoring him, leaving him out to dry. He growled at the string of events that happened, and he felt extremely pissed at the way he was treated. Again.

Nonoha had ignored him for Kaito. Figured. The Edison brat seemed a little too interested in Kaito for his own good, and the artist girl—or rather, boy, seemed to hang around Kaito more than before. Not to mention, he was ridiculed by Kaito himself.

That was probably enough to have the poor red-head blow his top off. "Damn you, Daimon Kaito!"

And off he went, trying to get rid of his annoyance, by locating the person who was the source of his annoyance. And much to his own surprise as to the other's, he had smacked a sloppy kiss on to the other's lips before pulling back sharply.

"Ah," he paused in thought, and resumed with, "I feel much better now." All with that, his anger was lifted, miraculously.

Ah, young love.


That afternoon, Gammon had bumped into the raven-haired boy, looking quite antsy. Probably running away from someone. And with his serious face—or not so serious, because Kaito was looking at him with a semi-panicked look, although he really haven't deemed Gammon trustworthy, not yet—and Gammon thought he'd just tease the poor boy.

"Running away again, Daimon Kaito?"

Normally, the other would respond with a snarl, and probably be in Gammon's face about running away from puzzles and the sort, but this time, he looked a little too desperate for his own good. "Ah, you," he inhaled, "if Nonoha asks, don't tell her I came this way."

So; Gammon had been deemed worthy of trust for Kaito, now?

But before he could ask why, the dark-haired boy had ran off, looking to be in a hurry.

Nonoha, huh.

And no sooner, he could hear the running steps of the athletic girl, charging at him at full speed. "Where did Kaito go?"

Yet, another question directed at him.

"No clue."

Nonoha squinted at him—as if in disbelief. She then sighed, and shrugged. "Oh well." And off she went, in the same direction that Kaito had previously gone to.

He snickered at the sight. Kaito's gonna get it hard this time.

But what he failed to realize was the fact that Nonoha would ultimately end up with Kaito—

-No, no, no. He charged after said girl.

And thus, it became a game of tag.


To which he had carried the boy out of the cave, and Nonoha was in front of them, leading the way—really, he had to admit, the girl was amazing—she could memorize about anything that she sees. He smiled at the fact, as he shifted a bit, and the boy at his back had, too.

He was constantly reminded that he was carrying around a fragile boy, whom had received the contract of Orpheus, and was given the title of Einstein, was almost in a near-death situation. More so than himself, really.

He looked over his shoulder at the dark-haired boy, checking if the boy was okay, and even if he wasn't, Gammon wouldn't be that worried, right?

Apparently not.

With several glances the boy's way, he had grown accustomed to the weight at his back, and lugged around like no trouble at all.

And he could feel every beat of the boy's heart, which in turn, accelerated his, as well. But he won't say anything about that. He'd keep that to himself.

Kaito, you idiot, making everyone worry like that.

Yes, he thought, making everyone worried—including him. Mostly him.

Because as much as he won't admit, he wasn't looking forward to a life without the dark-haired boy—not at all.

So, with a few seconds to spare, all while Nonoha wasn't looking, he stole a quick kiss from the boy, and smiled at the fact, too.

Kaito, he thought, you have no clue how much you mean to the world right now.

But he'd remain silent.

He always had.

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