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Sekirei: The Guardian of the North



"Minato-sama." Matsu said quietly from here doorway as the young man in question walked down the hallway, a pile of clean laundry in his arms. "I have something you need to see."

"Eh?" he said absently, turning to face her. He immediately noticed the solemn look on her face and put the laundry on the floor. "What is it, Matsu-chan?" She led him into her room and gestured to one of the several computer screens she had running. It showed a cluster of three Sekirei and a single Ashikabi chasing a single Ashikabi and Sekirei pair.

"So, is someone poaching again?" Minato said, voice suddenly cold and hard, his eyes flinty as he glared at the larger group.

"Yes, one of Higa's subordinate Ashikabi, Takizaki. They're likely trying to force that pair to join them." Matsu replied quietly, turning to face her Master. He nodded and turned to leave the room, but her voice stopped him at the edge of her curtain. "Minato-sama…it's your sister Yukari, and her Sekirei Shiina who are at risk."

He froze, turning to look at her, eyes wide in shock, and she nodded to him in reply. Turning back, Minato quickly left the room. If Matsu was certain, than it was the truth. She didn't make mistakes about surveillance, and she wouldn't tell him on a whim. Their chances of escape had to be very slim indeed, which meant he would have to intercede. Reaching the living room, he sat down slowly in a large and comfortable armchair and leaned back, closing his eyes tiredly.

"Uzume, Yume, Tsukiumi, Miya, Homura." He spoke the five names softly, but his girls heard them none the less and appeared in the room with him, ready for battle. They knew it was serious business of a non-romantic nature when he didn't use any affectionate suffixes with their names. Opening his eyes, he looked at them with a commanding air. "It appears that Higa has decided to go poaching again. His minion, Takezaki, and several Sekirei are chasing an Ashikabi and her Sekirei."

"Bastard! He hunts in your territory again?" Uzume hissed, her intense hatred for the man flaring violently, her anger causing the Veils that were her power to flutter as though in a breeze. Higa had almost had Takizaki succeed in forcing her to become one of his Sekirei, and she had had no choice but to severely injure several of her fellow Sekirei in her escape attempt. That night, when Takizaki had caught up to her again, Minato and the Sekirei he had had at the time had come to her rescue. After they had returned home to Maisson Izumo, she had kissed him and become winged. According to what she told the group later, Chiho (her first Ashikabi of choice) had died of a disease before they had bonded, and she had found herself drawn to a similar soul, Minato's. Chiho had died because the man Takizaki had refused to give her aid in the hospital owned by Higa so that she would die, and Uzume would be broken and vulnerable to capture.

"Yes. He appears to have forgotten that the North is a refuge for Ashikabi and Sekirei, and that all those present are under my protection." Minato confirmed, feeling sorrow in his heart for the pain that she had had to go through. He loved her dearly, and couldn't stand the thought of ever losing her, but it was those feelings that told him how she must have felt when her first chosen Ashikabi had died.

"Shall we go and correct his error, Minato-sama?" Homura asked, her soft voice filled with equal anger. As the ex-Guardian of the Un-Winged, she hated Higa, a man who forced himself on Sekirei, as much as Uzume.

"Yes, I need you five to go. His minion has three Sekirei with him." He said quietly. "Ku-chan and Kazehana."

The two Sekirei in question appeared with the others, Kazehana with her ever-present sake bottle and Kusano with her small potted plant.

"You two will need to head to the Ashikabi's home and retrieve her belongings. It will not be safe for her to be there for the time being. Can they stay here, Miya?" he turned to the pale violet-haired Sekirei. Their bonding had been a bit of a shock to everyone, themselves included. It had happened entirely by accident. Miya had found a letter from her dead husband, which had detailed his last wishes to her, including his desire for her to find another love. Walking down one of the hallways of the inn, she had been so deep in thought over the letter that she didn't see Minato in front of her till she ran into him, sending them both to the floor with her on top of him. Like Uzume, her body had reacted and she had kissed him on impulse. When he had expressed his regret for winging her against her will, she had merely hugged him close and thanked him.

"Of course, Minato-sama. Ku-chan, Kazehana, put her things in the empty room, 'kay?" she answered with a smile, and the other pair nodded.

"Minato-sama, you never told us who it is, or where they can find her things." Yume pointed out quietly. After they had run into each other and she had become his first Sekirei, she had been his constant companion and it had been her encouragement that lead Minato to not only bind other Sekirei to himself in addition to herself, but also to take command of the area and become Ashikabi of the North, creating a safe haven for anyone who needed shelter.

"Girls…"he said, looking each of them in the eye, one after the other. "This mission is of the utmost importance. The persons you are going to guard and return with are none other than my sister Yukari, and her Sekirei, Shiina."

All of his girls gasped and Tsukiumi cried out: "That worthless scum! He dares to hunt thine own sister and her companion? Truly, he must desire death!"

"Please remember, don't kill unless you have to. Disable, knockout, whatever, but don't kill them unless it's avoidable." Minato said calmly. If the girls didn't know him so well, they likely would have been surprised that he was not demanding blood to be spilt over the threat to his sister. They smiled lovingly as they glanced at each other. With a universal shrug that said "Of course", they nodded to him and he smiled. His kind and gentle nature kept his implacable will to protect restrained, and that was why they loved him. "Go then, and please return to me safe and sound." Each girl gave him as kiss before leaving, the five on the rescue group racing towards his sister while Kazehana and Kusano left for Yukari's house, the younger and slower Ku holding onto Kazehana's back.

Minato watched them leave with love and concern and pride warring in his heart, before turning and heading upstairs to monitor the situation with Matsu.


"Come on, Shiina! Keep running!" Yukari yelled, dragging the silvery-white haired girl after her as they continued to try and outrun their pursuers.

"Yukari…we…aren't….going…to…make…it." Shiina gasped out. They had been running for felt like hours now, and still hadn't managed to lose the people after them.

"We can't give up now!" she yelled at her in determination, turning down another alley. "We can do this!"

"No, you can't." a purple haired Sekirei with spinning disc-blades around her landed in front of them while she heard two more appear behind them. "This is the end of the line for you."

Yukari growled in response, eyes darting as she tried to find an escape route, but it was futile, and she knew it. The sound of slow, almost sarcastic applause echoed from behind the Sekirei in front of them, and a tall man with dark brown hair and glasses walked up behind her.

"Bravo, bravo!" he said mockingly, a smirk on his face. "You led us on a merry chase, Yukari and Shiina, but now it is time to swear allegiance to Higa-sama."

"I refuse to work for that bastard!" Yukari hissed, and the man sighed theatrically.

"Then I suppose that I will have to kill you." He said, his smirk turning into a deadly stare. "Girls…"

Yukari braced herself as the Sekirei prepared to attack, but a voice echoed from above them, causing them all to look up.

"Not so fast, asshole. By order of our master, the Ashikabi of the North, you are to leave immediately, minion of that bastard Higa. Otherwise, it is youwho will die."

Yukari gasped in surprise and a little fear. Standing on the rooftops surrounding the alley she, Shiina, and their attackers were in stood five Sekirei, all of whom were ready for combat. One had balls of flame hovering around her, another had a dragon of water beside her, yet another was dressed in silks that seemed to move at her bidding, while the fourth held a deadly looking katana, but it was the last that really caught her attention.

"Yume-chan!" she cried happily, pleased to see a friendly face.

"Hello Yukari-dono. So glad to see you again. My sister's and I are here to save you and Shiina-san." Yume smiled at her before returning her deadly gaze to the enemy. "Will you withdraw or must we fight?"

"Why you little bitch, I'll show you!" one of the Sekirei behind Yukari screeched, leaping towards Yukari, legs ready for a kick that would shatter her skull. "I'll kill your little friend first!"

In an instant, it was all over. Yukari didn't see it begin, or see it end. One moment she was flinching away in fear, the next her would-be killer was on the ground with a sword at her throat while water bound her companion's hands and feet. Yume and the fire-user landed lightly next to Yukari and Shiina and Yume held out her hand.

"Come on, Yukari-dono. Minato-sama is waiting for you." She said with a smile.

"Big brother sent you?" Yukari asked, startled, and then gasped as something occurred to her. "Then, that would mean Minato is the Ashikabi of the North!"

"Yes, the Master is the Guardian of the North." The fire user said with a nod as she held a hand out to Shiina. "He sent us to rescue you. Uzume, explain the situation to that Ashikabi over there, would you? I think he knows you."

"Of course, Homura. I'll enjoy it." The girl with the silks-Uzume, Yukari assumed- snarled as she walked up to the enemy Ashikabi before smashing her fist into his face. Putting a foot on his chest and pushing, she leant down and growled loud enough for everyone to hear. "Go back and tell that pathetic bastard Higa that if he tries to hunt in my Master's territory again, his next little group won't get off so easily. You're lucky he decided to spare you this time, going after his sister like you did."

"I'm…sorry!" the man wheezed, clearly in a great deal of pain. "I…didn't realize…who she…was."

"It doesn't matter, fool." The sword-wielder said, dropping the two Sekirei she and the water-user had subdued next to him. "The fact is, you and your master knew that the North is a sanctuary and any hunting in the North is forbidden. Do so again at your own peril."

"Higa-sama will show your worthless master his place soon enough!" shouted the purple-haired Sekirei defiantly. All Minato's girls and his sister glared at her, and Yukari started to retort angrily when Yume started laughing, the other four joining her after a moment.

"What are you laughing at, you bitches?" the loudmouth yelled at them, and Yume smirked at her.

"What's your name and number, little one?" she asked, her gentle tone at odds with the cold glare in her eyes. Yukari blinked at the odd question, but remained silent.

"Sekirei #101, Oriha." Was the angry answer, and Yume's smirk grew.

"Tell me, little one, what chance does your master have against mine?" she asked pleasantly. "His highest number is Sekirei # 16, right? Toyotama?"

"What of it?" Oriha snarled at her, and Yume's smirk became a full-blown grin.

"My master, with all of his Sekirei gathered, has Miya, #01. Matsu, #02. Kazehana, #03. Homura, #06. Myself, Yume, #08. Tsukiumi, #09. Uzume, #10. Hikari and Hibiki, #'s 11 and 12. Finally, little Kusano, #108. So, as you can see, my Master could destroy you in an instant if he so desired."

All throughout Yume's listing of the Sekirei of the legendary Ashikabi of the North, Oriha had been growing paler and paler, until she was nearly as white as one of Uzume's veils. Not only did he have more Sekirei than Higa-sama, six of them were single digits! Even of those that were not were not to be trifled with. The Veil Sekirei, known for her speed and ability to attack and defend powerfully and in equal measure. The Thunder and Lightening sisters, a truly deadly duo when working in concert. Even Kusano, despite being the last numbered Sekirei, and still a child, had power over any plant life, which made her dangerous enough. Yume looked as though she was about to continue, when a cell phone rang in the stillness. Reaching into her pocket, Yume drew it out and flipped it open.

"Hai, Minato-sama? Yes, we handled it. What? Must you?" she spoke into the mouth piece, listening to Minato before sighing gustily and holding the phone out to Higa's minion. "Minato-sama wishes to speak with you, scum."

Reaching out with a shaky hand, the man took the phone from her grasp and held it to his ear.

"Kakizaki-san?"Minato's voice came over the phone, and Kakizaki whetted suddenly dry lips.

"H-Hai, Minato-sama?" he stammered, sweating slightly with fear. He knew that one word from this man would destroy not only him, but Higa-sama as well.

" I understand that Higa has you poaching in the North again. I'm not very happy about that, Kakizaki. Not very happy at all. Not only that, but you're going after my sister?"Minato was silent for a moment, and Kakizaki could almost imagine him shaking his head at such follies. "You know I'm going to have to do something about that, don't you Kakizaki?"

"Pl-Please, Minato-sama, I won't do it again! You have to believe me!" Takizaki cried, panicked. This was not sounding good for him, not at all.

"You're right, you won't be. Yume!"

"Hai, Minato-sama?" the girl in question replied, evidently able to hear him from a foot or so away.

"Is there any love in the bonds they all share?"

"No, I sense only sorrow and…regret? They do not wish to serve, but they must." Yume answered, closing her eyes and letting her power wash over the three Sekirei.

"Very well then. You know what to do. Eliminate them from the competition and return them here. They will be re-released to find their love once this is all over."Minato ordered, sorrow and determination in equal parts coloring his voice.

"NOOO! Minato-sama, Higa-sama will kill me if I lose both of my Sekirei and one of his!" Kakizaki screamed, eyes wide and sweat dripping down his face.

"I should kill you for killing Chiho!" Uzume snarled, grabbing him by the front of his shirt as Yume calmly took the phone from his hand. "Fortunately for you, Minato-sama's love is strong enough, and his example good enough, that I will spare you. Leave the city, and don't return!" With that, the Veiled Sekirei tossed the terrified man to the ground. Scrambling to his feet, the coward fled screaming into the night.

"Come, Uzume. MBI is approaching, we need to go if we are going to get these girls out of here safely." Miya said quietly, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Did I do the right thing, Miya-chan?" Uzume asked quietly, following her "sister" Sekirei across the roofs towards the Izumo Inn.

"Yes, and Minato will be very happy that you did. He loves you so much, Uzume, and he wants you to be happy." The First Sekirei replied, grabbing her hand and squeezing gently.

"I know." Uzume whispered, tears in her eyes as they landed softly in the yard of the Inn, where Minato was waiting for them with love in his eyes and a smile on his face. "I know."


"So, tell me how you of all people became the legendary Ashikabi of the North, someone so powerful that even MBI is hesitant to interfere in your affairs?" Yukari asked her older brother later that night as she sat across from him on the living room floor. On her right and slightly behind her sat Shiina, who had her right arm around Kusano. Minato, for his part, had pulled an obviously distraught Uzume into his lap after he had leaned his back against the couch that Miya, Yume, and Tsukiumi were sitting on. Even now, the Veil Sekirei-once more dressed in her favorite t-shirt and pants- had her face buried in his neck, her arms tight around him, and one of his hands was supporting her while the other calmly and lovingly stroked her long chestnut hair. Hikari and Hibiki, recently returned from work, were sitting beside him. Matsu had once again managed to find a way to move aside one of the ceiling tiles and was watching from above, one ear trained on the room below while the other was focused on her computers, alert for any warning signals. Kazehana was lounging lazily next to Hibiki while Homura was sitting with perfect posture on Hikari's free side.

"It's a very long story, you know." Her brother warned her, not in a "I don't want to tell you" kind of way, but in more of a "I hope you're comfortable, cause this won't be a short one" way.

"It would have to be, given how many Sekirei you have, big brother." Yukari pointed out dryly, and Minato cracked a smile while some of his girls giggled. Yukari hid a small smile behind her hand. During dinner her brother had introduced her to all of his girls, and she had had a chance to speak with them some. At first, she had thought he was an incredible hentai***, but the way all the girls talked about him quickly put that to rest, and now she wanted to know how he had changed, and what he had done for them to earn such love and loyalty.

"It's true, I have many Sekirei, and they are all precious to me. I love them all very much." He replied, smiling around at his girls and pulling Uzume even closer while he did. She tilted her head to smile at him through tear-stained cheeks and tugged him down into a passionate kiss that made Yukari blush just from watching. Uzume's wings flared and faded at the contact, and she ducked her head with a light blush, nuzzling his neck affectionately as she went burrowed back into her little 'nest' in his arms with a murmured "Daisuki**".

"I guess that the story begins on an afternoon nearly three months ago, just after I had failed my second Entrance Exam for the University…"

The gathered humans and Sekirei settled themselves comfortably as they began to listen to the person that they all loved and respected begin his tale. The tale of how they had all come together.


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*** this means "pervert"