The Bodyguard: My Sequel

For about three years Frank Farmer felt oddly empty, like his heart had a big hole in it, mostly half. But three years ago he felt whole for weeks. He had someone to make him feel complete, someone to press his buttons, someone to make him laugh, and someone who he loved more than his self. That someone was Rachel Morron.

Frank thought about her every day. He could remember the way she smiled, laughed, smelled, soft cocoa skin and how smooth her lips were. To him she was an angel, black angel. Rachel was the only reason for living. It took a lot of thought to come to terms that he loved her.

"Hi Frank, that woman across the bar sent you a martini," the bartender said putting a glass in in front of him. He looked to his right to see a leggy blonde woman staring at him. He turned back to the bartender and said, "Tell her I'm not interested." The bartender stood there and sighed, "Oh Frank," she walked over to the woman and sent the message. The woman pouted and said something. The bartender walked back over to him and said, "She said you will regret it, and I think she's right." 'Not this again' he thought. "You have been coming here for two years and I have been sending drinks back to women who are in to you more than a hundred times, honey what's up you gay or something?" she asked. Frank shook his head. "Then what's wrong?" He didn't answer all he did was smiled. "Oh my God, there is someone you're saving yourself for, who is she?" she asked. He pulled out a ten dollar bill of his pocket and said, "No one you know personally." He walked out of the bar and saw a crowd of people around a white limo. She got out with that smile he loved so much. He was almost to his car when he accidently looked. Rachel was looking straight at him. It took everything in him not to go back across the street. She was staring at him ignoring everybody around her. She couldn't believe her eyes; Sy was pushing her in the same bar Frank was just in. Even walking she was still staring straight into his eyes. When she was finally inside the bar, Frank got in his car and drove off.

"Rachel what were you staring at, you look like you just seen a ghost," Sy said. She sighed, "Trust me your close." After signing a few autographs she sat down and guzzled down at least two shots. "Sonya I have a question for you," Rachel said. "Go for it." She inhaled and asked, "Who was that guy who was in her about ten minutes ago?" Sonya thought for a minute and asked, "Tall, brown hair pouty but sexy?" "Yes." "Oh that just Frank he's a regular but all he does is sit in that stool over there and drinks orange juice, but don't waste your time, he told me, sort of, that he's saving his self for someone else. Turned down about a hundred women over the last two years," Sonya said. Rachel was pleased he didn't have someone in his life. "And he forgot his coat so he should be here in Three, Two, One," she pointed at the door and Frank came flying in and quickly grabbed his coat. "You're lucky I didn't steal it," Sonya said. "Like you would risk not getting a tip," he said. Rachel had to think quick and decided to run to the bathroom. But as she got up they bumped into each other. Something they both were trying to avoid.

They were afraid to say anything. Just staring into each other's eyes was just enough. After God knows how long a squeal and a thud broke their gaze. Apparently Sonya caught up to what was going out because she temporarily fainted. She popped back up and said, "I'm okay, I'm okay, um, I need a drink." They both laughed until they notice they were still in each other's presence. "Um, hi," Rachel said. "Hi," he said. "Wow is it hot in here or is it just me," Sonya said, "So you two know each other or something?" They looked back at each and smiled. "I was her bodyguard three years ago," Frank said. Sonya's eyes widened; she had heard the story before:


After drinking away her, what she called, Frank guilt, Rachel wanted to let some demons go. "Sonya, I was in love once," she said. Sonya sighed, she knew Rachel was wasted and that wasn't going to be pretty. "I know, if you weren't in love once you wouldn't have Fletcher," Sonya said. "No, I mean recently I fell in love," she said. Sonya had no idea what she was talking but wanted to know more. "Ok who?" "My ex bodyguard/lover/ enemy/rock/I don't have what we are anymore. He took a bullet for me and I kissed him. We love to push each other over the edge, I don't know why but he won't stay out of my head. He is what you call my everything, next to Fletcher." Sonya was surprised she talked about guys before but she never talked about being in love. "You are very drunk right now so it's hard to believe that this man isn't a drunken fantasy Rach," Sonya said. "I think I need to throw up," Rachel said before running inside the bathroom. Sonya was laughing at herself for almost believing her.

Present Time:

When she snapped out of her trance they were talking. "Do want a ride home?" Rachel asked. Frank thought about it and said, "Okay."