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Gymnastic Camp

"Sweetie, I think you should join a club or team at school."

"Mom, I'm already apart of a team, remember?"

"I know, sweetie, but maybe this will help. I haven't seen you hang out with any of your new friends."

"That's because I'm usually with the Team."

"You used to always be with your friends from Gotham North. I want you to at least try to find a couple friends. A club would be the perfect thing."


"Please. At least try out for a sports team or something, sweetie. All you do is work on your arrows or hang out with your team. I don't want you to be so…dependent on them. You can lose things really fast. Trust me. I know from experience."

That's why Artemis was at Gotham Academy's gymnastic training camp. The school, unlike regular schools, had a complete camp and a couple of weeks dedicated to getting people into shape for sports. Some teams had a couple months of training camps to get them to the top shape. No wonder they had so many trophies in their trophy cases.

Artemis felt awkward in the huge gym. Her mom was right. She hadn't really bothered to try and make friends. Sure, in her classes she would sometimes talk to the kids around her, but she made no move to actually be friendly. That left her to do the tryout camp alone. Most of the girls were already in their own groups and they exercised together. That left Artemis to do everything alone.

They were jogging around the gym—it had recently been redone do to some altercation. Most girls were jogging with their friends and were laughing and joking about inside jokes and crap. Artemis was silent, trying not to feel left out. God, she hated being a girl sometimes. Even though she had been doing this camp for about a week now, she still had not gotten used to doing everything alone. Maybe her mom was right. She was getting too dependent of being on a team. She wasn't used to being alone anymore.

Ugh, she hated it when her mom was right.

"Okay, girls! Please go change into your unitards, spandex, or whatever—as long as you can move!" the gymnastic team's couch yelled. She was some spunky, small, blonde woman who also taught Artemis' English class.

The girls all giggled as they were walked into the locker room. Everyone changed quickly because they were excited at what came next; they would actually get a chance to do something gymnastic-y. Artemis was sorta thrilled. If she really wanted to do anything like this, she could have just gone to the cave and had Robin help her. He was ridiculously good at acrobatics and he's been helping her with hers. She was good, but nowhere as good as him. Or even as good as him with a broken leg.

She was very lithe, but she definitely needed some improvement. Robin sought her out to take her "under his wing"—God, the boy and his puns—and train her in acrobats. She didn't want to admit it, but he was helping her a lot. She had always known that you had to be faster than your opponent, and she was. Now, Robin was showing her the benefits of being even faster. He was always a few steps ahead of everybody because he was just so goddamned fast.

Artemis really wishes she were training with Robin than these girls.

In the locker room she changed from her drawstring sweatpants into some spandex short shorts—they were short enough to be underwear, but she tried to overlook that detail—and she had already been wearing tank top with a sports bra underneath. She had her hair pulled into a bun because last week she had found out the disadvantages it was to have her hair in the puffball of a ponytail while doing gymnastics. Thank God, it had been Rob with her and not these girls. She had been on the uneven bars and her hair had managed to get caught between her hand and the bar. She had let go after feeling a good chunk of hair being ripped from her skull. Never had she been more thankful for the trampoline that was underneath the bars. She would have been stuck with a broken leg otherwise—even with the trampoline she had managed to sprain her knee with the fall.

"Fifty pull-ups each!" the coach instructed. Many of the girls groaned, but Artemis didn't mind. Being an archer meant her upper arm strength was great. She could do a hundred pull-ups without breaking a sweat. Her and Roy had once had a competition to see who could do the most pull-ups—he had won by default; during the middle of her hundred and twenty-seventh pull up he had started tickling her. Who would have figured that the girl with the midriff would be ticklish on her stomach?

She did the pull-ups easily.

Artemis was glad that they finally got to do some of the actual gymnastic stuff now. "I want you guys to split up into four different groups; one for the uneven bars, the balance beam, the open floor, and vault." The girls quickly divided up. Artemis ended up on the floor. For the first five minutes they had time to just stretch and practice some moves. She started with a simple back bend to test out her back. Her back was sore from a mission the Team had done a couple of days ago. Wally had ended up running her. Let's just say that going from zero to the speed of sound didn't do wonders for her body or back.

"Artemis, right?"

Artemis did a flip to get out of her back bend—it was easier than just trying to stand up and more graceful than falling on her butt. The girl was a red head that she had seen with Bette Kane. Bette was basically her only real friend at the Academy. She was so sweet it was almost seemed impossible. If it weren't for the girl's weird quirks and raunchy humor she would have turned Artemis off.

One of her weird quirks was that she was in love with Robin.

No joke. The girl was, like, seriously in love with the Boy Wonder. It was even a bit obsessive. Artemis thought it was adorable, though. She knew basically every thing about the Boy Wonder. Where he was last night, where his favorite spot is to watch for crime during patrol, where he usually avoids downtown. She had even almost followed him all the way to the batcave once, but she ended up running out of gas before she made it. On her computer—and phone—were hundreds of pictures of him. Most of them she had taken herself. The girl was a stalker.

Artemis absolutely loved it.

It was really weird at first, but she got used to it and even went out "Bird Watching" with Bette once. The look on Robin's face when he saw her watching him was priceless. She gave him a cute little smirk and a wave before Bette took another picture.

The girl in front of her right now wasn't Bette, though. It was her friends—Barbara? Yeah, Barbara. The girl was a red head—a red head in the sense of more like Roy than Wally the Ginger. Barbara was in gymnastics garb—shorts and a tank like Artemis. She was one of the best gymnasts on the team. She usually hung out with her group of friends during the camp. They must be gone—Artemis figured. That was the only reason she would come over here and talk to the loner.

"Yeah, you're Barbara, right?" God…she hoped she got her name right…

The girl smiled at her. "Yeah," something flashed in her eyes before she let out a snorted out laugh. "God. You're the girl that Dick took a picture of!"

It took Artemis a second to remember. "Oh, you mean that stalker kid?" Maybe him and Bette would make good friends…

"Yeah, he's my friend. Sorry for him being weird. He's a real special kid," the girl laughed.

"No kidding. Taking pictures of strangers and running off saying 'We'll laugh about this someday.'"

"He's probably thinking of some ridiculous joke to pull on you. Good luck," the girl said and started doing some stretches.

Artemis joined her in the stretches. Her back wasn't as bad as she thought it was. Suddenly, it was as if her mind sparked, she got an idea. "What if she we get him first?"

"I think I love you," the girl smirked while doing a handstand. "We need to do it. Me, you, and Bette will probably get pulled into this. It will be epic. Dick will not stand a chance against us."

The girls continued talking about many pranks and ideas. The girls were just a bit devious. There were just so many good ideas. Public humiliation, parental humiliation, explosions, fire, grasshoppers, plain old humiliation, the fake goldfish, frozen boxers, the list of ideas went on and on. Artemis was learning to really like this girl. She had a devious quirk to her.

Maybe joining the gymnastics team won't be too bad.