Author's Notes: Greetings! Here is the last part and the long awaited lemons, though it is moderately tame by my standards. Sorry. I am very happy to all the peeps who have "liked" this fic, as well as those who took the time to review it. It gives me the happy. To the gracious reviewer who mentioned how I I alternated between calling Tusna "The Tenth" and "Tsuna" are quite right. If you notice, I actually refer to him more as the Tenth than Tusna in the first 2 parts and the first part of this chapter. That is because this is told from Gokudera's perspective. In my view, Gokuder doesn't think of Tsuna by his name, but as the Tenth. I originally, had all of Tsuna's references written as the Tenth until this last part, but changed it because I didn't like the way it felt. I dunno if I am happy either way. Anyhoo, thanks for sticking it out. I will definitely write another 5927 because I do heart this pairing. Gokudera is just so adorable! As always, thanks for reading and I apologize for any errors.

Tsuna had already exited the building by the time Gokudera caught up to him. The other man was walking along the sidewalk at a quick pace, shoulders slightly hunched. Gokudera opened his mouth to call out, but he had no idea what to say so he closed it again. He followed behind the Tenth and repeated the motion several times. No matter how hard he tried, however, he couldn't speak. After a few minutes, he heard the Tenth sigh heavily. He almost ran into the other's back as Tsuna abruptly came to a stop.

"How long do you plan on following me, Gokudera-kun?"

"I'm sorry, Tenth!" Gokudera apologized, "I just wanted to…"

He trailed of, unable to complete the sentence.

The Tenth turned around, and those big, amber eyes bore into his own.

"You wanted to what?" the Tenth asked curtly.

The look in the Tenth's eyes, and his tone, made Gokudera wince. When he didn't answer, Tsuna threw up his hands and turned abruptly. The movement spurred Gokudera into action. His body acted before his brain, and he grabbed the Tenth's arm.

"Please wait, Tenth!"

Gokudera realized the impudence of his actions as the Tenth looked up at him in surprise.

Jerking his hand away, Gokudera cried out, "Forgive my rudeness, Tenth."

"Gokudera, I am not some holy person that can't even be touched," Tsuna cried in wounded exasperation. "You don't have to apologize all the time. Do you even see me? Do you see the real me at all?"

"Tenth," Gokudera said his boss's name softly, taken aback by the vehemence and hurt the other man was displaying.

"Forget it," Tsuna continued flatly, "you just don't get it. After all these years, I guess I was the only one who thought we were really friends."

Those words sliced through Gokudera. The Tenth started to turn away again, but Gokudera grabbed him once more. This time, Gokudera grabbed the Tenth by the hand. Locking their fingers together, he took a deep breath.

"Tenth, please, don't turn away from me."

Gokudera clenched his other fist and raised it to his chest. His gray eyes were devastated as he spoke.

"The thought of you turning your back on me, of … of losing your respect and trust hurts me. Here."

He accompanied the last word with a thump of his fist right above his heart.

Tsuna watched him in silence for a moment, and then tugged free of Gokudera's grip. The wind went right out of Gokudera. The Tenth was through with him after all. He closed his eyes in sorrow, only to jerk them back open as a stinging slap was applied to both sides of his cheeks simultaneously. He discovered his face was framed by the Tenth's slightly smaller hands.

"Idiot!" the Tenth gave his face a little shake. "You drive me crazy. Respect. Trust. Being my 'right-hand man.' How many times do I have to tell you none of that is more important than our friendship? It's not more important than your life!"

"But I just can't sit by when you are in danger," Gokudera protested.

The Tenth shook him again.

"I'm not asking you to! I won't sit by, either, if you or any of the other people in my life are in danger. I just want you to think before you act. Don't rush into situations with such a hot head. And, I want you to remember that first and foremost you are my friend."

"Tenth," Gokudera repeated, warmth spreading through his chest now.

With a small, rueful smile, he reached up and clutched Tsuna's hands.

"Tenth, will you come to my apartment? I have some things I need to talk to you about."

Tsuna's eyes widened slightly. Gokudera knew why. In all of the years they had known each other, he had never once invited the Tenth to his place. He hadn't felt worthy enough for the other man to grace his home. Tsuna searched his face before nodding.

Gokudera breathed a sigh of relief. He and the Tenth stayed that way, with the Tenth's hands on his face, until two girls walked by and giggled. They both suddenly realized how they must look to the other people passing by. Cheeks flaming, the Tenth snatched his hands back as if he had been burned. Gokudera felt an answering heat in his own face, and quickly averted his eyes.

They stood in awkward silence until Gokudera finally cleared his throat.

"L-let's go."

He was proud that his voice only waivered a bit

"Un," the Tenth answered without looking his way.

They fell in step together as Gokudera led the way to his apartment. During the short trip, he struck up a conversation full of inanities. It helped keep his mind off what he was planning to do. Luckily, it didn't take long for them to reach his home. He ushered the Tenth up the two flights of stairs to his place. Once inside, he flipped the lights on and did a quick perusal of the room. The apartment was neat and tidy. Giving an inward sigh of relief, he motioned the Tenth inside.

Gokudera watched as Tsuna looked around. He wondered what the other thought about the lightly furnished area. A simple couch and chair faced a medium-sized television. A small table with two chairs sat in the dining area. A desk with his computer was pushed against one wall, while bookshelves lined the rest of them. The Tenth walked up to one of the bookshelves, and looked it up and down.

"As expected of you, Gokudera-kun, not only do you have books that are way over my head, you even alphabetized them."

The Tenth looked over his shoulder with a smile. For some reason, the tips of Gokudera's ears felt hot.

"Let me get you something to drink, Tenth," he turned and bumped right into the wall.

Rubbing his nose, he hurried into the kitchen and began pulling glasses down from the cabinet. He was just setting them down on the counter when the Tenth called out to him.

"Gokudera, did you know your computer was unplugged?"

That was strange, Gokudera thought. Why would the computer be unplugged? It took a second for the memory of the previous night to kick in.

"I'll plug it back in for you," the Tenth continued.

Heart leaping into his throat, Gokudera dashed out of the kitchen.

"That's ok, Tenth, there is something wrong with it," he yelled frantically.

"What was that?" Tsuna asked just as he plugged the cord back into the socket.

Gokudera tried to get over to the pc before it booted back up, but he didn't make it. As the monitor lit up, the last site he had visited refreshed. Loud, pumping music blared out from the speakers.

The Tenth stood up. He moved to stand in front of the monitor.

"Oh, I guess you were watching a movie, huh Goku…," Tsuna abruptly stopped speaking.

Paralyzed for an instant, Gokudera could only stand there in horror as the erotic movie played out on the computer monitor. It was only when the moaning started that he was shaken out of his stupor. Dashing across the room, he fumbled about until he turned the machine off. Embarrassed from the top of his head to the tips of his toes, he reluctantly turned around. The Tenth's face was scarlet. Gokudera seriously wanted to blow a hole in the floor with his dynamite and crawl inside it.

"So … ah … you watch that … um kind of stuff, Gokudera-kun?"

"No!" Gokudera denied loudly. "It was research. No, wait, that's not what I mean."

His brain was currently malfunctioning, and Gokudera didn't know what the hell he was saying.

"Research?" Tsuna echoed, wary confusion in his eyes.

The urge to bang his head against the wall almost overwhelmed Gokudera. He managed to refrain, barely. Straightening his shoulders, he forced himself to move forward.

"Tenth, I have something important to talk to you about. Will you listen?"

He motioned toward the sofa. The other man chewed at his lip, distracting Gokudera for a moment, and nodded. They walked toward the sitting area, but the Tenth caught his foot on the corner of the sofa. Losing his balance, he fell down on his knees.

"Tenth! Are you ok?" Gokudera rushed to his side, also falling to his knees.

Rubbing the back of his head, the Tenth gave Gokudera a lopsided smile.

"Eh, I'm fine. Just wasn't watching where I was going."

He laughed, somewhat nervously, but it was enough to cut through the tension that had built between them. Gokudera couldn't help but laugh as well. In no time, they were both roaring with laughter. It took close to five minutes before they finally got control of themselves. When they did, the awkwardness from before immediately reared its head again. With flushed cheeks, both men had their heads averted from the other, with the Tenth looking off to the left and Gokudera turned slightly to the right.

"So, ah, you wanted to talk about something?" the Tenth was the first to speak.

Actually, Gokudera really didn't want to talk at all. He had to. He couldn't continue on as the Tenth's right-hand man, no as his friend, with his mind and heart in such turmoil.

"Yes, there is something important I need to discuss with you."

He turned to face the other man. The seriousness in his tone caused Tsuna to look at him as well.

"Of course, Gokudera-kun, you can tell me anything."

"Even if it is something that will make you think badly of me?" Gokudera murmured regretfully.

Gokudera hadn't really meant to voice the thought aloud, but the Tenth heard. He reached out and squeezed Gokudera's hands, an impulsive action that caught them both by surprise.

"I would never think badly of you, Gokudera-kun," the Tenth said firmly, though he eased his hands away in a somewhat self-conscious gesture. "Now, what is it?"

Centering himself, Gokudera looked the other man in the eyes and began speaking.

"Remember yesterday in the infirmary when Shamal said I was in love?"

Tsuna nodded. Gokudera thrust aside his anxiety and began his confession.

"That pervy doctor was right, Tenth. I realized it yesterday. I am in love with someone. Have been in love with this person for almost six years."

The Tenth's eyes flashed with an unknown emotion before he smiled encouragingly. Gokudera faltered, not knowing what that strange glint meant.

"I really am glad for you, Gokudera-kun" the Tenth said when Gokudera didn't continue. "You are finally opening up to other people. If you don't mind my asking, who is she?"

Here was the hard part.

"Tenth, the person I love isn't a 'she', but a 'he'. It's someone you know well, and someone I have been close to since I came to Japan."

Blinking in surprise, the Tenth sputtered out, "You are in love with Yamamoto?"

Gokudera reared back, stunned that the Tenth had come to such an outrageous conclusion.

"That baseball-idot?" Gokudera flailed his arms about. "How could you think I am in love with that moron? Just the thought of it gives me chills."

He shuddered, trying the get the disgusting thought out of his mind.

"Then, is it … is it Reborn?" the Tenth asked hesitantly.

"No, it's not Reborn-san either," Gokudera shouted in frustration, "It's you!"

Instantly feeling contrite, Gokudera apologized hurriedly.

"Forgive me for raising my voice at you, Tenth."

He wasn't sure if his words registered, however. The other man was staring at him, eyes dilated and mouth open in shock.

"Tenth," Gokudera called his name cautiously. When he didn't respond, Gokudera waved a hand in front of his face. "Tenth. Tenth, are you ok?"

The movement seemed to pull Tsuna back from wherever his mind had drifted. Cheeks blazing, he leaned back against the sofa for support.

"You … you are in love with me?" he asked faintly.

Embarrassed and not a little afraid, Gokudera squeezed his eyes shut and nodded. This was so much harder than he thought it would be.

"I-I see," the Tenth whispered.

There was an odd note in the other's voice. Gokudera opened his eyes. The Tenth wore a bemused expression on his face.

"Do you think I am disgusting?" Gokudera blurted out the biggest question weighing on his mind.

Face clearing, the Tenth gazed back at him with serious eyes.

"No, I would never think that about you, Gokudera-kun," the Tenth asserted firmly. "I am just taken aback, that's all. I mean, I always thought your unwavering devotion to me was a little odd, but I never dreamed you were in love with me."

He kind of mumbled the last sentence, but Gokudera heard it.

Blanching, his shoulders drooped despondently.

"The Tenth thinks I'm odd?" he repeated sorrowfully, and then banged his head on the floor.

Seeing the other's depression, Tsuna cried, "No, that's not what I meant! Geez, Gokudera-kun, just calm down. Ok?"

Gokudera looked up at the Tenth with watery eyes, unaware he looked very much like an abandoned puppy.

"Ayahh!"the Tenth exclaimed, scrubbing his hand through his hair in agitation. Dropping his hand, he shook his head and sighed.

"Then, what do you want me to do?"

At those words, Gokudera sat up straight. What did he want the Tenth to do? He wasn't prepared for such a question. Tsuna watched confusion wash over Gokudera's face, and he sighed again.

"That's just like you, Gokudera-kun. Normally, a person in love would want the other person to love him back. Did you even consider that?"

Shaking his head wildly, Gokudera replied hurriedly, "I would never be so impertinent, Tenth."

He saw the Tenth's eyes narrow, and the other man's tone was flat when he spoke again.

"Then, what was the point in telling me your feelings?"

Gokudera didn't understand. When he failed to respond, the Tenth stood up with quick, jerky movements.

"Never mind. It's obvious what you're feeling is simply some kind of misguided idol-worship, not love. I will forget about this conversation. See you tomorrow at school."

The Tenth's voice sounded almost wounded now. As Gokudera watched the other man head for the door, a loud buzzing filled his ears. He was up off the floor in an instant, his body seemingly moving on its own.

"Tenth!" he called out frantically.

Tsuna turned just as Gokudera reached for him. Their legs got tangled, and they ended up on the floor once again. Gokudera lay stunned, his back on the carpet, with the Tenth clutched protectively against his front. It took them both a minute to catch their breath. When they did, the Tenth attempted to pull away. Gokudera knew if he let the Tenth walk out that door now, their relationship really would be irrevocably broken. He couldn't let that happen, so he held onto the other man.

"Let me up, Gokudera-kun," the Tenth ordered curtly.

"No." Gokudera tightened his hold.

"Gokudera-kun!" the Tenth growled out his name and tried to wiggle free.

"No!" Gokudera repeated, locking his arms together. "I don't want you to leave, Tenth. Not like this."

The Tenth looked down at him. Their gazes clashed.

"Then tell me what you do want, Gokudera-kun."

"Is it alright if I really voice it out loud?" Gokudera tentatively whispered. "Is it ok if I want you to love me too?"

Expression softening, the Tenth said softly, "Of course, it is ok to want the person you love to return your feelings. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that."

Gokudera swore he could hear angels singing in the background as a hope he had thought impossible swelled in his chest.

"Then … then, can you fall in love with me, too, Tenth?"

Apparently, Tsuna hadn't thought that far in advance.

"Er, well … that's … um … I," the Tenth's words stumbled out before he stopped and answered quietly, "I-I don't know. I mean, there is the issue of us both being men and all."

"I see," Gokudera murmured, and dropped his head back to the floor.

It was only normal for the Tenth to have a problem with their being the same gender. How could he have thought otherwise, even for a moment?

Lost in his despair, he didn't realize the Tenth was talking to him until the other man cleared his throat loudly.

He glanced up to meet those clear, amber eyes staring down at him. As always, he could get lost in those beautiful, pure orbs. But, the Tenth was trying to talk to him. He had to focus.

"I'm sorry, Tenth, what did you say?"

"Geez, it's embarrassing to say it a second time, Gokudera-kun," the Tenth muttered.

Gokudera noticed his face was flushed.

"Please, tell me what you said, Tenth," Gokudera pleaded, somehow knowing he had just missed something really important.

The Tenth inhaled deeply, closed his eyes, and repeated, "I said, I am not as smart as you, Gokudera-kun. I don't know if I could really like another guy in that … that way. So, you should just k-kiss me to see if I hate it."

Unable to believe his ears, Gokudera went completely still. When he just continued to lay there, the Tenth opened one eye and looked at him.

"Seriously, Gokudera-kun, I am about to have a meltdown here. You better hurry before I change my mind."

Gokudera could feel the tension radiating off the man in his arms. He couldn't begin to imagine the courage it took to make such an offer. A fresh wave of love and respect for the Tenth washed over him. Moving his arms from where they were locked around the Tenth's back, Gokudera put his hands behind the other's head. Gently, he begin pulling the Tenth's head down. Tsuna resisted at first, an instinctive reaction against the unknown, but eventually relented.

The moment their lips touched, Gokudera felt a jolt of electricity stream through his body. The Tenth's lips were much softer than he could ever have imagined; the other's breath sweet as if he had just eaten a piece of candy. Hesitantly, Gokudera touched his tongue lightly to the seam of the Tenth's lips, a supplication for entry. To his delight, the lips above his opened. His tongue swept inside, awkwardly at first because he had never kissed anyone before. The Tenth didn't seem very experienced either, and their tongues bumped clumsily against each other until they both got the hang of it.

As the kiss went on and the Tenth didn't pull away, Gokudera grew more confident. He licked the roof of Tsuna's mouth. Slid his tongue sensually over the other man's. Nibbled at the soft lips pressed against his. The kiss began to affect the lower regions of his body. He felt warm, uncomfortable in his own skin. He squirmed, trying to find some kind of relief, and the Tenth moaned into his mouth as their bodies rubbed together.

They both froze at the sound. Gokudera became aware of something hot and hard pressing against his stomach.

"Tenth," Gokudera breathed the other's name.

Breaking off the kiss, the Tenth buried his head in Gokudera's neck. The feel of his moist, panting breath sent shivers down Gokudera's spine.

"In this situation, you should call me Tsuna not Tenth."

The words were faint, but Gokudera heard them. He started to object, but memories of the sad look in the Tenth's eyes before when he treated the other man in such a venerable fashion stopped him.

"Ts-Tsuna," he tested the name, feeling his face catch fire as he did so.

He felt Tsuna smile against his neck, and bit back a groan.

"Ten-Tsuna, I feel strange," he admitted hoarsely.

"Me, too," Tsuna replied.

Gokudera discovered Tsuna was thrusting slowly against him, most likely unconsciously, and his eyes crossed. He lifted his hips into one of those thrusts, and they both gasped at the sensation.

"I think we can say there isn't a problem with us both being men," Tsuna wheezed and lifted his head.

To Gokudera's surprise, Tsuna swooped down and captured his lips in a kiss that was hotter, wetter than the first. Gokudera's hands tightened in Tsuna's hair, and he returned the kiss passionately. He wasn't sure how it happened, but somehow both of their pants were suddenly unbuttoned. The first touch of Tsuna's silken, hard flesh against his own sent him arching off of the floor.

"Te-Tsuna!" he whimpered into their kiss.

As if Gokudera calling his name had flipped some kind of switch, Tsuna quickened the movement of his hips. Their bodies rubbed together, Gokudera matching Tsuna's thrusts. Ending the kiss, Tsuna grabbed Gokudera's hands and entwined them tightly with his own. They were both moaning and panting now, their ragged breath echoing in the room.

Gokudera had closed his eyes during the kiss, but he opened them now. The sight of Tsuna, face flushed with excitement, biting his bottom lip in concentration, was too much for Gokudera.

"Ts-Tsuna, I think I'm …," he bowed his body as climax slammed into him. "Ah, ah, fuck!"

The explicative was torn from his lips as he exploded. His release trigged Tsuna's. The other man ground his hips against Gokudera.

"Oh, oh, oooohhh!" he threw back his head and yelled, pouring his essence onto Gokudera's belly.

Tsuna collapsed onto Gokudera, their hearts pounding furiously against one another. After several minutes, Tsuna lifted his head and looked down. Their eyes met, and then skirted away.

"This … this is kind of embarrassing," Tsuna murmured huskily.

Gokudera nodded, rendered speechless by what had just happened.

"It's sticky, too," Tsuna continued with a grimace.

That shook Gokudera into action. Reaching between their bodies, he touched the wet mess on his stomach. It dawned on him that Tsuna was covered in the same stuff. Covered with his stuff. He was mortified.

"Forgive me, Te-Tsuna, I didn't mean to get you dirty," Gokudera apologized loudly.

"I'm not sure, but I don't really think you can do what we did without getting a little dirty," Tsuna said drily. "And, besides, it's partly mine, too."

Gokudera felt as if his head would explode at that candid statement.

"Do … ah … you want to take a bath?" he offered almost shyly.

Just as bashfully, Tsuna smiled and nodded. "I think that is probably a good idea, though my legs kind of feel like jelly at the moment. I am not sure if I can stand right now."

"Leave it to me, Te-Tsuna," Gokudera proclaimed fervently.

In the blink of an eye, he was standing with Tsuna cradled in his arms.

"Gokudera-kun, put me down! It's embarrassing." Tsuna screeched.

"Sorry, Te-Tsuna. I'll put you down when we get to the bathroom."

"Geez, now you disobey me," Tsuna muttered under his breath.

Gokudera smiled, feeling happier than he ever had in his life. Hurry up and fall in love with me, too he told Tsuna silently, and carried his precious cargo off to the bathroom and to what he hoped was a bright, lovey-dovey future.