Hearts of Cold Blood

Harcal ran as swiftly as he could, if he wasn´t mistaken he might have stumbled upon something magnificent.

What had just been a peaceful night in the slums had been turned into a treasure hunt.

The ruins around him had to be at least a few thousand years old, but still they were almost perfectly preserved.

He ran and ran, not paying heed to the Lombax behind him, in fact he might have forgotten him temporarily.

Harcal continued to run until he started to realize a shadow was falling over him, and just as he noticed he came to the end.

The young Lyzaar stopped dead in his tracks, he stared in awe at the giant doors before him.

The doors had to be twenty cubits tall and ten cubits wide, and countless symbols were carved in the stone.

Carvings displaying the crown of Aldrogar, the blessing of the four elements and all sorts of history, some of wich Harcal wasn´t even fammiliar with.

Soon he heard the Lombax´s steps coming towards him but he was too enthralled to even notice.

„Hey why did you..." Ratchet said before his eyes turned to the massive doors.

Slowly he walked up beside the Lyzaar and stared with him in silence. They both just stood there in awe barely noticing the sounds of flowing water.

„I have to open it somehow..." Harcal said suddenly.

„Why? Shouldn´t we be focusing on getting out of here?" Ratchet asked.

„You don´t understand, what lies beyond this door can give me insight on my race´s history" Harcal replied and started to tap slightly on the massive door.

Ratchet sighed, Lyzaar could not only be mean and cruel, weird and mystical but they could be history geeks too. Who would have freaking thought.

Ratchet sat down and watchet Harcal knock gently on the door, looking for some sort of weak spot. He walked from side to side and pressed his ear against the door with each tap.

But Ratchet heard something that the Lyzaar did not, you see a Lombax´s hearing is even more superior than a Lyzaar´s and especially in an isolated enviroment like this.

Ratchet, even while a few yards away could hear a dull sound that was different from the other knocks. Almost like a gear moving slightly.

Ratchet immediately stood up and went towards the sound, he pressed his own ear against the door and knocked on the same spot Harcal had knocked on.

Ratchet heard the sound again, this time more clearly, he started to put pressure on the door, searching for some sort of button or a switch.

Harcal noticed that Ratchet was helping but thought little of it, he simply smiled to himself.

Suddenly Ratchet felt something in his palm, it was a pressure plate of some sort. His eyes lit up, he pressed the plate at once and the whole door started to rumble and shake.

Both of the youngsters backed away from the now opening doors and for the first time Ratchet saw a real smile on Harcal´s face.

„You did it..." He said and looked to Ratchet.

Ratchet smiled as a reply...

The two then proceeded through the massive doorway and in the distance they could see a faint blue light...

Not very lengthy but I have to make short ones once in a while to make sure I haven´t forgotten about you guys :)