So this is a one-shot I came up with, with Taran and a girl other than Eilonwy. Hope you like it.

Taran glanced at the young girl by the lake admiring her beauty; the way her long dark brown curls bounced as she walked swift and sure with her head held high. That curious smirk on those full pink lips as she bent down, probably examining a new creature or something she found, her slim fingers delicately brushed her left sided bangs away from her gorgeous hazel eyes filled with hope and determination along with some traces of unforgotten loss from the ones she loved. Although most would think her a lady delicate and girly, not one who would enjoy being in battles or dirt, but Taran knew better. He knew that girl could go from nice to ferocious in a heartbeat, he knew that she was handy with a bow as well as a dagger, and most importantly he knew that she was deadly in battle and would only give the few people she trusted the pleasure of seeing her like this. Unlike the day they met; Taran smiled glassy eyed as he remembered that wonderful day...


"What's that?" Eilonwy asked in fear, glancing around frantically for the source of what had been a rustling of bushes.

"It's just the wind." Taran replied annoyed, and then the snap of a twig was heard.

"That's no wind!" Fflewddur exclaimed jumping behind a tree as Taran took a step forward with great caution.

"Where did you hear it?" he questioned glancing around cautiously.

"Over there," Fflewddur answered pointing towards a large tree to their left.

Holding his sword in a defensive position Taran shouted; "Show yourself! I have a sword and I'm not afraid to use it!"

They waited a moment and before Taran could call out again a small slim hand appeared on the tree but nobody stepped out of the shadows. It was as though they weren't sure if it was safe, Taran also realized that they were not making a sound, as if they were waiting, just waiting.

"Come out!" Taran ordered before adding in a softer tone "we won't hurt you, we just want to know who you are."

There was an intake of breath from the shadows almost of disbelief, but they had decided to humor the strangers and a second later a girl holding a dagger ready in hand stepped away from the tree. "Who are you?" She demanded, her hazel eyes flashing dangerously. "What do you want?"

The trio couldn't answer; they were in too much of a shock. They hadn't expected the stranger to be a girl, much less a girl dressed in a man's tunic and pants, with a dagger held expertly in hand and a quiver of arrows on her back. Taran personally hadn't thought the stranger would be so pleasant to look at; he hadn't expected the long brown curls that cascaded to the girl's mid-back, hadn't expected a small nose and full lips, had not expected the slightly tanned skin, and he most definitely didn't expect the blazing hazel eyes that although beautiful, now had a fire burning in them that Taran knew would scorch him if he wasn't carful. Eilonwy was the first to gain her voice back: "I'm Eilonwy, and these two are Fflewddur and Taran." She began, gesturing to the two still speechless men beside her before continuing; "we mean no harm."

"For some reason I doubt that." The girl sneered, her gaze traveling to Taran's sword now held limply in his hand. "If you meant no harm as you say then why are you here? This is an odd place to be walking about for no reason, isn't it, Eilonwy?"

Eilonwy stared at her for a moment completely taken off guard; she was not used to being spoken to that way being a princess and all. Quickly gathering her wits, the blond princess replied coldly "then why are you here?"

The girl only laughed a mocking laugh. "That's my business and mine aloneEilonwy, but since I'm asking you why you're here if it's not to do harm, shouldn't you know that I'm not here to do harm by the question?"

Eilonwy couldn't believe what she had just heard; the girl had out-witted her once again and judging by the girl's smug smile she knew that she had. Thankfully it was then that the two men gained their voices back and seeing the blazing look in Eilonwy's eyes that they both knew only too well Fflewddur went to change the course of the conversation, hoping that it would be for the better. "Um, yes, well, that is true; but we can promise you that we're not here to do any harm."

Much to the shock and envy of Eilonwy the girl lowered her dagger slightly, looking at Fflewddur with new found curiosity. "You're a bard, aren't you?" It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

Fflewddur nodded; "that I am Mrs.…?"

The girl glanced down biting her lip, seeming almost shy before giving her name. "Kenina, Just Kenina." She paused for a moment before speaking again "bards are quite truthful Fflewddur, and it is that fact that allows me to believe you. But, if I find that you are lying…" She trailed off holding her dagger up acting as though she was examining it causing Fflewddur to gulp and eye the weapon as if he would see it coming, the threat couldn't be any clearer. Stowing the dagger into her boot Kenina glanced up and took notice of Taran for the first time. "You might want to lower that sword;" She told him gazing at him with her hazel eyes.

"Oh, ugh…right." Taran stuttered before putting his sword back into its sheath in an embarrassed manner which, to his surprise, caused Kenina to let out a small giggle.

"Why are you laughing?" Taran questioned, despite himself.

Kenina shrugged, "you looked funny." Although neither of the teens knew it then that was the beginning of a great and confusing friendship.

~End flashback~

Taran came back to earth with Kenina calling his name; "Taran! You have got to see this!" Taran stood up wiping the dirt from his pants he walked towards the excited girl.

"What is it?" He asked, as he kneeled next to her.

"Give me your hand and I'll show you." Kenina answered, Taran gladly took her small smooth delicate hand with his rougher and slightly larger one, feeling tingles of pleasure when her warm flesh connected with his.

Does she feel it? Taran wondered for the millionth time gazing at their intertwined fingers wishing that he could wake up to that sight every morning. Taran snapped out of his trance as Kenina gently lead their hands into the crystal clear water, feeling the cool water on his hand refreshed Taran slightly, he had been sitting in the sun all day after all. He then smiled at Kenina, before speaking; "this is nice, but I'm guessing that it's not what you wanted to show me."

Kenina only sent him a smirk and nod before closing their hands around something hard and smooth. Lifting it out of the water they opened their hands to reveal a pearl.

"Beautiful." Taran gasped admiring how the pearl seemed to change colors if you held toward the sun in a different ways; silver, gold, pink; Taran swore that he saw a hint of blue once.

Kenina smiled. "Yes it is," Before looking back towards the water.

Taran glanced at her remembering how it was in one of these moments when he had discovered that he had feelings for Kenina. He remembered that it had been the first time she had really opened up to him, opened up for anyone for that matter, and he remembered how unguarded she'd been; she almost hadn't resembled the fierce, witty, sarcastic girl they'd all grown to know in that moment. She was someone different, someone Taran didn't know. That moment was the first time he had ever seen her cry and it had almost torn him to pieces to see it, even though he'd been confused to why he had felt that way at first; all he could do was hold her and wonder how such a strong girl could fall to pieces like that.

She wasn't crying now, thankfully, but she was unguarded just as she'd been then. This was one of those rare moments where he and Kenina weren't worrying about being killed or having to kill, it was one of those moments where they could just enjoy each other's company and he didn't know if another moment like this would come when they were alone, so Taran knew that it was now or never.

"Um Kenina," He began waiting intill he received a small "hum?" for an answer. "Can I show you something?" Taran questioned, wincing at how lame it sounded.

"Sure." Kenina replied turning towards him with a lazy grin on her face.

"You have to close your eyes first." Taran instructed waiting intill her eyes were closed before moving closer towards her. Bringing a hand to her cheek Taran paused wondering if it was worth the risk of their friendship, of their trust; if I don't do it now I'll probably regret it for the rest of my life. Taran reasoned, at least this way she'll know how I feel. With that last thought Taran leaned in and kissed Kenina's petal soft lips. Taran moved his lips against Kenina's softly, savoring the heavenly taste, expecting her to push him away the moment she got over the shock. The push never came. Pulling away Taran glanced down to be met with Kenina; eyes now open wearing an expression of absolute shock on her face.

Biting her lip Kenina glanced down, a light pink blush spreading across her cheeks before asking "what was that for?"

Taran blushed darkly; he wasn't really expecting that question. "Um…for being you, I guess." He answered rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

Glancing up Kenina smiled slightly before wrapping her arms around Taran's neck; "then this is for you, being you." She whispered softly before kissing him once more; Taran closed his eyes, his own arms snaking around Kenina's waist to hold her close as he responded to the kiss. How was it? It was like nothing he ever imagined. It was far, far better.

After they pulled away they exchanged smiles before intertwining their hands once more, and you can be sure that Taran got his wish; for that was the sight he wakes up to this very day.

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