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It was a solemn mood as they waited for the constable to arrive. The Doctor explained how brigands had crashed the ball and killed Mister Fitzwilliam and frightened off all the guests. Cassandra corroborated his story as Jane was still in shock from the unexpected turn the evening's events had taken. The Doctor once again relied on the psychic paper to explain that he was in fact Mister Fitzwilliam's cousin on his mother's side and that he and Donna were the parents of Lydia and Georgiana, which was sort of true. He explained how they had been separated from the girls and the Marquise of Seingalt had assumed the worst and sent them on to England. The constable found this bit of the story even harder to believe, but the Doctor was aided by Lydia;s confirmation and Georgiana's eager cries of Mummy and Daddy.

Jack and Ianto escorted the Austen sisters home in their carriage. The Doctor, Donna, Amy and Rory headed back to the TARDIS with its' two newest occupants.

Martha and Zara were waiting for them in the console room.

"You have no idea how glad I am to see you," said Martha. "I was starting to fear the worst."

The Doctor shook his head. "No way could Rose have gotten in here."

"That was Rose, then?," asked Martha. "She became that creature?"

"Oh, yeah, that's her," said Amy. "Complete psychotic. Can't believe you ever liked her."

"Something's happened to her," said the Doctof. "The question is, what?"

"Martha," said Donna, "this is Lydia. She's the daughter of the alternate Doctor in Pete's World."

Martha's eyes widened in amazement. "Seriously?"

"Yeah, seriously," said Lydia.

"Well, I'm Martha Jones."

"Zara!," cried Zara.

"Right," said Dona. "This is where things get to be a bit strange." Donna took the blanket off Georgiana's head. The little girl had been sleeping in Donna's arms since the constable left.

"Oh, my God," said Martha.

Lydia's mouth dropped as well. "She looks just like Georgiana."

"We noticed," said Rory.

"Another of the Doctor's children?," asked Martha. "I mean, the alternate Doctor."

"No, apparently she's the daughter of my duplicate and Donna's alternate."

"So, he didn't end up with Rose?," asked Martha. "Even after that whole production on the beach?"

"No," said the Doctor.

"What production on what beach?," asked Amy, her interest piqued.

"Oh, there was this whole thing where we said goodbye to the Duplicate and he told Rose he loved her and she snogged him and we left. If my brain wasn't about to burn, I would have said something."

Rory frowned. It was shaping into a full night of frowning for him. "What do you mean your brain was about to burn?"

"I bet she just snogged him to make the Doctor jealous," said Martha.

"That's enough," said the Doctor.

"Yes, well, I think you owe Martha an apology," said Donna.

"What do I owe Martha an apology for?"

"Oh, just that little thing where you spent all your time with her mooning over a petty teenager who has turned into a certifiable psychotic bint even after she walked the Earth?," said Donna.

Rory frowned even more. "What do you mean walked the Earth?"

"Wait, did you and the Doctor date?," asked Amy.

"No," said Martha. "I just sort of had a crush on him."

"Apology, spaceman?," asked Donna. "Is that coming?"

"Sorry, Martha," said the Doctor sheepishly as Martha smiled.

"So, what now?," asked Amy.

The Doctor was saved from answering by Georgiana stirring awake. She turned her head to find Zara staring at her with mirroring brown eyes.

"Mummy?," she inquired, looking up at Donna.

"Zara Mummy," Zara answered.

"Daddy?," Georgiana asked, looking over at the Doctor.

"Zara Daddy!"

"Hush, Zara," said Donna.

"Josh?," Georgiana asked frantically, "Ella?"

Donna looked at Lydia. "Why does she keep asking for Josh and Ella?"

"That's her brother and sister," said Zara.

"My alternate universe counterpart has children called Josh and Ella?." asked Donna.

"Yes," said Lydia. "Twins."

Donna shook her head. "This is just getting weirder."

Esther entered. She immediately ran towards Lydia who shrieked.

"What's that?," she asked.

"A dog," said Rory.

"Doggie!," said Georgiana, mercifully distracted.

"Zara doggie."

"Oh, right, I'd forgotten, you've spent most of your life on Gallifrey. This is a dog, specifically canis lupus familiaris, the domestic cousin of the wolf, Basically, a sort of household animal humans have had for thousands of years, some for abilities at hunting or guarding or companionship."

Lydia looked down at the dog and back up at the Doctor. "She says her name's Esther."

"Yeah, humans name them as well. She's like a member of the family."

Lydia glanced down and back up. "She says she's the pack leader."

"No, she's not," said the Docotor.

"Sorry, are you saying you speak dog?," asked Amy.

"Don't you?," asked Lydia. "No, she says she's definitely in charge. Then Donna, then Zara, then the baby and then you."

"How did I get below the baby?," asked the Doctor. He looked at Esther. "I travelled through time to get you! I showed you the biscuit dispensary!"

"Doctor," said Donna.

"Seriously, Donna, nothing against Chloe, obviously, but she's four days old! What's she ever done for Esther?"

"Actually, she says if I'm staying I might move above you in the pack order," said Lydia.

"You know, robot dogs never do this," the Doctor said accusingly towards Esther.

Lydia slept in the room the TARDIS provided her: a carbon copy of the one back on her father's TARDIS. She only came out when the TARDIS started shining so many lights at her face she had to wander out into the hallway squinting.

She stumbled into the kitchen where Donna sat with Georgiana and Zara in newly appeared matching high chairs.

"Zara, honestly," said Donna as she rocked Chloe with one arm. "I know you know how to feed yourself."

Zara crossed her arms, pouting at her banana slices. From what Donna could observe, Georgiana wasn't quite as advanced as Zara and needed more help. Zara had seen Donna spooning mashed banana to Georgiana and decided she needed help.

"Milk," said Zara.

"Milk!," Georgiana agreed enthusiastically.

Donna narrowed her eyes at the both of them. "You know I only have two and the queue is currently forming."

"Zara milk!," Zara shouted as she looked at Georgiana.

"Queue?," asked Lydia.

Donna looked up. "There you are, sweetheart! I was about to come wake you, but there have been some setbacks. Have a seat."

Lydia sat down quietly.

"God, did you sleep in those things?," asked Donna. "Wait. That's not your costume, is it? I've seen some of the Doctor's old outfits, I know Time Lords have a twisted dress sense."

"No," said Lydia. "I don't know what happened to the clothes I was wearing when I got here. All I've got is a coat."

"No problem. We'll see if Amy will let you borrow until we can get you things of your own." She scoffed. "Certainly don't want you looking for something in the Doctor's wardrobe. Trust me. I've been in there. It's frightful."

Donna laughed. Lydia didn't so much as smile.

"What about some breakfast?," asked Donna. "You'll feel better after you've eaten."

"No. Thank you," said Lydia.

Donna sighed. "You can't punish yourself, Lydia."

"I'm not trying to punish myself," Lydia said frowning.

"Yes, you are," said Donna. "You think what happened to Mister Fitzwilliam is your fault so you think depriving yourself of everything is the answer."

"I tricked him," said Lydia.

"You were alone with a baby, which would scare the hell out of anyone, let alone a fifteen year had nowhere to turn, you had to do something or who knows what might have happened to the two of you? You weren't trying to hurt anyone."

"I did, though. I always do."

Donna shook her head. "It's not your fault."

"You don't even know me," said Lydia.

"No," said Donna, "but I do know someone like you."

Lydia borrowed some clothes from Amy. Some boots, a short skirt and a jumper. She went looking for the Doctor and found the TARDIS was back in the Austens' sitting room.

Cassandra sat doing needlepoint. "Miss St. John-Smythe." She looked her up and down. "What interesting clothing."

"Yeah," Lydia agreed. "Have you seen the Doctor?"

Cassandra looked forlornly out the window. "He is in the garden with my sister."

Lydia walked out to the garden. The Doctor must have been speaking with Jane for quite a while.

"I am going to write a book?," she asked. "My writing is trivial."

"Well, I'm not saying you will necessarily," said the Doctor. "Just, you know, if you happen to.."

"Miss St. John-Smythe," said Jane. "How are you?"

"Fine," said Lydia. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry."

"What is there to be sorry for? Mister Fitzwilliam was merely an acquaintance of mine," Jane said stiffly.

"Jane!," called Cassandra. "Father's carriage!"

"Please excuse me," said Jane. "I must go."

Jane walked away as the Doctor and Lydia watched.

"It's not your fault, you know," said the Doctor.

"So I hear."

The Doctor nodded. "Where did you get those clothes from?"


The Doctor nodded, thinking they were definitely going to have to get Lydia some clothes at the next opportunity. He had never noticed how short Amy's skirts were and even if she wasn't technically his daughter, he was certain his alternate wouldn't appreciate this.

"You said the Silence brought you here," said the Doctor, as the walked through the garden. "What did you mean?"

"I meant the Silence."

"Who are they?," asked the Doctor. "Everywhere we go, people keep saying Silence. What's it mean?"

"I'm not sure myself. They took me when I was a baby, they tried to raise me to be an assassin or something."

"Took you? From Gallifrey?"

"Yes," said Lydia, trying to shake her earliest memory.

"Why you?"

"Because they need a Time Lord for something. I don't know what. It has to be the same reason they chose Georgiana."

"It must be what they came after Zara for." He paused, deep in thought. "We have to find out who they are."

Lydia was incredulous. "And how do we do that?"

"I know someone who worked with them," said the Doctor. "Just a matter of getting him to open up. Then we'll find a way of getting you home if your father's not already on his way."

"Doesn't matter," said Lydia.

The Doctor nodded, not understanding. "Lydia? Is it short for something?"


"Brilliant. A bit long."

"That's what my dad says."

The Doctor paused. "You know, you look like the Oracle. You really do."

Lydia shook her head. "She doesn't look like this anymore."

The Doctor nodded. "Yeah, that happens. Come on. We had better get back to the TARDIS."

The Doctor walked into the TARDIS with Lydia where the others waited. Donna stood with Martha, Amy and Rory were together by the console, Jack and Ianto took the jumpseat.

"Lydia tells me that the enemy we're fighting is called the Silence."

"Like with the 456?," asked Jack. "Ellis' last words."

"Those aliens in London," said Rory.

"And what the lizard man said," added Amy.

"The same and apparently, Rose is somehow in league with them," the Doctor added. "They make a point of going after Time Babies and that means that the TARDIS is the only place safe. I can drop you all off-"

"We can't just leave you," Amy said quickly.

The Doctor shook his head. "Amy, I can't protect you-"

"You need help," said Amy. "At the very least, you need a babysitter. Also, the girls might need someone to look after them."

Martha and Donna unsuccessfully tried to hide their snorts. The Doctor was impressed at how quickly Amy had adapted.

"You expect us to leave when you need our help?," asked Jack.

"I'm not going anywhere," said Ianto.

The Doctor looked at Martha. "You don't have to come. You've all done enough."

"Yeah," said Martha, "I think I've earned the right to decide for myself and I've decided to help you."

The Doctor looked at Donna.

"Discussion closed, spaceman." She walked over to the console controls and stood next to him. "Where to?"

"I think it's about time we had a chat with someone," said the Doctor.

Jane and Cassandra hurried back to the sitting room just in time to see the TARDIS dematerializing. Their father followed, having been told they had something to show him. The wind blew and the blue box faded away into the Vortex.

Jane and Cassandra would not see it again for twenty-one years.

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