Love you all.


"Now remind me, should we ever go pick pocketing people stronger than us?"


Satisfied, I grinned, and released the boy's neck, very pleased as he scurried away down the halls. The others around us were whispering and pointing at me, I looked at them and they shrunk back, hurrying to their next classes. Honestly, don't they have something better to do than watch me carry out life?

Thieves deserved to be punished right? He deserved everything I threw at him. It's not like I started a fight for no reason. No matter what they say about me, I'm not that reckless.

"Whoa! Nice head lock, Akita!"

I turned to see a teal haired boy laughing merrily.


"What idiotic task did he do? Get close to you? Look at you? Say a word in your presence?" he joked, nudging my side playfully.

"He was picking at my bag," I held it up pointedly. "Something about a dare."

"Ah, how boring." Mikuo sighed heavily, "Why can't these idiots stand up to you? Actually, I'd like to see your stuff too…"

"Don't. You. Dare." I warned, his hand, which had crept closer, shot back to his side.

"Jeez, whatcha hiding anyways? A diary?" He gasped suddenly, eyeing me in disbelief. "That's not what it is, is it?" He eyed my bag like it was a million dollars.

"If you touch this bag, the next thing you'll be touching will be death's door."

"How mean!" He whined. I rolled my eyes and began walking away from him, out of the school. "Hey, where you going?"

"Out. Today they're having the Physical Test for rest of the day, remember? I don't need to be here." I replied, "I've got better things to do than run around all day."

"Lucky you, my mom would kill me if I stepped foot out of school right now," he cocked his head as the bell rang and patted my shoulder. "See you then."

I grunted in response, exiting the school building. I walked outside the gates, and out of the school campus. I looked to my right, then to my left, trying to decide on where to go. If I go to the left, most likely the ally gang will jump me, and if go right I can go home and stare at my T.V. all day.

Home it is.

I grinned as I swiveled my body homebound, walking with an easy, relaxed gate. I took out my iPod from my book bag and put in my earbuds. Hitting shuffle, I stuffed the device into my pocket as I crossed the street.

I can't figure you out at all.

So when I'm not aware at all

There's no possible way

You can steal my heart.

My smile grew wider as her voice rang through my head. I could almost see her dancing right now, her left arm going behind her back, before pointing to the side. Her feet stepped to the melody, and her perfect lips moving to the lyrics. In my mind, she took her steps towards me, giggling and singing. When she came too close, she would rush backwards, dancing all over again. My heart throbbed with pain, and my breath was taken away again. I was incredibly happy, but there was a nagging sadness in me.

I sighed, and looked up, realizing that I was pretty much at my own house. I opened the door, and looked at the shadowed, dull living room. There was nothing in there, just four walls with doors that led to the kitchen and my room. I took the latter door, and flipped on my light switch.

"I'm home…" I muttered, as bright yellow features jumped out at me. My computer sat on my desk on the far wall, on my left was my bed, and to my right was my closet. In the corner was my TV with a stack of videos and games right under it in a cabinet.

I patted my bed sheets tiredly, sitting on the mattress, I turned on the TV with the remote I found under the blankets. Instantly, music filled the room. I watched as she moved in front of the screen, the smiled directly at me, sending another pierce through my heart. She fixed her golden bangs and skipped backwards, waving for her friends to join her. I watched as she giggled, her melodic voice filling the air.

"Hey, hey. Rinnnnn," Gumi prods, "Stop giggling! You're making my ears ring."

"Pssh, what are you talking about? I'm not giggling." Rin waves her hand dismissively and then winks and cackles menacingly.

"…Ugh." Gumi groans, shaking her head dizzily. "You're too hyper in the morning."

"Whatever, whatever." Rin shrugged it off cheerfully, "anyways, Teto, you said something about treating to lunch?"

"Of course you'd remember that," laughs the last girl, "Yeah, I'm paying today, so let's go?"

"Kay!" Rin led the way to the cafeteria. I watched in amusement as she ate orange after orange, stealing from everyone else, then chuckled as she still managed to eat her's and part of Teto's lunch.

Tell me you do not love her and I will punch you through the roof. Actually, tell me you do love her and I will rip your arms off.

Rin is mine.

But she's not. Even if she was right in front of me, behind this thin glass. After all, she's just a bunch of 1s and 0s, unreal, special effects.

And it's not like I have not tried to distance myself from the show either- I even managed to stop watching for three months at one point. But I just could not get her out of my mind. It's pathetic, it's weird and I hate it.

But I can never hate her. I see her smiling face, grinning up at me like a ball of light and my resolves crumbles to dust.

I placed my head in my palms, my cheeks a dusty red for certain and my heart pounding. Why can't I forget you? Why can't I ignore you? Leave you?

Why did I have to fall in love, with my two dimensional sweet-heart?

I walked to school the next day, and almost as soon as I step onto school ground, I hear the rapid footfalls of an approaching someone. I whip around, glaring at my advancer, who kept charging right for me.

"Arggghh! Damn you Akita!" he shouted, and a fist was well on its way towards my head. I jabbed upwards at the last minute, my own punch slammed into his wrist, sending his attack straight to the sky. He let out a cry of pain. Idiot.

"What are doing?" I asked Mikuo, keeping his hand high above us. "Attacking me so suddenly, I almost punched a hole through your skull."

"Ow- ow! Let go!" he moaned, "I-I wanted to catch you off guard! See what's in your bag for a change."

I grabbed his head in response, aiming a right fist. He shrieked, holding up his hands defensively.

"I take that back, say your prayers."

"Akita! Are you starting a fight with Mikuo, again?"

I let go of him grudging then turned around, already knowing who was there. She always picked the best times to intervene, always.

And interestingly enough, always when I start to attack.

"Of course not, Hatsune, he was going through my stuff." I replied coolly, "No need to be nosy, Miss President."

"Miku, how are you, Love?" Mikuo winked and straightened his back, recovering immediately. He walked over to her, a smirk on his lips as he leaned in. "Your hair looks exceptional this morning, do you want me to walk with you?"

"Save it, I'm not in the mood for you." She sniffed, turning away from him to look at me again. "You, Akita, stop. I am serious. Stop. Yesterday, do you know how much back-bending I had to do for someone's mom because you had 'punished' her child. The Principal wasn't too happy, watch it."

"Thanks for the heads up." I sighed, stuffing my hands in my pockets. I just got to school now I want to go home again. Miku can sure take away someone's morning.

"Don't worry, I'll watch over him for you, my sweet." Mikuo winked, pulling out a rose from his pocket. How it managed to last in there and still look fresh, I'll never know. "Now watch yourself now, if you need help, just whistle thrice."

Miku rolled her eyes, but took the rose anyways. As she left hearing distance, Mikuo groaned and fell to the ground sadly. I smirked.

"Whistle thrice?" I snickered, "what kind of corny joke was that?"

"Oh shut up, I got it from somewhere. Thought it sounded romantic." He rubbed his forehead.

"She obviously didn't," I snickered, he looked at me with a glare. But allowed me to help him off the ground. Since he just made a complete idiot out of himself in front of her, I'll forgive him for the surprise attack.

"I really did bad today," he continues mournfully, "I don't even know what I spewing until it was out."

"Obviously, I don't think I've ever heard someone say 'my sweet' so easily. Not to mention this is a daily thing."

"I said shut up!" he wailed, "I know it was horrible, but she's not paying any attention to me otherwise! At least now she looks at me!"

"Yeah, to tell you to stick your nose somewhere else." I countered, beginning to walk to the school building. "You love sick idiot." I put up a falsetto voice, batting my eyelashes at him. "Rooomeo~" I faked a giggle, rolling my tongue on the R.

"Ew. Ew. Ew. The school's biggest, baddest bully just cooed at me," Mikuo gagged and I hit his head.

"Please die."

We walked together to homeroom. The bell rang but I was already at my desk, my feet luxuriously rested on my table as the teacher came inside.

"Len… Do I have to even ask to put your feet down anymore?" she sighed, I shrugged and obediently tucked my feet under my desk. It's not that it's on purpose truly, I just forget sometimes.


"Thank you, now please turn in your homework."

Another thing I forget.

I watched as everyone passed up their pages, I sat motionless. Mikuo gave me his homework from behind me, and I passed it up without even looking.

"Forgot your homework again?"

"Quit laughing, Romeo, I was busy yesterday." I snapped quietly. But I knew that he was still laughing.

"Doing what? Someone pretty?"

"I was taking a nap."

"Boo, you're no fun," he smacked my head.

The rest of class, I slept. I don't think the teacher even cares anymore. Or so I thought.

"Akita," she stopped me as I was walking out of class. "Please try to do better in class or I will be forced to give you support classes."

I put on a grim look and nodded sullenly. Maybe I should start studying, if I got support classes I will have to stay in school longer to make up the work. Plus, that means I won't be able to see Rin as much.

"Yes ma'am," I saluted lazily and yawned.

I walked into my next period, History, which I did manage to stay awake through. I also remembered to do homework and so the teacher wasn't that mad with me. My next two periods were a bit more time consuming- math, fondly called Hell, and music, my one elective.

I liked music, actually. Maybe because I could sing. Maybe also because the class often performed songs from Rin's anime.

"Ok, who would like to play the practice piece for the piano?" Ms. Megurine asked. I raised my hand, and instantly, thirty-five, including the teacher's, eyes were on me. They looked terrified.

I'm just raising my hand, it isn't like I'm waving a gun around.

I rose from my seat, doing my best to ignore all the stares and agape mouths. I played, a bit messily, but found myself able to do the general chords anyways.

By the time I had finished, everyone was still staring at me, their disbelief deepening, but this time an aura of awe surrounded them. I smirked in victory.

"That was very well done!" Ms. Megurine praised, "Great job Len!"

I sat down, nodding at her. Everyone's eyes still followed me, but I didn't care. Why should I? All I did was press a few keys on the piano, what were they expecting? Me to make a fool of myself? Not in this lifetime.

Class ended, and I rushed out of class to reach the lunch line. Being one of the first in line, I got my lunch quickly and I sat off to the side of the cafeteria.

"Is that true!" Mikuo slid into the seat across from me, looking at me with intense teal eyes. "Did you really play the piano last period?"

"No, I killed someone."

"Oh my-" He pulled his hair, looking at me like I was crazy. "You haveto teach me! If I play the piano to Miku, do you know how amazing that would be? It would bring out my sensitive, gentleman side to her, without me talking!"

"I didn't know you had a sensitive side." I chewed through some fries.

"Oh, but I do." He swooned, "For my heart is fragile, and when she leaves my sight it only crumbles just a bit more. My naïve mind heals these pieces when she comes back, unknowing that it will break yet again at her absence. I want her to be happy, but I want to be with her, is it wrong to do two things at once? Oh, I wish-."

Annoyed, I shoved my fries into his mouth, my teeth were grit together to ward off the migraine I was growing.

"Shut up" I begged, "I get it, you're crying on the inside. Ok! Just. Don't. Make. Poems. Out of it, please."

"I knew you'd hate that." Mikuo smirked, eating the fries. "But it's all true."

"Please don't tell me you got that from Shakespeare too"

"Have you read Shakespeare? No. You haven't. Therefore you are invalid," he swallowed. "Do you think I'm such a cheap person? To rip off everything from famous poems?"

"It was only a guess."

"How mean" He grumbled, stuffing his face of salad. I shrugged and finished up my lunch. "So will you teach me the piano?"



I walked home alone. Alone. Alone.

But not sad.

Goddamit now I sound like Mikuo.

It wasn't all bad though, living alone, my parents wouldn't nag me about how bad watching anime is, or how tainted my mind could get. So in other words, I got to see Rin more often after I moved out. Which was the best outcome, and I enjoyed that part. If it was between Rin and my family, I'd choose Rin. Not even a question.

At the thought of her, my heart swelled and warmed. Whereas family.

I'm getting goosebumps.

I opened the door to my house, stretching and pulling my muscles as I shut the door behind me. I tossed my bag to the corner of my so-called living room and walked into my room. I slumped over to my bed, rolling over repeatedly for comfort.

I wanted to turn on my TV, but a part of me refused, knowing that I will end up watching it until my heart really does break. I never truly believe she's a computer program, I think she's real. Made by the minds of people? That's too cruel, she's her own person, she has a personality and has a like for things and dislikes. She has realistic faults, and a gentle sweet attitude. Her voice… It wasn't just an actor with a microphone that created it. I know who speaks for Rin, but the actor is far too different, too unbelieving.

For me, I only wanted Rin, other girls… They were all cute, but she was different. My heart would tremble when she looked at the screen, and when she smiled I sometimes had to turn off the TV or my face would have gotten too warm.

I looked at the sky, it was only 4-5o'clock. After a lot of thought, I decided to watch a little bit before starting the homework I probably should have done ages ago. I turned on the TV, sitting as close as I could. I watched as she danced on the stage, strumming her guitar expertly, a smile on her lips, and her classic bow swirling around. Even though my heart was crying, I continued to watch her perform, my hand touched the screen. I pressed hard with my fingers, as if trying to push past the barrier to touch her hair. Just. Once.

No matter how futile it is, I always find myself doing the same thing. Because I loved her, I truly did, and even if I tried to turn away or turn it off, I would always come back, drawn to her, aching to see her. So in the end, I have to watch her from here, behind the glass veil, foolishly reaching out for her. Hoping that one day, she will come and sit patiently behind the screen, reaching out for me too.

Chapter 1 Fin.

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