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I must be dreaming. I must've…. Died or something and this is my heaven. A hallucination?

I watched with disbelief and bewilderment as she rose lazily, her back turned to me. I heard a yawn, like a kitten's voice. Immediately, my face heated up. Sweet and gentle, only Rin's voice had this effect on me.

"…Where-" She suddenly erupted into a fit of coughs, hunching over as she clutched her neck painfully. Her throat sounded hoarse and unused, and each cough sound harsh. I had a sudden urge to rush over and pat her back, but I was afraid, what if she disappears when I touch her?

The coughing didn't stop, and her body was shaking by now as she struggled to take a breath in between. By then, my resolve slowly began to crumble. I had to do something, I had to.

"A-are you ok?" My voice sounded funny, a pitch too high and somewhat shaky. I rose slowly from my bed, reaching out to her. I closed my eyes, prepared for the worst, but almost leapt in shock when I came in contact with soft cotton pajamas instead.

I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming.

Instead of vanishing in smoke, she whirled around, shooting backwards from me, her eyes wide. I took a quick look at her face and my heart skipped a beat. This was her alright, no mistaking it. I knew that face like the back of my hand.

"Wh-who are you?" She croaked feebly, her voice grainy and painful sounding. She winced at the sound, but I could only stare.

She was breathtakingly beautiful in real life. So graceful, so…so… perfect. Her short flaxen hair, her creamy pale skin, her bright sea-blue eyes…

"I'm Len." I replied stupidly, my head too occupied to think about anything else. Her eyes grew wider and I could see that she was starting to panic.

"Wh-where am I?" She asked, keeping a considerable distance from me. Her eyes wary, "Did you bring me here?"

"I…This is my room, but…" I swallowed, "I didn't bring you…here."

"L-liar." Her voice was still weak. "You k-kidnapped me, didn't you? I-I…I don't know why, how, b-but I know you did!"

"No, I didn't…" I felt a bit hurt at her accusation. Maybe because I wasn't trusted by her? I don't know, but it hurt. "Rin, I didn't-"

"How d-do you know my name?" She growled brokenly, fear evident in her tone.

"Wait, you misunderstood," I tried to approach her, but she scooted far back.

"Don't come any closer…" She was huddling against the other side of the room, shaking, my heart nearly tore at the sight. I was scaring her, I didn't know what to do in this kind of situation.

I retreated back to my bed, giving her space, running my hands through my messy hair. I still can't believe this, Rin is right here. In my room, in the real world, outside of the television box. The girl I've been dreaming of since I started high school, the one I fell in love with, despite being in a complete different place from her, the one I've cried over so many times. She's here, in my room, within touching distance. Was this all really a dream?

I remembered the painful sound of her coughing. That was real enough, and I knew deep down that this was not something my mind was playing with.

The more I looked at her, though, the worse I felt. I really wanted to comfort her in some way, I wanted to talk with her, get closer, but at this rate, I'll be lucky if I can even get her to understand me.

Her eyes were bulging, confusion etched in her face. She was staring back at me, but she looked like she was seeing something else. I felt, for the first time in forever, somewhat guilty.

I couldn't move, afraid to startle her again. But I couldn't take my eyes off either, which I was sure freaked her out a good amount. How can I look away?

I could tell she was thinking quickly by the way she looked around the room frantically. I noticed how she kept glancing at the door, a flicker of hope in her eyes. She wanted out. Of course she did.

But where would she go? Can she go back to her home? I doubt she even knows how she got here. Besides, if she leaves this house… Not that this was a bad neighborhood, but if you stray too far alone, you might get into trouble, especially if you're a girl. If she was walking the streets alone…

She began to look like a miserable puppy, her head down, and her arms wrapped tightly around her knees. She thought I had kidnapped her, she thought I was going to hurt her, she thought I had taken her away from her home.

It hurt me.

I wanted to do the right thing, which I was trying to figure out. Maybe I should let her do what she wants. That makes sense, right? Maybe if I do that… maybe she'll be able to trust me.

Jeez, this is confusing. With my head spinning like a top, my stomach trying to catch up, and my heart hammering like a woodpecker; my thoughts are all in one clump, tangled with each other.

Almost unaware of my actions, I opened the door and left my room, taking a right to the restroom. I knew that when I came back to my room, she might not be there anymore, and if I took long enough, she might have left the house.

I didn't want her to go, really. Having her here at last, it set my hormones on edge, I wanted to talk with her. I wanted to be close with her.

I splashed some water on my face, trying to wake myself up.

Alright, Len, breath. Let this go to your head, ok? Keeping her here against her will is like keeping her prisoner. Do you want her to feel like that? Then again, I can't just let her get out of here. She's an anime character, and I'm not the only one who would recognize her for who she was. If someone else were to get a hold of her, what would they do?

I had to protect her from them, right?

My brain's going on overload. Let's organize here. List everything that has happened since last night, it should help me take things in.

First. I came home after school in a bad mood because of my test scores. I turned on the T.V and began to watched the episode I recorded earlier.

Second. I watched the new episode, but ended up in a tearful fit when I found out Rin had made a love interest: That Silver bastard.

Third. I woke up this morning to have my eyes covered with tears. I looked and found Rin on the floor in her Pjs.

Fourth. Rin ended up coughing violently, her voice still sounds like it was sore. She thinks I kidnapped her, which I couldn't do even if I wanted to (I kind of wanted it…)

Fifth. I ran in here hoping that she'll leave before my shock recovers and before I become an obsessive freak over her and never let her leave my sight.

I let out a breath, trying to calm myself down, my stomach still felt like it was jumping. I'm not an idiot like Mikuo. I. Am. Not. I can control myself, I won't turn into a babbling idiot. I am Len Akita. I can take care of something like this. I just need to calm down my damn nerves.

I looked in the mirror, seeing how bedridden I seemed. Huh. It added to my 'creepiness' factor. No wonder she seemed so scared of me. I got a comb, running it through my hair slowly, not trying to rush. I closed my eyes, breathing from my nose, settling down considerably.

After having it lay flat, I tied my hair up into it's usual ponytail, relieved at how clean I looked afterwards.

As I left the restroom, my stomach exploded into a flurry of feathers which I stubbornly bit down. Come on. I have to check on her.

I peeked into my room, surprised to find her staring right back at me in the same position as before. What? Didn't she want to leave? I left for about three to five minutes, that's long enough for her to be at least out of the house.

When I came into Rin's view, she gasped loudly, her mouth hung agape and she slowly began to uncurl her body. I could see her lips moving, twitching at first, but slowly forming into words.

"You…y-you're that boy! Th-The one who was crying last night…?"


That's why his voice sounded so familiar, it was him. I should've known, but I was distracted, I guess. Did I panic? Well, that's what it felt like, but then again I've never really that emotion so strongly before. In fact, when did I ever have such energy pulsing through my veins? Heck, it's like a wave of feelings pouring into me all at once.

Anyways, I have bigger issues. Like, how did I get here? I was supposed to be a light sleeper, I should've known if I was being taken away. I wonder who this guy, he called himself Len, really was. Why does it feel like I can trust him suddenly? Was it because I recognized him?

"H-how…" He was frozen stiff at my declaration, his face paling. "How do you know about that?" His voice was soft, unlike any tone I've ever heard.

"I…" My voice was different too, I noticed that, I had to force my voice to work. Usually, the words flowed from my tongue automatically, robotically. But not anymore, I had to work with my voice to get the right sounds, it was strange. "I-I saw you,"

I looked around, the dark room from last night coming to my mind. I turned to a corner, finding the T.V set and the place where he was crying. This… that really was the place.

"Saw me?" He echoed in a slight daze,

"I was right next to you." I swallowed, "I kept calling you, b-but you didn't notice me…"

"But, I was alone," He mumbled half to himself.

"I…I guess I…" I hesitated, but eventually gave in. "I kind of… dreamed it."

His eyes widened considerably, his mouth getting slack. He stood there by the door, frozen completely.

"Oh, um.. D-did you see why I was…" His voice trailed off, his face began to flush suddenly, his blue eyes widening even more in horror. Surprised by his reaction, I shook my head slowly.


He let out a long sigh of relief, sitting down on the bed, scratching his head. I let myself relax a bit. I doubt that he really kidnapped me now, the way he seemed so uncomfortable and how he left the door open and when he left for a while. But then again, he knew my name, I never met him before, how would he know? So what was I doing here? I just got dropped off here? But by whom?

How are my parents? Are they looking for me? What about Teto or Gumi? Piko? How close am I to home?

I looked at the boy, Len, wondering if I should ask him where I could go to get home. But he probably doesn't know too.

There was an uneasy silence, I've never been in an air that thick with tension before and it felt like it could suffocate me.

I want to get out. I want to go home, I want to see my parents, I want to see Teto and Gumi.

As if he could read my mind, he suddenly left the room again, muttering something about changing clothes. I wondered if he really wanted me to stay at all. Maybe he was trying to get rid of me too, but was he too nice to say it?

I slowly got up, crying out slightly as my leg stretched painfully. Since when was standing so painful? I used the wall to lift me, wincing at the aching in my knees.

So, I can jump out of bed on a school morning, but I can't even stand after I get dumped in a stranger's room? Huh.

After regaining my balance, I began to walk out. My legs are still shaking, but hey, I'm moving so it should be fine. As I stepped out, I was surprised to be greeted with a large empty living room. No chair, no table, no coach, nothing. Just white walls and gray carpets. Weird. In the room though, there was a lot of yellow (a color I like), I wonder what's that about.

Shakily, I made it across the room and opened the front door. The fresh air hit my face, pretty much reviving me. I sucked in a breath, looking behind me. Should I wait? Should I tell him I'm leaving? But what if he tries to stop me?

I waited too long, I saw him come out of the bathroom. For a moment, I was unnoticed, until he turned and locked gazes with me. He stared at me a long time, anxiety spreading on his face.


"D-don't stop me!" I pleaded, "I need to go home."

"Wait, you can't go!" He rushed over to me, but I backed away and outside quickly. "Rin, if you get out there you'll get attacked."

"No I won't." I shook my head. He couldn't keep me here and he won't. "You don't know me. I don't know you. We're strangers. Leave me alone!"

"But, Rin-"

"Stop using my name! You're freaking me out!"

That froze him, and me as well, I really didn't expect to yell like that at all. It brought reality to me, I was feeling insecure. I looked at him to find him watching with me wide blue eyes, an emotion in them that I didn't want to read.

"Th-thank you for being kind to me." I mumbled politely, bowing slightly before running out. I flinched at first, the cold floor stinging my feet. I suddenly remembered that all I was wearing was my pajamas. The once refreshing wind slowly turned into a numbing sensation, my exposed skin grew cold.

I'll be fine. I just… I just have to hope that I'll black out right now, right? Maybe I'll wake up and Teto and Gumi will have found me. Maybe I'll run into the police who recognizes me. Or Maybe I'll find myself in front of my house. I could never understand the pattern of blacking out.

However, I was still running away, my feet slapped the concrete painfully, both growing numb. It wasn't a freezing morning, but it was still rather cool for early spring.

I didn't know where I was going, but I usually ended up going in the right direction. Besides, there were a few tall buildings ahead, so that was a good place to start.

I stopped suddenly, my foot sending pain signals up my back sharply. I looked at my sole to find a small rock pushed in my skin. Not far enough to draw blood, but it was enough to make me yelp. I picked it out, not remembering the last time I had gotten a rock stuck in my foot.

I looked at the buildings ahead of me, it was only a few blocks and when I get there I'll just look for an officer to take me home.

With the thought of home, I pushed my body further, keeping a quick pace. Some of the people I passed gave me strange looks, looking at my loose pajamas to my ruffled hair. Self consciousness took over me, so I sped up, putting them behind me.

My legs still weren't as strong as I wanted to be. They were wobbly, slightly, and it made it hard for me to keep balance. I almost fell, twice, but I managed to stay upright.

You know, right now, I feel like a puppet cut from her strings. Free and light, but I'm also kind of unsure of everything. I have to support my own weight, I have to make my own decisions. I'm lost, I don't know what to do next. I'm used to doing things automatically, having the feeling of being controlled. It's strange. That feeling was gone. So weird.

I paused, slightly winded, looking around me again. I was much closer now, but my feet were aching so I had to stop for a bit. Wasn't it just yesterday when I ran all the way to school with two more girls in tow?

I looked behind me, unable to remember which house was Len's. It strange, that face he was showing when I yelled out, it looked kind of sad. I don't know, but it reminded me of the face he had when he was crying too.

I shook my head fiercely. No. He tried to keep me in the house, although unsuccessfully, so he isn't all that nice. I had to go home, my parents must be worried sick! I hope they don't take any drastic measures.

I started up a jog again, putting more effort into the speed. I had to go now.

By the time I reached the first traffic light, my legs were aching and heavy. I panted lightly, looking around the city. The day was still young, and the sun was now shining in the sky, illuminating the buildings, people and cars. I took a random turn, blending in with the crowd, hoping to run into a police officer or maybe a phone booth.

I passed by a small café, considering to go in, but was stopped by a hand placed on my shoulder. I jumped, turning around, half expecting to see Len.

"Hey, do you need something?" He was handsome, somewhat, tall and stocky. But definitely not Len. There was a cut on his cheek and a fire in his brown eyes. He towered over me, making me uneasy.

"N-no. Just looking." I replied carefully, shrugging off his hand. He smiled kindly.

"Do you need help?" He asked again, "I can get something for you."

"A-actually." I hesitated, then an idea popped into my head. "Actually, do you know if there's a police station around here?"

"Of course we have one." He blinked in mild surprise, but then motioned me to follow him. "Come on. I'll take you there."

Relieved I finally had a lead, I walked behind him carefully as he pushed through the crowd and deeper into the city. He was slow enough for me, but he kept looking around, as if watching for something. We arrived in a more secluded part of the area, less people walked here and he ushered me across the street.

I was stupid to follow him.

As soon as I touched the new sidewalk, he grabbed my arm with one hand and twisted it around my back, another hand clasping my mouth. I let out a surprised scream, trying to turn around but his grasp was too strong.

"Shut up or I'll break your neck." He hissed lowly into my ear, I froze at his closeness, my body tensing up.

Why? He looked so nice and helpful, he didn't look like this sort of person at all! I don't understand! What's going on? What's happening?

"Hmph. So you caught another one?" Another male stepped around the corner, his hands in his pockets. He, too, looked like he was a good person, but… "Cute, she looks like a T.V star or somethin."

"That's why." The grip on my arm tightened, my other hand struggling to get my mouth free. "Think of what money we can make with her."

The other one grinned maliciously, a look that marred his features. I felt a cold chill run through my body, and I fought even harder. Useless. I couldn't get free.

"Alright, bring her in. Let's get her all prepped."


I've been cast away before. My own parents pretty much disowned me, but nothing bit me like Rin. I guess you could say I was in a sour mood after that, I didn't want to chase her, I didn't want to do anything really. I just want to lay down and hope this all really was some sort of illusion.

I lay face up on my carpet, staring at the ceiling. I was angry at myself for pushing her that far, I was angry at her for not listening to me. Nothing made sense. Why would she, an anime girl, come to life? Why is she here? How is she going to get back? Will she be ok?

Of course I'd be worried, but I didn't want to follow her. This was too much for me, if she saw me and called me a freak, a stalker or a weirdo… Hey, I'm sensitive too, you know. Anyways, she'll go back to her own home soon enough, and life will go on. I mean, I'll carry this memory for the rest of my life. I don't know about her though. Her memory would be erased about me, when she returns to the computer, huh? Maybe it was for the best, I won't be known as the freak to her, then.

I got up, sitting sloppily.

Still. I'm worried about her. I hope she's safe, I hope someone can help her.

Sighing, I rose to my feet, going to the kitchen. I was hungry, having not eaten breakfast yet. I found a banana and began to peel it. Biting into it, I went back to my room, surprised to find my phone ringing. No one really called me at this time, I hardly got calls at all.

I looked at the caller ID, shocked to find that it was Mikuo. Isn't he supposed to be in class? I flipped open the cover, putting it to my ear.


"You're not in class?" He asked, his voice sounded thick and tired.

"No. I skipped." I ruffled my bangs, "are you sick?"

"Yeah, I stood outside Miku's house last night flicking pebbles at her window. I passed out as soon as I got home." He mumbled, I let out a snort. Only this idiot would do that.

"So what do you want? Romeo." I sneered, earning a low complaint.

"Just.. I wanted to try it, ok? Give me a break." He whined, "anyways, I'm at the city because my mom wanted me to get some medicine at the pharmacy and-"

"You're mom made you go to the city when you're sick?"

"It's not like you haven't done it before." Mikuo retorted crossly, coughing on the other end.

"I wasn't forced to."

"Anyways." He sounded like he was trying to growl. It came out as a wheeze instead. "I was walking through that part and… Hang on, Len, do you have any sisters? A twin, perhaps?"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, they caught a girl that looks a lot like you." He coughed, "You know, with short yellow hair, small body, tiny figure-"

"What do I look like to you?" I snarled into the receiver, he fell silent for a second.

"S-sorry." He finally spoke, "that came out wrong."

"It had better."

"So, do you have a sister?"

"No." I retorted. "I don't have siblings, last time I checked."

"Hm.. Well, she was kind of weird, wearing pajamas and all. You'd think they took her all the way from home." He muttered. I rolled my eyes, trust Mikuo to think of something stupid.

"Is that all you wanted?" I asked, he let out a grunt.

"Do you need anything from the pharmacy?" He coughed again, sniffling.

"If I do, I'll get it myself. Don't need your germs all over it"

"Heh." He sniffed, "alright, see you tomorrow."

"See ya."

He hung up and I tossed my phone back onto the mattress. So those idiots caught another girl, huh? I pity her. By the time the police finds the victims, they're usually broken beyond repair. None of my business.

Besides, this girl sounded especially stupid. Wearing pajamas, doesn't she know better? Plus being a blonde with blue eyes, those kind of girls aren't very, I guess you could say, common around here. They would be the first to be jumped.

Pajamas? Blonde? Blue eyes? Small? Tiny figure?

I tore at my phone, ripping it open and punched in Mikuo's number. Cold panic gripped my ribs and each ring of the phone seemed eternities apart.

"…'lo? Len? What is-"

"Kuo!" I shouted loudly, "That girl. She was wearing blue sweats and a white T-shirt, right?"

"Uh… Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Dammit!" I wretched open my bedroom door, jamming my feet into my sneakers at the front door. "Kuo, you're at the Pharmacy at the corner street, right?"

"Yeah, but what's-"

"Stay right there! I'll be there in a bit!"

"Huh? Why?"

I shoved my phone in my pocket, and slammed the door shut, running to the city.

I saw this coming, I really did see this, but why didn't I stop her? I'm so stupid! I swear, if they do something to her… I'll murder them all.

I bit my tongue harshly, racing through the neighborhood.

Rin… Idiot. How could she not see this coming? I told her she would get attacked!

I turned at the traffic light, I memorized this city until I could wander it in my sleep. I knew where to buy what I needed, I knew where to keep my guard, and where to hide. Right now, I'm going straight to the area I had always avoided.

All the way down the sidewalk, I nearly ran into cars and bikes, I pushed past people, ignoring the dirty name calling at me. Slowly, the crowd began to thin out and I knew, grimly, that I was arriving my destination.

I caught a glimpse of teal and I waved my way towards it. He turned in alarm, he was pale and had a scarf around his neck, but he looked otherwise alright.

"Len." He croaked, coughing into the muffler. "Why the sudden visit?"

"Where are they?" I demanded instead. "I'll kill them all. Kuo, where are they!"

"Hey, hey." He held up his arms, "Calm down, you're turning red."

Only then did I realize how warm my face felt, but I knew it wasn't going to cool down anytime soon.

"Kuo. I knew that girl." I told him. He froze, stiff, eyes widening in deep realization.

"That way, come on." His voice grew serious and he gripped his medicine bag tightly. Mikuo led me across the street, running quietly, I followed him, an impatient fire growing in my stomach. We had to find them before I blew.

We skirted low for another block, by now it was practically deserted and the buildings grew farther apart, making alleys. I looked at Mikuo who nodded slowly, we were close.

I heard a lot of husky laughing, and I grit my teeth. We both paused, walking as we approached the next alley opening. I listened intently, just making out a few voices.

"Not bad. I would love to be the one who breaks her." The voice was deep, I recognized it and growled under my breath. Mikuo glared at me to shut up, and I gave him an even hotter look. "Let me hear her scream,"

"Let me go!" The cry echoed against the walls, my heart nearly stopped. If she was scared when I was with her, then she was absolutely terrified now. If they did anything to her…no, if they were dead anyways, there were no 'if's.

"Ah, like a silver bell. Let me here that again-"

"NO! No! Stop!"

I ran inside, ignoring Mikuo's warning, they were hurting her? I'll scatter their bones in hell.

There was ten of them, all taller and stockier than me, but at this point, I couldn't care if I was up against an army of ten thousand. I opened my mouth to speak, but instead made a noise like a rabid dog. I would've been surprised myself if I wasn't so mad.

"Oh look." The big bad bastard of them turned around, smirking at me. "It's Lenny. How's that eye been doing?"

"I'll feed your blood to my parents." I vowed. He rose an eyebrow, before smiling crudely in realization.

"I see, you're here for this little lady, aren't you?" He moved and I saw Rin. Her hands tied up behind her back, her hair tussled and her shirt dirtied. She looked otherwise unharmed, but her eyes were wild with fear, it only fueled my flame. "Oooh, is there a sibling resemblance I see? Playing knight for the little trapped princess?"

He stepped behind her, a disgusting finger tapping her neck. He grinned at me, leaning down to her ear.

"Disgusting little-" I ran headlong into him, only to run into two more guys, they blocked my way. I remembered his advantage in numbers, I couldn't take on ten at once.

"Hey!" Mikuo finally decided to get out from hiding. His green eyes set ablaze, and he was smiling slightly. He coughed again but raised his fists in a fighting position. "If it's fight you want, come at me."

I let out a faint smile. But if I have a partner, ten would be nothing for me.

"Oh, this should be fun." Laughed the biggest idiot of the lot. "All for this little girl, you would come out of your shell, hm? Lenny?"

That knocked down whatever was left of my control. I vented my feelings by bashing in the ear of the guy closet to me, making him cringe. I kneed in his stomach, sending him to the floor. I kicked the guy who stood behind him, only to have my arms grabbed at by two others behind me.

Mikuo took care of them. He knocked both their heads with a swift right, distracting them long enough for me to break free. I pushed forwards, elbowing another in the nose. I felt the somewhat satisfactory crack and I knew that I had broken it pretty good.

I heaved in as someone gave me a jab in the stomach. I felt my head being grabbed and I saw a knee rushing up to my forehead. At the last moment, I butt my head forwards, taking the knee to my jaw. I winced, pushing him off me. I let go my left fist, hitting his ribs so hard my wrist got sore. He swore, but backed away, clutching his chest painfully.

Four took my path, starting to circle me. I turned, Mikuo was beating the two, occasionally coughing on them, but he was pulling through. I faintly thought how dead I would be if his mother found out I dragged him into this.

"You can't beat us all alone." Chuckled one of the four, I turned back to him.

"Is that a challenge?" I crouched low, "I'm very competitive."

I charged at the one to the far right, landing sharp kick at his jaw, snapping his head upwards. He stumbled backwards, but I didn't stay to watch. I did a roundhouse kick, using the momentum to turn. I didn't hit anyone, but it was for good measure.

Kuo was at my side again, a bruise on his cheek, but he looked absolutely excited.

"I haven't fought in so long." He crowed, "come on Len, let's go save that lil' sister of yours!"

Despite myself, I grinned wildly.

With him on my back, I punched another one flat in the face, kicking him out of the way. One of the last two grabbed my arms, I growled smashing my head into his skull. I was dazed, but it didn't stop me completely.

But a blow to the shoulder did.

I shouted in surprise, my joint tensing up and pulsing fiercely under my skin. I paused for a moment, only to take another fist to my eye. I winced, that wasn't going to heal well.

Kuo kicked that boy for me, stomping all over him while I recovered. The last man standing now was the one with Rin. I ignored my throbbing eye, stalking up to him, feeling like a lion on the hunt. I loved that feeling.

"You can't beat the both of us." I reminded him darkly, "but if you leave now, I won't leave a finger trace on you."

"But it seems like I still have the upper hand." He grasped Rin throat, she coughed in surprise, struggling. Her blue eyes were wide with terror, she stared at me. I backed away and she was let go, breathing hoarsely.

"You're a real…" I trailed off, my nerves itching to get at him, but it was too dangerous. He smirked darkly.

"Well, well. Lenny." He snickered, "I never knew how much you cared for your sister."

"I'll say this once," I took a half step, "You touch her with your filthy hands again and I'll grind your face into the wall."

His fingers hovered near her neck, she shivered, working hard to get through her binds. I looked at Mikuo, giving him a commanding eye. He looked confused, but I let my gaze flick to Rin again, then at the soon-to-be-dead-idiot. After a bit, he blinked twice, I smiled.

"Really? So if I do something like this." He touched her cheek and the bomb dropped. I lunged at him, tackling him to the ground with all my strength. He fell alright, and I went down with him, my feet planting on his stomach. I fell off as his back hit the floor, the impact knocking me off balance.

"Kuo!" I managed to shout, wincing as my bruised shoulder smacked on the ground.

"Got her!" He called back, I grinned.

"A…Akita." Still winded and on his back, the piece of filth wheezed out my name, glaring at me. My anger re awoke and I was over him in a second, grabbing him by his shirt.

"Look here, Honne." I glared into bloodshot eyes, "Don't go around snooping for her."

"Wouldn't dream of it." He sneered back, unaffected by my unspoken threat. I punched him straight on the jaw, and he fell backwards at the jarring blow.

"Just checking." I spit and left the dark alley. The ones I already beat were crouching, watching me as I left, but no one was going to attack. No one was that stupid.

"Hm." Mikuo was a good ten feet from the alley, working with the knots on Rin's hands. "Hey, hey. Relax, I'm not going to bite."

She was shaking like a puppy, but didn't protest as I approached her. Instead, she studied me with bewilderment, whether that was a good or bad thing, I don't know.

I moved Mikuo over, taking over the untying of the knots. He shrugged, coughing into his slightly dirtied muffler, taking his medicine from where he left it on the ground.

"What'll your mom say when you come home late?" I asked casually, trying not to immediately put the spot on the girl.

"She'll freak. But then I'll tell her I was looking at the jewelry store for a future wedding ring. Which I was planning to do." He added with a shrug, sniffing as he did so.

Finally, the rope fell apart, releasing her hands. Rin held them up to her chest, rubbing her wrists idly, her gaze not yet lifted from me. She looked like she was thinking deeply.

"Oh. That's right, you still haven't told me." Mikuo decided not to notice the tense air between us and he piped up. "So who is she?"

"She's…" I gave her a good look over, her bottom lip quivered slightly. "She's a … friend."

"Not a cousin?"

"Unrelated." I said with a tone that ended that conversation. He scowled slightly. "Don't you have a mother you have to lie to? Plus, you gotta hide that cheek, it's starting to swell."

"Hm? Oh, I'll say I fell." he gingerly touched it thoughtfully. "Anyways, are you sure you don't want help home?"

"I'll be fine." I replied with a dismissive wave. Mikuo hesitated, but he gave in, walking across the street.

"Alright… but just give me a call if you need anything!" He told me, then turned around completely, jogging to the other side. I waited until he was well out of earshot, and apparently, that's what Rin was waiting for too.

"You…" She spoke softly, her voice sounding raspy, "why did you come?"

"I…" I looked behind me, suddenly remembering how close we were to that place. "Not here. Across the street."

I led her swiftly to the pharmacy, setting a route for home.

"…" She looked at me expectantly and I fought for words. I'm with her again, all alone, I'm walking home with Rin Kagamine. She was so…

Alright Len. Don't start squealing for crying out loud.

"I got worried," I answered, having a hard time of keeping my voice level. "I knew that something like that might happen."

"Oh…so that's why you-" She stopped herself in time, but I could guess what she was going to say next.

"Yeah, that's why I tried to stop you. The streets here are too dangerous to be walking around alone." I nodded, looking at the huge crowd warily.

"I…I'm sorry, then…" She whispered, stopping suddenly, I turned to her. "for such trouble and for… not believing you."

"Uh…" I could only stare at her, my heart starting to speed up. Now, even with one eye shut closed, I could still see her. She was cute, the way she looked down bashfully. "I-it's ok. N-no one r-really believes me anyways…"

"Well, I'm saying that…" She hesitated, looking up at me shyly. That kind of look almost killed me. I nearly had to turn away. "C-could we start over? Just… introduce each other properly?"

"I…I guess." I swallowed nervously. She straightened her back, and gave me a wide grin. The same grin I've always craved, but this time, this was directed to me and for me.

"Hello, my name is Rin Kagamine. Nice to meet you!" Her hand was held out in front of me. I had to bite my lip so that I wouldn't start gaping. After a lot of mental swearing, I took her hand, dying inwardly.

I had finally broken through the screen. I was finally holding hands with my one-sided sweetheart. If this is dream and someone wakes me up, I'll murder him.

"H-hi. I'm Len Akita. N-nice to meet you too."

Her hands were soft.


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