United States of Hetalia

Random idea for SpaPan is random. I wanted to write some SpainXJapan, but when I was talking to my Spain-RPer-friend, we somehow ended up in an RP about Japan learning Western signs of affection. I don't own Hetalia and neither does my friend.

"Um... Spain-san?"


Japan was looking off to the side. "Um... could you... um... teach me the ways of western body language?"

Spain blinked. "Que? Why would you want to learn that, Japan?"

"Um... It's so I don't seem too... cold to my allies. Understand?" And who better to teach him than the country of passion himself?

Spain still looked confused for a brief moment before smiling. "Well, of course! What sorts of gestures do you want to know?"


"Well, for starters, look into the person's eyes. It shows that you're actually paying attention!" Spain looked Japan directly in the eye and brushed some the bangs of the Asian nation's face. "Like this~."

Japan saw the emeralds staring straight at him. They were so bright. So full of life. Unlike his own dull brown eyes. Japan always did think that Westerners had beautiful eyes.

"Does that help?" the other nation asked.

"H-Hai..." Japan could have sworn he felt his face heat up slightly.

"Bueno! Anything else you need to know?"

"Yes... Those hugs that Italy uses when he greets me. Do all westerns greet each other like that?"

Spain rubbed the back of his neck and let out a small laugh. "Well, aha...Italy is a little, well, rambunctious. His hugs are more aggressive than a normal greeting. In Europe, friends usually greet each other with a small hug and a kiss on the cheek." Spain's smile got a bit wider. "We can practice, if you want~."

Japan started thinking 'Should I...? Yes. This is so I don't seem aloof and rude to anyone.' So he nodded.

"Okay, it's like this..." Spain leaned over and his arms around Japan. "Your hands should fall around the inside of their elbows, and hold onto them loosely, very gentle. And then, you do this." Spain bent over and gave the other a quick peck on the cheek.

Japan's face flushed. 'T-This Westerners! Don't they have personal space?' Then again, he did feel warm. "W-What's next, Spain-san?"

Spain put a finger under his chin and thought for a moment. "Well, this one is mostly just for couples, but for when two people are walking and talking together, it's normal for one to put their arm around the other's shoulders." Japan could almost hear some teasing tone in his voice. "This could be for bringing the two closer together, but it also can tell the rest of the world, 'This one's mine.'"

"I see..."

"It's usually the taller person who initiates it, so..." He stood up. "That's me. This one's really simple. You just reach around their shoulders, hold their arm, and pull them in closer. Like this."

He barely let out a quiet 'What?' before Japan felt Spain's warm arm on his small shoulders.

He blushed to levels that could rival Romano and took the arm off of him. "T-Thank you, Spain-san... This has been very helpful."

"Japan! One more thing!"


"There's still one more thing I have to show you."

"What is it, Spain-san?"

Spain gave Japan that warm smile of his. "Well, gestures of affection are usually given at a farewell, so... I haven't shown you any yet~."

"...Alright. Show me."

Spain's smile grew wider. He wrapped his arms around Japan. "The goodbye kiss."

Japan felt a pair of warm lips on his own.

Thank you, Spain-kun, for helping me out with this. ^^