Tori spanks Jade

The following day when tori walks in she sees cat she tries to rushes into a hug but accidently knocks her she tries to help he up she see cat rapidly rubbing her bottom(Tori is wearing her sliver pants and black belt and a black tee,Cat is wearing a light pink dress)

"Cat are you ok?"Tori asks

"Yea why"Cat asks as tori leads her into the jaitor closet and lock the door.

"Cat bend over that box for me"Tori asks as cat does what she said,Tori then lifts cat's dress to sees cat bottom redder than her hair

"Cat what happen tell me the truth don't try to spare anyone"Tori said

"Jade spanked me for getting an F"Cat said as the words sunk in tori got thinking

Tori's House

Jade had just walked in looked around the house and then closed the door

"Beck?Beck?Hello?" Jade yells thoughout the house the only thing she heard was a lock turning shut,she turns around to see tori

"What are you doing here?" Jade asks

"Cat told me what you did to her"Tori said with a stren look

"So i punish her fo failing a test"Jade said as she stood next to the couch

"Have you ever heard of the term what goes around comes around?" Tori asks as she puls jade over her lap and lands a swat on jade bottom

"OW! What the heck,Tori?" Jade yells in pain

"I SPANK! gonna SPANK! teach SPANK! you SPANK! that SPANK! you SPANK! don't SPANK! our friends SPANK! SPANK! like that again SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

"OW! Ok fine i'm sorry let me go i mean it"Jade pleads

"Oh you shouldn't be saying sorry to me after this your going to say that to cat"Tori said as she suddenly stops and tug down jade black jeans to reveal a little bit of a pair of black panties with red skull

"Ahh pull my pants back up now"Jade said as she tries to pull he pants back up but tori got the upper hand and pulls jade's jeans down


Jade was tearing up not wasn't giving in to tori

"Well jade your a strong one"Tori compliemted

"Bite me"Jade said

"Oh really maybe i should just start to use this"Tori said as she pulls out her hairbrush and whacks the center of jade burning pink bottom


"AAAAHHHHHHH! Let me go you son of a -" Jade saying before tori suddenly got even gave jade a quick but hard and pulls jade panties down



jade was telling herself that she will not break down over and over until

"OK OK I'M SORRY JUST STOP!"Jade cries out loud then tori stops and let's jade up and jade just slowly rubs her grabbed her jeans and panties puts them on and left

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