Trina spanks tori

Trina had just gotten back from her date when she heard jade continulessly ajusting her pants

"Woah jade what happen to you mommy spank you"Trina asked joking

"Well someone spanked me but it wasn't a mom it was tori"Jade said as she slightly and slowly pulls down her pants and panties revealing her bruised bottom from her spanking momutes ago

"Well lucky for you it an older sister duties to punishes their younger siblings"Trina said

"yeah watever i'm going home to sit on some ice"Jade said as he began her jounrey home as trina walks in

"Hey trina"Tori greeted

"Don't 'hey trina' me what were you doing spanking jade?" Trina asks a shocked tori

"Trina before you do anything let me-WAAH"Tori yells as trina lays her across her lap sitting on the couch

"Any last words befor the pain?" trina asks rubbing tori behind

"Go easy please" Tori begged


Trina was simply making sure her sister learns her lesson and is having fun watching her tori squeal and squirm

"Trina please,please stop" Tori pleaded and as she wanted trina stops for a moment

"Did you know you could stop this by doing one thing...being my slave for a month"Trina offered as tori shakes no

"Fine then your punishment"Trina said as she pulls down tori pants to reveal her black panties and continues with the spanking


Tori was on the verge of tears seeing her pink bottom on fire she know that she could end this but she would rather face two days full of spanking than then stops again and asks the same question

"So are you going to be my slave now?"Trina asks but still tori said then lifts tori and then bend her over the couch and grabs a kitchen spoon


Tori was plain crying as trina continues waiting to hear her yes

Trina sudeenly lets tori up and tori is crying loudly

"So what do you say yes or no?"Trina asks as tori shakes her head yes

"Good" trina said

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