Chapter 2: Training

I looked out the window as we zoomed by many streets and shops. This woman may be driving a mini-van, but she had the adrenaline of riding a motorcycle. I looked behind my seat. Kat was sleeping between Kevil and Avery, who were glaring daggers at each other. Usually Kevil and Avery don't get along very well, but I guess they kept it together due to the sleeping Kat? Nah, they always pulled pranks on Kat, which made me wonder why they had kept it together for so long. Was it because of the trauma we had gone through today? Maybe, but Avery and Kevil are the two emotionally strongest people I have seen. Maybe they were just trying to keep it cool so the others wouldn't be afraid. That sounded like them. They know when it's time for fun and games, but they keep it together whenever their leadership is needed. Whenever they get in a death match, well that's a whole other story. Like a month before all this happened, Kevil had stolen Avery's backpack and thrown it in the ditch. I had went to retrieve it only to return finding Kevil laying down in a corner, gasping for air. Anyway, back to the placements. In the far back was Jossie, Toni, and Justin. Jossie was "asleep" (more like wide awake planing what random things she will say next), while Toni and Justin were playing Monopoly DealĀ©. I wonder where they got those cards. Those two usually didn't let things get to them. They would just shrug it off and play a game whenever something would happen. After they finish playing, it looks as if they had come back from a hot spring.

The car pulled up at a mansion. Avery poked Kat awake (who for some strange yet not too unreasonable reason had a marker-mustache and beard). We all looked at the mansion in awe. Light shone from this building. It was a dark purple building with many windows. To the left of the mansion was a large amount of motorcycles (I KNEW IT). Somehow, this shining building relieved me. We got out of the car, and then the woman took us to the mansions doors. When we entered, we were amazed further than we were from before. Large crystal chandeliers shone as bright as the sun. Red elegant carpets were laid out on the floor. What other luxuries did this women have? She directed us into a room with a piano and many chairs.

"Comfortable?" she asked. "Good. Then let's get started. You all probably have the same question burning in your head. Who am I? My name is Matsuri Yagumo. I am a former Psyren Drifter. I drifted between Psyren and the present world long before all of you did. I have already completed Nemesis Q's game. Now, I want you to take out your cards and out it against your forehead. Then look at the front of your card."

We did as she told us to. All of us gasped. There on our card was the number 48.

"What do these numbers mean?" Kevil demanded.

"Those numbers are the amount of points you have left on your card. Every time you complete a stage of Psyren you lose points."

"What happens when our points reach zero?" Avery asked.

"How 'bout you look on the back for the answer?"

To our surprise, there was writing on the back as well. There were the following words:

-Welcome to Psyren

-You are now Psyren Drifters, players of the game.

-Psyren Drifters are parties who have answered the survey, sealing a contract with Nemesis Q.

-The game will continue until your card is used up.

-Always carry your card on your person.

-Never speak to non-Drifters about Psyren or the fact that you are Psyren Drifters.

-Always check the map at the Start point.

-The towers are dangerous. Do not approach them unless you wield sufficient powers.

-When Psyren Drifters die, they turn to ashes.

~May good fortune befall the Psyren Drifters as you traverse time with Nemesis Q and undertake a journey to change the future!~

Silence was in the air. No sound disrupted it, not even breathing. After this information had sunk in, I built up the courage to ask what it meant by powers.

"For now, go to sleep, and do not think about it. You will have a long day ahead. Also expect blood-shot eyes, nose bleeds and fevers tonight," she finished casually.

She placed us in separate rooms with many tissue boxes and wet towels. When she left, hell struck. My body felt as if it had just entered the sun's atmosphere. I went into the bathroom to see that my eyes were blood-shot. Suddenly, blood spewed from my nose, giving me the worse feeling I've had in my life. If I had to, I would have asked everyone in my group to hit me in the men's weak spot, just to make it stop (this just gave me the most messed up image in my head...). Eventually I fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning finding my clothes, hair, and pillow soaked with blood. I opened the door to find Matsuri Yagumo waiting outside.

"It's about time sleepy head," she said in a cheery voice. That's when she stopped dead in her tracks.

She looked at me in horror and peeked inside my room only to see the pillow drenched with blood. She took me to the bathroom and wiped all the blood out of my hair and face.

"When you're ready, come down and eat lunch. OK?" she asked in a more concerned and motherly tone.

I nodded. Bad mistake. It felt as if I had just blended my brain through a fruit juicer set at hyper-speed. I felt hunger creeping up on me and went towards the kitchen (which took me about ten minutes to find).

I found all my friends there. Avery and Kevil looked like crap. It seemed that they had the same rough night that I had. Toni, Justin, Kat, and Jossie all seemed fine. Compared to Avery, Kevil, and I, it seemed that they had been on a first class ride to happy town. Avery looked up from her bowl of ramen and gave me a dark glare with the infamous finger of death. I gave her a wave. Kevil looked at me and decided that he was too tired to beat the crap out of me like he always does. I sat down and in front of me sprang up a platter of Nutella sandwiches with some hot watery substance that looked a lot like tea.

"Drink it," Yagumo said, "We have a lot to discuss."

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