(I got a new fic up guys for you. I love Negima as much as the next fan, though looking at all the ones found in the topic over half of them are NegixNodokaxAsuna pairings or KonokaxSetsuna. Nothing against them, but it pains me to see that fans only consider those the only pairings and refuse to give any other girls a chance with Negi. Well I'm doing things my way that may contain elements from both the anime and manga but not in any specific order. So enjoy.)

Throughout time there exist many powerful and legendary warriors, each with a legend behind them. Among the most legendary types of warriors were Spirit Warriors; fighters capable of using their own spiritual energy as a form of weapon. It has always been in the nature for spirit warriors to defend, protect, and aid those they deem as their allies. But their most important mission however is to keep balance in the world, for if it goes unbalanced all of existence would be in ruins.

In New York City America inside a building three figures were alone in a room. The first figure was an old man with a long white beard and was wearing sage like robes, while the second one standing off to the older man's side was an adult man in his late thirties with short black hair, green eyes, and wore dress shoes, black slacks, and a blue collared shirt, and finally below them was an eleven year old boy down on one knee bowing. The boy had short black hair done up in little spikes that aren't too puffy or too sharp and green eyes. His outfit was a red training uniform with black foot sandals.

"Rise Dustin," The old man ordered as the boy did so, "You have completed your training as a spirit warrior as have your fellow students, and just as they have been given their training missions. It's now time for you to be given yours."

"I'm ready Master Darius," Dustin answered while thinking, 'And make it quick I wanna get out of here.'

"It's been decided that your mission is to help a young mage in training." Darius explained.

Dustin looked up, "That's it?"

"Yes, a fitting assignment for you, wouldn't you agree Ross?" the elder motioned to the younger adult.

"Yes indeed Master Darius, I'm sure my son will do very well on his assignment." Dustin's father Ross answered.

"Aiding a mage in training huh, well there's only one guy I'd ever want to assist." Dustin said.

"You mean him?" Darius asked.

"Oh yeah." Dustin nodded with a smirk.

"But he hasn't even graduated." Ross reminded his son.

"Not yet dad, and if I know him there's no way he wouldn't pass." Dustin chuckled.

The two adults looked at each other before nodding, "Well Dustin if that is your choice, we accept it." The master said.

"Cool, well then looks I'm off to Wales." Dustin dawned a pair of badass sunglasses.

About a few days later in Wales England at an academy there stood five sorcerer students before an altar with an old man standing on top of it, "You've all done well these last few years, but remember this is only the beginning for you. When your name is called you may collect your diploma and discover what your Wizarding assignment is."

Watching from behind the students was a tall long haired blonde girl smiling. Soon they heard the old man call out, "Negi Springfield!"

One of the students was a ten year old boy with red hair tied in a small ponytail, and wore miniscule glasses removed his wizard hat and approached accepting his diploma. At the end of the ceremony, Negi met up with his big sister Nekane and fellow Wizarding student Anya were walking through the halls of the academy.

"I'm so proud of the two of you." Nekane told the kids.

"Well we all knew I was going to pass." Anya boasted proudly.

Negi chuckled to himself and thought, 'Father I wish you could see me now.'

"Incoming!" a voice called as they looked up and flying right for them was Dustin with the soles of his feet glowing light blue. The three cried in a panic until Dustin landed safely onto the ground, "How's it going Springfield's?"

"Dustin?" Negi and Nekane gasped.

"Who did you think?" Dustin joked.

"Dustin!" Negi cheered as the two boys ran up to each other doing a bizarre handshake staring with sliding their right arms down each others until their hands met and clapped them together three times before turning them into fists and pounding them, "Boom!" they cried and chuckled.

"Good to see you again Negi, and Nekane radiant as always, yo Anya how'd that anger management class go for you?" Anya frowned letting out a huff, "Hard case much?"

"It's good to see you Dustin, what brings you all the way to Wales?" Nekane asked.

"It's obvious isn't it, I completed my spirit warrior training and now my assignment is to assist a mage in training, and I made my choice of whom." Dustin motioned to Negi.

"Me?" he pointed to himself.

"Yes you, who else would I choose besides my best pal?"

"But you don't even know what Negi's assignment is, not even he does!" Anya shot.

"Well we'll find out in a moment." Negi said looking at his diploma while the other three gathered around as the diploma revealed Negi's assignment.

School teacher

Mahora Academy for girls


The four were speechless as Negi began, "A school teacher?"

"In Japan?" Nekane gasped.

"Academy for girls?" Dustin gasped with a hint of excitement in his voice. He turned to Negi patting him on his back, "Well Negi looks like you and I got our work cut out for us huh?"

"I suppose so." Negi agreed.

"You know boys I've been to Japan before and it is simply lovely." Nekane smiled.

"Awesome." Dustin smiled until Anya self destructed.


"Anya." Nekane tried calming her but the girl wouldn't shut up.

"No! No! Absolutely not, and there's no way he can be a teacher at a middle school, and on top of that it's all girls!"

"Jealous much?" Dustin mumbled under his breath.

"Negi, if you had an ounce of sense in you you'd go straight to the headmaster's office and demand they change your assignment!"

"Anya you know that cannot be done." Nekane reminded her.

"But Nekane!" Anya whined.

"Hey can we at least hear what Negi himself thinks?" Dustin broke the girls up and they turned to Negi who had a nervous expression.

"Negi are you worried?" Nekane asked.

"Well a little." He admitted.

"A little? Try a lot, knowing you, you'll just come home crying in a matter of days and you know it!" Anya shot until Dustin shot back.

"Hey back off Anya, why don't you put your petty rivalry away and give Negi a break for once!"

"Now children," Nekane chuckled while separating them, "Negi you did promise you'd do whatever you could to become a great mage, are you willing to go through with it?"

Negi's expression changed to determination, "Of course I am." Nekane and Dustin smiled from his bode of confidence while Anya erupted again.

"WHAT? This is absolutely absurd!"

"Hey Anya, you hear that?" Dustin put a hand to his ear trying to listen to something but Anya heard nothing as Dustin explained, "I think it's the sound of no one caring… SO GIVE IT A REST!" Anya growled but huffed. "Don't you worry Nekane; I'll keep an eye on Negi while we're there. After all it's my assignment."

Nekane smiled, "I know both of you will do well, I have faith in you."

Negi and Dustin smiled as Dustin put a hand around his friends shoulder pulling him close, "Well Negi buddy looks like we're going to Japan. I'll have to brush up on my Japanese."

"Right." Negi chuckled.

Dustin held up his hand, "Duo together."

Negi smiled as he locked hands with his friend, "Duo forever."

(And that's the prologue, don't miss next time everybody. And for the heads up it's a harem for both boys, who you ask? You'll have to wait as chapters' progress. See you all around.)