(How's it going everybody another chapter's here and ready for you all with the intro of two new characters who will become the boys familiars.)

The very next morning after Negi and Dustin's long night fight with vampire Evangeline, Kaede was shaking Negi awake, "Come on Negi we don't wanna be late."

"Actually I think I'm coming down with something, Dustin can fill in today." Negi said cowering under the covers.

Kaede sighed, "I understand you're concerned about what happened last night but I don't think even Evangeline would dare attack you on school grounds and in broad daylight."

"I'd rather not chance it." Negi cowered more.

"I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice." Kaede said using her fast ninja skills to pull Negi out of bed and dressed him in his suit, "Now let's go." She carried Negi off as he whimpered.

Soon they got outside joining Dustin and Mana, "What took you so long?" Mana asked.

"Had to get Negi out of bed." Kaede said sheepishly.

Dustin sighed turning to his pal, "Negi I'm just as shaken up about last night as you are but hiding from Evangeline is not going to make a difference."

"But what if she comes after us?" Negi asked.

"We have to risk it, now come on." Dustin said dragging his friend along.

As they entered class Dustin and Negi looked in seeing the girls, "Hey guys look Makie's all better now." Yuna motioned to Makie who was released from the medic room.

"Fresh as a daisy." The gymnast added.

"That's a relief." Negi sighed until he and Dustin looked seeing Eva wasn't in her seat.

"Where's Evangeline, skipping class?" Dustin frowned.

"Actually…" Negi and Dustin turned and jumped seeing Chachamaru, "My mistress is coming to school, but she is ditching your class in protest."

"Protest?" Dustin asked in outrage while Negi was surprised.

"Hai, she didn't take kindly to that punch in the face Dustin-sensei, shall I get her regardless?"

Before Dustin could answer Negi spoke, "No that's ok."

"Negi!" Dustin was surprised at his friends answer.

"It's ok Dustin really." Dustin only sighed letting it go.

As the went on with their lessons the girls were noticing the two looking down and lost in thought, "Hey you think Negi-kun and Dustin-kun are alright?" Ako asked.

"Yeah they've been spacing out a lot." Sakurako added while Kaede, Mana, and Kasuga heard them.

"You think it has something to do with what happened to them last night?" Akira asked.

"It might be possible." Kazumi added.

Soon the bell rang, "Class dismissed, see you tomorrow girls." Negi said stumbling out the door followed by Dustin.

"I've never seen them so out of it." Haruna said.

"It's weird even by their standards." Asuna admitted.

"Kaede Mana, do you know anything about this?" Ayaka demanded out of the two tall girls.

"It's nothing too serious." Mana replied.

"Yeah they just had a long night." Kaede added.

"Then why did Negi-kun and Dustin-kun look like they were mugged?" Akira asked.

"Well you know the scuffles boys can get into even at their ages." Kaede said as the two older girls left.

The girls pondered, "Maybe the start of the new semester was a little too much for them to handle." Kakizaki said.

"What should we do?" Madoka asked.

Sakurako gasped, "Girls I know what to do!" she huddled everyone together.

Meanwhile up on the school roof Eva was leaning against a wall looking tuckered out, "I always get sleepy during the daytime," She yawned until her brows twitched, "Something's crossed the barrier. I better see what this is all about." She got up and walked away.

Meanwhile the two boys walked with their roommates, "Great now she's ditching classes." Dustin sighed.

"At least she's not attacking you." Kaede replied.

"But who knows how long I'll be safe." Negi feared.

"Oh come on Negi you honestly think she and Chachamaru are going to jump out and take us?" Dustin asked rhetorically until they were suddenly jumped form behind by Ku and Akira putting bags over their heads and carrying them off quickly before Kaede and Mana turned around seeing they were gone.

"Negi Dustin!" Mana gasped.

"Where'd they go?" Kaede gasped.

Suddenly Dustin and Negi's heads were uncovered and they looked seeing they were naked in the Mahora bathhouse pool, "What're we doing here?" Negi asked until the boys looked around seeing the girls minus Asuna and Chisame in their swimwear.

"Girls?" Dustin asked.

"What's this all about?" Negi asked confused.

"It's a cheering up party silly." Makie answered.

"Cheering up party?" Dustin asked.

"Well we noticed you guys looked so down today and what with how you looked last night." Akira began.

"So we just wanted to cheer you guys up." Madoka added.

"And we even brought snacks." Chao said holding out some pork buns.

Negi smiled with watery eyes, "Oh thank you girls, this means so much to me."

"Yeah we really need a little pick me up." Dustin added.

"Don't mention it," Haruna said leaning into Dustin, "After all what we wouldn't do for our two adorable little teachers." She pinched Dustin's face.

"Um here sensei, have some of this." Nodoka offered Negi a drink.

"Arigato Nodoka." Negi said as he took the drink while starting to relax.

"Now this is what I call service." Dustin said as Chao gave him a pork bun to eat.

"Come here Negi-kun I'll wash your hair for you." Makie offered.

"And I'll do your back." Kakizaki added.

"Then I'll do his side." Ako offered.

Dustin chuckled as some of the girls crowded Negi until he felt himself pulled close to Kazumi, Haruna, and Zazie, "While they got Negi-kun Dustin-kun." Kazumi began.

"We got you." Zazie said as the three began washing Dustin.

Back with Mana and Kaede, both girls were searching around the campus roof for the boys, "Negi! Dustin!" Mana called.

"You two around here?" Kaede called until they ran right into Eva and Chachamaru.

"Ah Nagase and Tatsumiya." Eva smirked as Chachamaru bowed her head.

"Evangeline, what did you do to Dustin and Negi?" Mana demanded.

"I don't know what you're talking about," She shrugged her shoulders. Kaede not liking her smugness was prepared to fight until the loli vampire held up a hand, "Don't waste your breath, the full moon has already went and my powers have been extinguished along with my fangs so the boya's neck is safe for now. And without a partner he poses no threat at all, same for that foolish rookie warrior."

Kaede frowned, "I'm normally quite calm and collected Evangeline, but if you do anything to harm Negi or Dustin I will not be so tolerable."

"You hardly pose as a threat to me Nagase and the same said for you Tatsumiya, now if you'll excuse me. We have a job to do." Eva said as the two took their leave.

Kaede sighed, "I guess we really haven't heard the last of her."

"No doubt she'll continue to cause more grief for Negi and Dustin even without her powers." Mana added.

Suddenly their heard girlish cries, "What was that?" Kaede asked.

"Let's go." Mana said as they hurried.

Back in the bathhouse the girls were yelping as they felt something swim up right past their rears, and the girls confronted the boys thinking it was their doing, "Negi-kun, Dustin-kun you should be ashamed." Makie playfully lectured them.

"I knew you were naughty but I didn't think this naughty." Yuna poked Dustin's head.

"You rascals." Sakurako added.

"What're talking about we didn't do anything!" Negi waved his arms around.

"You little liar!" Makie called reaching into the water, "Gotcha! Hmm?"

"What's wrong Makie?" Yuna asked.

"Whatever I got my hand on is long and furry." She pulled something out of the water but the steam from the bath made it a little difficult for anyone to see it fully but they suddenly cried in fright.


Suddenly the creature started darting around the girls undoing their bikinis and swimwear leaving them in the buff for Negi and Dustin to see, "Nosebleed!" Dustin quickly plugged his nose.

"What's going on in here?" Mana's voice came as the two tall girls entered and noticed the creature come right at them, "Kaede!"

"I'm on it!" Kaede grabbed a wash pan and whacked the incoming creature with it sending it flying away, "What was that?" she asked until she and Mana looked seeing Negi and Dustin in the bath with all the other girls who were stark naked.

"Uh this isn't what it looks like." Dustin answered.

That night after the embarrassing moment in the bath Negi and Dustin were with Mana and Kaede in the ninja girl's room.

"What a relief, you really had us worried." Kaede told the boys.

"We thought Evangeline got you two." Mana added.

"Spooked us as well, but luckily it was just the girls eh Negi?" Dustin nudged his friend.

"Yeah." Negi chuckled nervously until a voice popped up.

"You're looking a little down there Negster need some help?"

The four looked around, "Who said that?" Mana whipped out a hand gun.

"Down here!"

They looked down seeing a snow white ermine who spoke, "Brother Negi it's me."

"Did that ermine just talk?" Kaede gasped.

"It sure did." Mana nodded.

"Chamo!" Negi scooped the little critter up, "It's so good to see you. So you were the one causing havoc in the baths."

"Havoc is such a harsh word Aniki."

"Yo Chamo still got that old charm of yours I see." Dustin said.

"Dustin my good man, you're looking even bigger than usual." Chamo cheered.

"Hold on you two know him?" Kaede asked.

"You better believe it hot stuff," Chamo said whipping out a cigarette and smoked a bit before he turned to the window, "Ah what perfect timing," He ran to the window trying to pull it up but to no avail, "Uh little help?"

Curiously Kaede opened the window as they heard another voice cry, "OH NO!"

Something swooped into the room through the window and crashed into the wall sliding down before peeling off and landed on the floor, "I'm blind no!" it cried before it froze and spread its wings revealing to be a crow, "I can see! It's a miracle! Yet another perfect landing from the skies number one glider!" he struck a pose.

"Domino?" Dustin asked as the bird looked up at the boy.

"Dustin buddy!" he flew from the floor and perched on his shoulder, "Oh you have no idea how lonely Central Park is without you!"

"Well it's great to see you." Dustin chuckled patting the birds head.

"Dustin you know this talking bird?" Kaede asked.

"Know him Dustin and I are like brothers." Domino called.

"You two might want to explain." Mana spoke to the two animals.

"Well you see the thing is Anego, years ago in the mountain of Wales I Albert Chamomile fell victim to a terrible trap until this brave little boy rescued me and healed my leg. I felt gratified and swore my allegiance to Negi for he was a man among boys." The ermine explained a bit too dramatically.

"And you?" Mana turned to the crow.

"Well this was five years ago in Central Park of New York City America. I was happily flying about the skies one day until a huge breeze caught me in its current tossing me around through the sky until I crashed helplessly into a wall. I was founded by this young spirit warrior in training who tended to my poor broken wing until I was well again. We've been tight ever since."

"So how come you two can talk?" Kaede asked.

"The ermine is actually an ermine fairy form the ermine society in Wales. And the crow I can assume is a messenger bird in the order of Spirit Warriors." Mana explained.

"Precisely. I was supposed to deliver a message to Roswell Bowers and what luck I ran into his own son."

"And your name is literally Domino?" Mana asked.

"More like a given name courtesy of Dustin here, for during my recuperation he taught me the pure joy of Domino tilting." Domino answered.

"So what brings you two here to Japan?" Negi asked.

"Well we heard from Nekane about how you should be looking for partners, so we were sent here personally to help you." Chamo explained.

"Uh-huh, yeah Chamo somehow I don't buy it." Dustin eyed him until the ermine confessed.

"Alright I may have done a few things back home and I need a place to crash until the heat cools down."

"What did you do that was so bad?" Kaede asked until Domino answered.

"He stole countless ladies underwear."

"Domino!" Chamo cried.

"Chamo is this true?" Negi gasped.

"Ya gotta believe me Aniki it was to help my poor sister who wasn't feeling too good." The ermine explained dramatically.

"Chamo you don't have a sister." Dustin crossed his arms making Chamo nervous.

"Ok I admit it, but please I need a place to crash until I'm in the clear, please bro have some mercy!" Chamo sobbed.

"Well…" Negi turned to Kaede who smiled.

"I guess we could have another guest here."

"Oh thank you nee-san thank you!" Chamo cried joyfully.

"And you Domino?" Dustin asked.

"I actually also came here to help you find a partner and am not on the run from anybody." Domino explained.

"Well you think he can bunk in our room Mana?" Dustin asked the gunslinger who answered.

"I don't see why not, but he'll have to keep quiet around Zazie."

"And the same for you Chamo." Negi added.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and entering was Konoka draped in a towel from her bath, "Negi-kun I was wondering if…" she stopped seeing Chamo, "Kawaii! A snow white ermine!" she cuddled with Chamo as said ermine blushed ferociously on a perverted level.

'Oh this one's a keeper.' He thought.

"Negi-kun is this your pet?" Konoka asked.

"Actually yes is it alright for me to keep him?" Negi asked hopefully.

"Of course I'll have to check in with grandfather," Konoka spotted the crow on Dustin's shoulder, "Dustin-kun you got a pet too, and it's a bird. What's his name?"

"Uh this is Domino."

"Hey everyone Negi-kun and Dustin-kun have pets!" Konoka called outside as the girls piled around petting and cuddling with Chamo and Domino.

Dustin and Negi chuckle nervously, "If Chamo gets into their drawers I'll be the one paying the price." Negi feared.

"Hey on the bright side maybe they'll help us with our partner issue." Dustin added.

The very next morning Negi woke up and to his shock seeing Chamo looked totally ruffed up, "Chamo what happened to you?"

"Word of advice, don't look in Kaede's drawers it's loaded with booby traps." Chamo panted before falling down on his back.

Negi chuckled, "That's a ninja for you."

"Come on Negi we gotta get ready." Kaede said as she was already getting ready prompting Negi to do so as well.

Soon Kaede, Mana, Negi, and Dustin were heading for the building with Chamo riding on Negi's shoulder and Domino perching on Dustin's. "I can't wait to see how well you teach the girls hear Aniki." Chamo said.

"Well as of now Chamo, Dustin and I have a problem child." Negi explained worriedly.

"Hey every class has one it can't be that bad." Domino replied.

"It's worse.' Dustin replied as a familiar voice addressed them.

"Well good morning Negi-sensei, Dustin sensei." The group turned seeing Eva with Chachamaru. Eva continued with a smirk, "You don't mind if I skip class again today do you? Classes have been a breeze for me since you two started."

"How dare you even suggest ditching class again you!" Dustin was ready to power up his spirit energy as Negi reached for his staff but Eva halted them.

"Don't even try it, your best chances is to remain civil with me on school grounds," she smirked wider, "And don't even think about going to Takamichi or the dean. If you do your other students may be at risk… If you know what I mean."

Dustin frowned, "YOU INSOLENT LITTLE!" Negi blocked him frantically, "Now-now let's not start a fight, Evangeline it's alright."

"Hmm, thought so." Eva smirked as she walked off with Chachamaru who bowed her head to them.

"Negi why did you let her walk all over you!" Dustin lectured his friend.

"Because I don't want to have to face her wrath so soon, and this early to boot."

"Bloody hell Negi the woman's torturing you!"

"But what can I do, she's a hundred year old vampire with more magic under her belt than me." Negi cried.

"Who's a vampire?" Chamo asked.

"That girl Evangeline is a vampire cursed to this school by my father and she's out to get me." Negi explained frightened.

"What the Evangeline A.K McDowell the Doll Master and Dark Evangel?" Chamo gasped.

"She's here?" Domino gasped.

"Unfortunately, and she's got Negi so shaken up he won't even try to fight back." Dustin sighed.

"Because she's too strong." Negi explained.

"Aniki with that kind of attitude, how can you hope to be a great mage? If she and that tall chick are partners, then all you need is one as well, then you have her outmatched." Chamo explained.

"I agree with Chamo Negi, and I think you should make it with me." Kaede added.

"Kaede." Negi gasped.

"After all you're not just my teacher, you are my roommate and close friend." Kaede smiled.

Domino turned to Dustin, "And what about you Dustin?'

"Well I." he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up at Mana.

"I would be glad to be your spirit partner Dustin."

"Perfect we got us some winners, though we're going to have to do this after class." Chamo explained.

"Hai." They agreed and went in.

When class ended Negi, Dustin, Mana, and Kaede were up on the roof as the ermine and crow were drawing up pentagrams on the ground, "Alright the seals are set." Chamo said.

Kaede brought Negi into the one seal as they sat in seiza, "Are you really sure you want this Kaede?" Negi asked.

"Well it's my first time with a kiss, and I want to help you Negi. You're just too precious to me." The ninja explained.

"Well alright then." Negi said as he closed his eyes and Kaede smiled leaning in closer until the two lip locked with the seal glowing brighter.

"Pactio!" Chamo called as a magical aura surrounded Kaede and suddenly a card appeared with a picture of Kaede on it.

When they parted Negi was blushing while Kaede spoke, "For a ten year old boy you were very satisfying."

"You mean it?" Negi asked and Kaede nodded.

"It was beautiful and Kaede I present to you this." Chamo held out the card to Kaede.

"What is this?" Kaede asked.

"A pactio card, the ministra of a Magister is given one when they form a contract. You keep the real one while we hold onto this duplicate as a way for Aniki to contact you if he's not close." The ermine explained.

Kaede turned back to Negi, "I am at your command Master Negi."

"Oh come on Kaede let's not be formal about that." Negi chuckled.

Dustin smiled as he turned to Mana as they stood in the seal drew up by Domino, "Alright then you two let's make some magic."

Dustin looked as Mana lowered herself to his height, "Let's work well together Dustin." Mana said as she leaned in planting her lips right on his own as the seal glowed brighter.

'So this is what a kiss feels like, this is amazing.' Dustin thought as he kept his lips locked with Mana's.

The dark skinned girl thought, 'For an eleven year old he's not bad, I haven't been kissed like this in years.

"Spirit transfer is complete, Mana is officially one of you Dustin." Domino announced.

When the glow died down Mana and Dustin broke their lip contact as the gunslinger noticed a ten pointed star symbol under her arm, "The mark of a Spirit Warrior's partner, you have engaged in my services Dustin."

"Glad to have ya aboard." Dustin admitted.

"So we got partners what do we do now?" Negi asked.

"I say we take out Chachamaru, without her Eva's line of defense is out making her vulnerable." Dustin planned.

"An excellent idea Dustin! So let's find her and make some noise!" Chamo planned.

Elsewhere Evangeline and Chachamaru were walking down a lane together as Eva spoke, "We'll have to plan a new strategy for when the next full moon comes. In the meantime stay at my side."

"Yes Mistress."

"Hey, Eva!" Takahata called as he came over.

"Ugh. What is it this time, Takamichi? I've done my homework. What else could you possibly want?"

"Dean Konoe wants to have a little talk with you, and alone if you will." The older teacher explained.

"Ugh, alright I'm coming," she turned to Chachamaru, "Go on ahead. And stay out in the open to avoid ambush."

Chachamaru bowed her head as she watched her mistress leave with her former teacher, "Be careful Mistress."

Later that day Chachamaru walked out of the convenient store carrying a shopping bag. She was unaware of Negi, Dustin, and their partners tailing her.

"Perfect she's alone, now Aniki take her out with on shot!" Chamo encouraged him.

"But someone might see us." Negi worried.

"Agreed, this is still too out in the open to attack now." Dustin agreed with Negi.

Chachamaru was walking down a lane until she heard a little girl cry, "WAHHH! My balloon!" Chachamaru stopped and looked up seeing a balloon stuck in the tree. Suddenly her jetpacks popped out of her back making the little girl jump in surprise as the green haired girl flew off the ground up to the tree, retrieving the balloon and giving it to the girl.

"Wow arigato." The girl cheered and waved bye to Chachamaru.

The group had watched the whole scene and was stunned, "So Chachamaru really is an android." Dustin said.

"She is?" Negi asked shocked as Dustin sighed.

"Don't tell me you didn't figure that out."

"Well it didn't cross my mind. Kaede Mana, did you two know?" Negi asked.

"Everyone in class knows about Chachamaru." Kaede explained like it was obvious.

"But I didn't!" Negi cried.

"We don't know everything but Chachamaru was developed by our class geniuses Satomi and Chao, but me or Kaede never knew why she spent more time with Evangeline more than her own creators, until now obviously." Mana explained.

"But if she was created by Satomi and Chao, and is Evangeline's partner, does this mean Satomi and Chao know about magic?" Negi asked curiously.

"We'll worry about that later Negi, I'm more concerned about why Chachamaru did that deed for that girl. I mean just two days ago she socked me right in the gut." Dustin said.

"Come on or we'll lose her." Domino warned them as they continued trailing her.

They followed her but hid as they saw Chachamaru carry a short old lady up some stairs on a bridge over the river, "Oh thank you ever so much Chachamaru." The old lady thanked her as the girl bowed her head.

"That's Chachamaru for ya." A little boy said.

"Always helping people." Another boy added.

"I never would've imagined a robot could be so helpful." Negi gasped as his group continued observing her.

"Don't be fooled Aniki she's the enemy!" Chamo called snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Guys look!" Dustin called.

They looked in the river seeing an adorable kitten meowing while riding in a box downstream. Chachamaru walked down into the river walking her way to pick up the box and saved the kitten while everyone applauded to her.

"I never knew she would go that far." Kaede said.

"Anyone who helps cats can't be all bad." Dustin said.

"Hey, don't try to talk nice about animals who see me as a snack." Domino lectured his master.

Soon the kitten was riding on Chachamaru's head purring while she walked with her groceries heading toward the courtyard of a cathedral. The group peeked around the corner watching her.

"What's she doing now?" Kaede asked.

"Only one way to find out." Mana replied as they got closer.

Suddenly around the courtyard more kittens came out into the open gathering around Chachamaru while she prepared dinner for them. She placed the cat food in a bowl and set it down and smiled as they ate. Even the birds flapped around her with some perching on her shoulder.

"That's the nicest thing I've ever seen." Negi shed tears of joy.

"Is this really the same Chachamaru?" Dustin asked.

"Wait a minute you two! She's not nice, she's wicked! She's the one targeting Negi, remember!" he calmed down, "This is your chance now! No one is around so let's take her out!"

"Agreed Negi, let's do what we came here for." Kaede said as Negi got his staff prepared while Mana pulled out two hand guns while Dustin powered up his spirit energy.

As the cats left Chachamaru sensed something and turned seeing her two professors and two of her classmates, "Oh Negi-sensei, Dustin-sensei, Kaede-san, Mana-san. I had no idea you were following me, my mistake. What do you want?'

"Chachamaru could you please stop attacking me?" Negi asked hopefully.

"I apologize for my behavior Negi-sensei and for hitting you so hard Dustin-sensei. I have no grudge against either of you," she began, "But I'm afraid my mistress' commands are absolute."

"So there's no other choice then." Negi said.

"Then let's go." Dustin said as he, Mana, and Kaede got ready to attack.

"So you both have found partners, very reliable choices. Very well." Chachamaru got into a stance.

"Let's go!" Dustin called as the three took off while Negi was building up his magic for a big spell.

"I mean you no disrespect Chachamaru but I won't let you or Evangeline harm Negi." Kaede said.

"I understand." Chachamaru replied as the two fought like warriors.

"Kaede move!" Mana called.

Kaede jumped away as Chachamaru saw Dustin powering up his spirit energy aiming right at her with Mana powering up her hand guns with her newly acquired spirit energy, "Spirit gun!" Dustin called.

"Spirit gun double barrel!" Mana called as their blasts headed for Chachamaru. Said robot moved but ended up getting pieces of her arms torn off around her shoulders exposing some circuitry.

"If I hadn't dodged fast enough that would've been the end of me." Chachamaru feared.

"Negi you're turn!" Dustin called.

Negi nodded as he conjured up eleven light arrows aiming right at Chachamaru, "No time to evade. Mistress if I should fall, please feed my cats."

Negi started feeling hesitant suddenly called out, "Come back!"

The light arrows flew up and hurled back toward Negi and hit the floor beneath him. Negi screamed as he got caught in the explosion.

"Negi!" the group called.

"Aniki!" Chamo cried.

The group raced over to their comrade giving Chachamaru a chance to escape. When they reached Negi they helped him to his feet revealing he was covered in soot and scratches.

"Negi you alright?" Kaede asked.

"What were you thinking! You had her right in your sight. It was a perfect opportunity!" Chamo lectured him.

"Yeah Negi what gives?" Dustin asked.

"Dustin don't you understand Chachamaru isn't really an enemy." Negi explained.


"She said so herself she's got nothing against us, she's only following orders from Evangeline because it's in her programming."

"Even so Negi she…" Dustin realized it but groaned from trying to think too hard about it, "Oh my head hurts just trying to think about this."

"Well this was a waste of time." Mana sighed.

"Nothing we can do now, let's go." Kaede said as she helped Negi along while Dustin sighed walking by Mana's side.

Chachamaru stood on top of a building roof watching them leave while thinking of Negi's move, "Sensei…"

Later that day as the sun was ready to go down Negi was moping, "What can I do now, I'm not strong enough to face Evangeline, and I can't even face her own partner."

"I still said ya should've attacked her when ya could." Chamo sighed but Kaede hushed him.

"This was a minor setback Negi, we just need to think of a different strategy." The ninja calmed her roommate.

"But even so, now that I attacked Chachamaru she tell Evangeline and then I'll be in for it. My whole life here has become chaos." He sighed.

Dustin and Domino watching Negi fall apart knew they had to help him. Dustin put an arm around his friend, "Look Negi we've know each other for a long time, and something I've learned by myself is that bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it right?"

"Right." Negi answered.

"WRONG!" Dustin announced and continued, "When the world turns it's back on you, you in return must turn your back on the world."

"I was never taught anything like that." Negi replied.

"Then you're gonna need a refresher course, now repeat after me," Dustin cleared his throat, "Hakuna Matata."

"What?" Negi asked as he, Chamo, and the two girls were confused.

Domino perched on a garbage can and explained, "Ha-ku-na Ma-ta-ta. It means no worries."

"Do you feel a song coming on?" Kaede asked Mana.

"Yes I do." She replied stoically.

And sure enough they were right as Dustin and Domino sang to Negi about how the phrase meant no worries. The ywo girls and ermine watched as the two continued singing while Dustin danced and Domino flew around with Negi's interest growing. Negi became more enthusiastic and surprised Mana and Kaede by joining in on the singing. The group posed signalling to the girls Negi was much better now.

So they started walking off back to Mahora, "So you see Negi, live in the now with no worries, stuff's gonna happen but don't dwell on them too much."

"Right, Hakuna Matata." Negi chuckled.

Mana and Kaede followed them from behind, "Negi seems more relaxed now." Kaede noticed.

"Well guess it's all thanks to Hakuna Matata." Mana joked and they laughed.

As the sun was at twilight hour the four arrived back at the dorms where Asuna, Konoka, the Library trio, Makie, Yuna, Ako, and Akira were outside.

"Hey Negi-kun, Dustin-kun!" Makie waved.

"Ah evening Makie, girls." Negi smiled.

"Negi what happened to you?" Konoka noticed Negi's condition from his redirected spell.

"Me and Negi had a little wrestling match and he overdid it." Dustin chuckled with Negi joining him.

"What're you two looking so happy about?" Asuna asked not sure if them being this happy was too normal especially in Negi's case.

"What we're just happy Asuna." Negi explained.

Asuna and the others turned to the tall girls, "You wanna fill us in?" the red head asked.

The two looked at each other before answering them at the same time, "Hakuna Matata."

"What?" Yuna and Ako asked.

"Ha-ku-na Ma-ta-ta." Kaede replied spelling it out.

"What's Hakuna Matata?" Yue asked sipping from her drink.

The two girls and Dustin smiled as they turned to Negi who explained to them with singing as if continuing where he and Dustin left off spreading the meaning of no worries with Dustin joining him

The kid duo began to dance off into the girl's dorms still repeating 'Hakuna the phrase. Makie and the other sports girls started moving to their singing rhythm and followed them inside while Mana, Kaede, and the other girls joined them.

(And there's the chapter, Negi failed to subdue Chachamaru. But the upside is he and Dustin each have an animal familiar and a partner, and will come in handy for Evangeline's next move. See ya next time everybody.)