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At Mahora academy's dorm one night, Negi was at his desk going over his books on magic. Chamo popped onto the desk and spoke, "Still at it, Negi?" Chamo asked.

"Oh, yes Chamo, I am." Negi answered, as he took a sip of tea.

"You've been at it for days now, are you really sure it's going to work?" Chamo inquired.

"That's what this research is for. If it works I may be able to set Evangeline free from the School Hell curse father left on her." Negi explained.

"Kay, but say it does work. What if Eva betrays us and goes on a killing spree like she was known for?" Chamo wondered.

Negi could only glare at him and his judgmental accusation, "Chamo, we've been through too much already as of now for Evangeline to want to go back to her old ways."

"Maybe, but what if it's all been a ploy, an act just to butter you up? And once she gets what she wants she throws you aside like yesterday's garbage?" Chamo continued to rant.

"Chamo, you're thinking too hard on this. Just let me do this, and if something happens I'll deal with it," Negi answered, "Besides Evangeline said she loved me."

"And you're falling for it?" Chamo crossed his arms.

Negi just brushed Chamo's skepticism off and continued his work, until Kaede came in, "Time for bed, Negi." she said.

Negi looked at her and yawned, "Ok, Kaede. I'll pick up where I left off tomorrow." he closed his book, and left his desk before getting ready for bed.

The next morning after classes were let out, Dustin and Negi left the building to see Kotaro, alistair, and Fate waiting, "Hey, guys!" Kotaro called.

"Hey boys, what's going on?" Dustin inquired.

"Michael wants to spar with us today so we can learn some new moves." Alistair explained.

"No kidding?" Dustin gasped.

"Not at all." Fate answered, with a shake of his head.

"You guys wanna come?" Alistair offered.

"Sounds great to me." Dustin admitted.

"What about you, Negi?" Kotaro asked eagerly.

Negi looked at them, before answering, "Sorry boys, but I have other plans tonight."

"Other plans?" Kotaro asked in confusion.

"What do you mean?" Fate asked.

"It's something personal, actually." Negi answered.

"Well then, Negi. We won't pry on it." Dustin answered, as he stepped down and stood by the other boys.

"Sorry guys, maybe next time." Negi smiled sheepishly.

"Well have it your way. Come on guys!" Kotaro called, as they headed off. Negi chuckled to himself, and hurried off as well.

He reached, Eva's cottage, where he knocked on the door, and Chachamaru answered, "Hello, Negi-sensei."

"Hello, Chachamaru, is Evangeline here?" he inquired.

"Yes, right this way." she let him inside, and closed the door.

Negi looked over and saw Evangeline sitting down before looking at her, "Oh, there you are, boya. I was waiting."

"So sorry, Master. Can we go to the resort now?" Negi pleaded.

"Very well, let's go. Chachamaru don't let anyone disturb us." she ordered.

"Yes, Mistress." Chachamaru bowed her head, as the two went for the basement and into the resort.

Inside Eva's resort, Negi and the vampire went to the center of the citadel, "So boya, what exactly is it you wanted to discuss with me about?"

"Right, well as you know I've been studying the curse my father placed upon you years ago." Negi began.

"Don't remind me." Eva replied, with irritation in her tone.

Negi continued, "And as I promised you I've been looking for a way to permanently break you free from the curse and not have you constantly use trinkets like the bracelet to allow you to cross the barrier."

"Yes, constantly wearing that thing on my arm like some kind of collar is demeaning for a vampire such as myself." Evangeline answered.

"Well I'm pleased to tell you that will no longer be necessary."

Eva did a double take, "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is Evangeline, is I've found a way to break you free from my father's curse!" he said excitedly.

"You what?!" Evangeline shouted in surprise.

"Hard to believe I know." Chamo answered.

"But how, what is it that needs to be done?" she demanded.

"It's been staring us in the face this whole time, Evangeline." Negi answered.

"I'm lost." Eva answered in confusion.

"Only a large magical surge of power equal to my father's level can break you free. And I only know of one magic powerful enough to override the curse." he explained.

"And that would be?"

"A pactio." he answered.

Evangeline did a double blink, "What did you say?"

"Evangeline, to break you free from the School Hell curse, you and I need to make a pactio." Negi explained.

"That's all it takes?" Eva asked in shock.

"Yes." he assured her.

"It's-It's so simple..." Eva said flabbergasted, "WHY DIDN'T I SEE THIS BEFORE?!" she cried in outrage.

"So Evangeline, will you do it with me?" Negi offered.

Eva gave Negi a look, making him nervous about how she'll answer, until words came out, "If you were anybody else and had asked me that question I'd kill them without a second thought," Negi cringed at that, as she continued, "However, being my apprentice and all I will spare you any thought on being killed at my hands and instead... I will be delighted to make a pactio with you."

"Huh?" Chamo gasped in shock.

"Really?" Negi asked.

"Sure," she smirked, "After all you made me that promise and now that you're ready to fulfill it, who am I to say no to any theory you have?"

"I promise you master, you will not be disappointed." Negi promised her.

"I'll hold you to it." Eva said, as she started walking.

"Master, where are you going?" Negi inquired.

Eva looked back at him, "Well if I'm going to be freed from this retched curse I want to look my best. So I'm going to take a nice relaxing bath," she began, as Negi nodded in understanding before she continued, "And you're going to join me."

"Wha- I am?" he asked in shock.

"Yes, that way we'll both be ready." Eva smirked.

"Uh, yes master." he nodded.

"Good. I'll be sure to send one of my other servants to fetch you when all is prepared."

"Hai." Negi stood up straight. Evangeline giggled and walked off.

Negi sat down and waited with Chamo, as twenty minutes passed. Eventually one of Eva's other robotic servants arrived and spoke, "Negi Springfield?"

"Uh, yes?" he asked.

"Mistress will see you now, follow me." she ordered, as Negi got up.

"Well Chamo, I'll see you soon."

"Good luck, aniki," Chamo said, as he watched his pal leave with the maid and muttered to himself, "I hope you won't need it."

Negi was escorted by the servant into a private bathroom. Negi looked ahead and saw the back of Evangeline's head, as she was resting in her jacuzzi sized bath, "Uh, master?"

Evan turned around and revealed it to have been Evangeline in her adult form, which put a beet red blush on his face, "Well my darling apprentice graces me with his presence."

"Uh, yes." Negi said, as his eyes tried not to make contact with her.

Eva looked to her servant, "Strip him and toss him in. Then leave us." she ordered.

"Yes, mistress." the maid said, as she stripped Negi of his clothes and tossed him into the bath, before leaving.

Negi emerged from the water taking breaths, "I could've gotten in myself you know?" he gasped, as he saw Eva down on her knees on the seating inside the tub, while posing flirtatiously with her right arm underneath her large adult breasts.

"But then where would be the fun in that, boya?" she giggled, as her breasts bounced.

"And, why did you suddenly take on your adult look?" Negi asked, with a pant.

Eva raised a brow, "Isn't it obvious, you said you found my regular young self cute, but found my adult self beautiful. So I decided to give you my more beautiful look." she ran her left hand through her hair.

"Well Evangeline, I think both your forms are beautiful." Negi admitted.

"Always so honest, boy," Eva giggled, as she sank herself into the water, and swam up to him, "Now why don't you be a good little apprentice, and wash my back for me?"

"Uh, yes Evangeline." he answered, while blushing ferociously.

"Then get to it, boya." she giggled, as she offered him a wash clothe and pressed her back close ho him.

Negi took the cloth and began moving it up and down Evangeline's back. As he did so, the vampire moaned in enjoyment with every wash. Eva continued to get comfy, as Negi continued to wash her back. She thought to herself, 'Oh this feels so good. And to think the best has yet to come for both Negi and me.'

As Negi finished washing Evangeline's back, she turned around and spoke, "Arigato, Negi. Now it's time I returned the favor."

"Ok." Negi answered, knowing better then to say no to Evangeline. He turned around, as Eva took the wash cloth and began washing Negi's back in return.

Negi moaned in enjoyment from the washing, as Evangeline smirked seeing as how she got on his comfy side. The vampire smirked even further as she decided to have some fun with him, by pressing her breasts into his back and rubbed them up and down against it, "Evangeline!" Negi panicked, as he felt the soft fleshy orbs rub his back.

Before he could jump up, Evangeline draped her arms down his torso to keep him seated. She whispered into his ear, "Shh just relax, Negi. And let your master handle this." he kissed his neck. Negi started relaxing again, as Evangeline flirtatiously washed his back using her breasts.

When they were both finished, they stood out of the bath, as two servants approached and started drying them off, "Well that was a pleasant bath, Evangeline. Thank you."

"Nothing to it," she answered, "Now follow me, it's time you held out to your promise to me."

"But shouldn't we get dressed first?" Negi inquired.

Eva turned to him and a smirk, "That won't be needed." Negi was confused before following her.

Soon the two stood in Eva's chamber, designed like a royal bedroom fit for a queen, "This is the first time I've ever been in here," Negi began before looking at adult Eva, "For you to have invited into here master makes me feel honored."

"I know." Eva smiled.

"So why is it we're not getting dresses?"

"I want it to be all natural for us," Eva giggled before realizing something, "Oh right, let me first get into something fitting." suddenly she returned to her natural child form.

"Why have you decided to return to your normal look?" Negi wondered.

"This way we meet on eye level," she answered, "Now can we begin?"

"Of course. Chamo!" Negi called over.

Chamo came over with chalk in hand, "Already on it, Aniki!" he started drawing the pactio ring on the floor.

Negi and Eva stepped into it and looked at each other, "Well Evangeline, this is it."

"I know. Fifteen years I've waited for this moment, and now it's finally here. Maybe not from Nagi, but you will do just as well." Eva replied.

"Hard to imagine you at first were willing to drink my blood to break yourself free." Negi noted humorously, while Eva couldn't help but chuckle.

"I know, and here I am making a pactio with the son of the man I once loved."

"Well we should start." Negi suggested, and found Eva cupping his face.

"Well then, Negi. Set me free." she pulled Negi into a kiss, as he returned it.

"Pactio!" Chamo announced, as the magic from the pactio ring binded the two into a contract.

When the magic died down, an Evangeline card floated down and landed in Negi's hand, "It's been done. Evangeline, here you go." he offered her the card.

Eva accepted it and smiled, "We actually formed a pactio."

"Yes. But did it work?" Negi asked.

Eva smiled wider, "Yes, it did. Though my powers are free here I could still feel the School Hell curse restricting me. But now I no longer feel it. Your theory was correct. You released me from the curse. Thank you, Negi."

"You're very welcome," he smiled, until he noticed a sadistic look on her face, "Uh, Evangeline?"

Eva laughed deviously, "And now that I've been freed I can escape the school ground and make up for lost times, but slaughtering and devouring the blood of any victim I see fit!"

"I knew it!" Chamo accused.

"Oh no, what have I done?!" Negi cried, until he found his cheeks getting pinched by Eva, who was smirking.

She burst out laughing while playfully pulling on his face, "YOU SHOULDA SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE, BOYA!"

"I don't understand." Negi said with a muffled voice.

Chamo face faulted, "Aniki, she played you."

"You mean?" Negi looked at Eva who ceased the face pulling.

"It was a joke, boya." she laughed.

"Oh, right." Negi said, with a sheepish laugh.

"And now to celebrate," Eva began, as she motioned to one of her servants to turn on some slow music, "Let's dance."

Negi was surprised at her request, but smiled as he began waltzing with her. As they danced, Eva rested her head in his chest. Negi spoke, "Evangeline?"


"How about after we leave this place, we get a bite to eat with the others to celebrate your release?" he offered.

Eva smiled, "That's wonderful."

Negi held her close as the two continued to dance while in the buff, as Chamo and Chachazero watched, "This is definitely a sight worth to remember."

"Needs more blood to it." Chachazero stated.

(And there's the chapter. Negi has forged a pactio with Evangeline, and in the process has freed her from the School Hell curse. With Eva restored to her full powers, they once again have a powerhouse at their disposal. Don't miss next time guys.)