A/N: So this is the end...Sorry the last chapter is so short.

When they arrived at Bobby's house, Sam got Bobby out and into the house, while Dean was left to deal with Cas. They walked painfully slow up to the house. Dean had Cas' arm and the drip bag in one hand, while the other arm wrapped around Cas.

"Am I going to have to keep lugging your ass everywhere, or are going to start to heal up?" Dean asked him.

"I think that I may be able to start healing myself in a few days." Cas stated. "I feel some of my strength returning."

It took the better part of a week for Cas to start healing again. During that week he had been a horrible patient and he and Dean had gotten into it several times. Dean always won the argument, though.

Cas started healing the next week, and by the time Friday came around he had almost fully healed. He was still somewhat sore, but insisted that he must continue his search for God. The older Winchester wasn't having it and demanded that Cas stay with him until he past fully healed.

It ended with Dean requiring Cas to drop by every day until his wound was healed, and if something else happened to him he was supposed to call Dean and tell him exactly when and where it happened.

Castiel believe Dean was becoming a mother hen, but didn't argue with him. He knew that his friend was worried for his safety and would check in if it would ease his charge's fears.

Now Castiel knew the truth, Angels felt pain. That is if they rebelled from Heaven and devoted their lives to finding their absent father and helping two boys and an old drunkard help stopping the apocalypse. Angels felt pain when they were a part of a family that they loved. Angels felt pained when they were loved by a family.

Castiel wouldn't change anything about it.