Title: Dependency: Honor

Summary: Spock is running out of time, McCoy is preoccupied with conspiracy theories, and Kirk is trying to keep the peace with a dozen Klingons aboard the Enterprise. Sequel to 'Dependency: Secrets'. Spones slash.

Rating: T (for now)

Warnings: Nongraphic depictions of homosexual behavior. A dash of swearing. Discussions of past (mind) rape. Some violence.

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it's not mine. I'm just playing with it.



In 'Dependency,' Spock and McCoy are captured in order to help Emperor Ninyal's sick daughter. Spock links his mind with McCoy's in the Vulcan equivalent of a marriage in order to protect the doctor from losing his memories for good. In return, McCoy overcomes his temporary memory loss to break Spock out of jail. The reemergence of the good doctor's memories bring forward a repressed memory involving a forced mind meld. They escape back to the Enterprise where they inform Kirk that Ninyal was responsible for the kidnapping of a Starfleet officer, and relations with the planet are called into question. Meanwhile, McCoy's presence on the planet sparks a movement against slavery, and they leave the planet in the midst of a Civil War. McCoy convinces Spock not to tell the captain about their new link.

In 'Secrets', the secretive behavior between McCoy and Spock combine with rumors of a relationship between the two to cause tensions to arise between them and their captain. The crew faces a murderer loose on the Enterprise and strange aliens that feed off emotions who have already taken the crew of another starship. When Spock is teleported onto a planet with a unique atmospheric interference which makes their technology useless, McCoy uses their link to locate the Vulcan and attempts to use his training to sneak past the aliens. This attempt ultimately fails, but the doctor is able to wake Spock who discovers that the aliens were actually sent by a peaceful, albeit confused, creature. On the Enterprise, the murderer is discovered to be the victim's girlfriend, Nurse Sagumpta. Kirk, having finally been informed of the link, hurries them back to Vulcan so that the link can be removed. While on Vulcan, Kirk reveals that he'd found a warning note from himself involving Klingons, and McCoy admits that he doesn't know what happened during his forced meld.


Captain Baker of the U.S.S. Pioneer took a deep, calming breath. Her momma had told her there'd be days like this. Of course, her momma had been a school teacher, so she might've had a different idea in mind when she'd said it. Baker had a migraine chewing on her head like a rabid coyote and the screech of the red alert was not helping.

"Perez, cut out that damn sound."

"Aye, Captain." The communications' officer said, and the room went eerily quiet. Baker wasn't sure if it was any better than the screeching.

She stabbed her thumb into the intercom on the side of her chair. "Bridge to Engineering."

"Fairbanks here." Her Chief Engineer was harried and there was a slight panic in his tone. He was too young for his position, no matter how smart he may be.

"How long 'til it blows?"

"Eight minutes."

Shit. "And there's nothing you can do to stop it?"

"Sorry, sir. The pressure build-up was already too far gone by the time we got to it." The normally arrogant tone had dissolved into one of unabashed fear. "It's going to take Engineering with it and when it hits the warp core-"

"Fairbanks." Baker cut him off halfway through. She was not prepared to give up that easily. "Jettison the warp core and the matter-anti-matter compartment. Then evacuate Engineering."

"Captain, we'll be stuck out here without our warp drive."

"But we'll be alive." Baker practically snarled. Now was not the time to be questioning her orders. "Do it!" They wouldn't just lose their warp drive; they'd lose everything. All they'd have would be life support systems and minimal back-up power.

"Yes, sir."

Baker turned off the intercom and swung her chair around. "Perez, get ahold of Starfleet Command. They need to know what's happened here."

"I can't, Captain!" The mousy man exclaimed, trying twice more before turning around. "It's completely inoperative."

"Fix it!" Baker shouted, rather irrationally because Perez would have fixed it by now if he could have. Since when were the communications not working? They'd been working not three hours before when they'd reported their finds to Starfleet Headquarters. Baker decided she didn't have time for this. Hongli had just gotten off shift not thirty minutes ago. She'd be the most likely to know anything. Baker called up security and demanded they find Hongli and take her to the brig where her First Officer might be able to get some information out of her.

"Stark to Bridge." Speak of the devil.

"Got anything?" Baker grunted at her First Officer who was in charge of the interrogation.

"Still claims he didn't do anything and doesn't have a clue what's going on. But something in his story… I think he may have an accomplice aboard the ship."

"I've got a suspect heading your way." Baker sighed and glanced at the chronometer. Five minutes left.

"Engineering to Bridge."

"Go ahead, Fairbanks."

"There's a bomb on the warp core. I repeat, there's a bomb on the warp core. I cannot remove the warp drive." Fairbanks' tone was even, and Baker considered she hadn't given the man enough credit. Either that or he was past the point of panic.

It was a shame their bomb expert was up on Deck 3. By the time he got down there, it would be too late. "Can you disarm it?"

"No time."

"All right." Baker acknowledged. There was just one more thing she could try. "Clear Engineering and start an evacuation of the adjoining sectors."

"Yes, sir." The connection cut out.

"Bridge to Transporter Room."

"Eddings here."

"I need you to lock onto the warp core and beam it as far away from the ship as possible. And be sure to give it a wide berth. I don't want that bomb going off mid-transport." Fortunately, Eddings didn't question her orders or the fact that there was apparently a bomb on their warp drive.

"Aye, Captain."

Baker checked the time. One minute, one minute before she knew if she'd lost her entire crew. She closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair. Perez was reciting the Lord's Prayer quietly, but otherwise there was a stillness on the bridge like the eye of a storm.

And then there was an explosion.