Poseidon's POV

Sometimes, it sucks to be a god. Normally it is awesome and fun, but one mistake made one time can lead to some truly terrible things. I have always been somewhat impulsive but that was never much of a problem, except for the one time my impulsiveness cost me dearly. It all started 17 years ago…

I had just learned that my favorite mortal woman in over 1000 years was expecting a baby. Normally, this would have been great news, but due to a certain oath about not having kids and laws that prevented me from seeing them anyways, it meant I would no longer be allowed to see my dear Sally again. So, although I was glad to be having a son, the knowledge that my son would be having a terribly hard life and be hunted down by my brothers made me angry and sad.

To try and forget my problems, that night I went out into the mortal world to a bar and drank. A lot. Now, as a god, I don't get drunk off of the mortal stuff, but it can get me a little tipsy. Tipsy enough to give into more of my impulsiveness than normal. Such as this night, I went and had a one-night stand with some lady at the bar.

The next day I regretted what I had done so I left in a hurry and tried my hardest to forget what I had done. I forced myself to stop thinking about the woman and the possibility I might have another some on the way. I hoped nothing bad would happen and put it out of my mind. The result of that night though, would tear my world apart.

It turns out that that mortal woman did bear my child and since I never checked up on her again, I never knew and ignored the boy. His mother kept him and raised him to believe that he was a perfect angel who could do no wrong, everything he did was right and everyone should treat him like the perfect angel he was. Everything in the world was his for the taking. Due to the fact that his mother was such a repulsive person, her scent covered up his demigod scent for years.

One day when he was 17 years old, my other son, Percy, and some of his friends were out in the mortal world hanging out when they happened to pass this other son of mine. At the time they passed him he was hanging out in a park near a fountain making the water trip random people and laughing at them. Percy saw this and realized the guy was a demigod so with the help of his friends, they dragged him off to Camp Halfblood.

Once he got to camp, things went wrong.

Percy POV

I was sitting in the clearing by the fire thinking about the day that had been. It had been relatively uneventful. No monster attacks, no demigods to be found, no people in need of help, no trouble in general. Just a nice peaceful day. I sat there staring at the flames of the fire thinking about how nice the peace was when my companion turned to me.

"Percy, tell me your story. Please. We have been travelling together for 6 months and you already know all the hurt that took place in my life," she said. "I know you don't like thinking about the hurt and the pain, but if you talk to me, I can help you get over it or at least move on. Sometimes, just telling the story to someone is enough to help make you feel better and I want to help you."

I sighed. She had valid points, it's just, I really don't like thinking about what happened to me. How my friends left me and the gods turned their backs to me. It had been five and a half years, but I still try not to think about it. I don't hate anyone, but that's the problem. It would be so easy to hate them all for what they did to me but hate is not a natural thing for me to feel. Instead, all I feel is the sadness. Sometimes I wish I could hate them for hurting me but no matter how hard I try to, my loyalties still lie with the gods and the demigods. I sighed again. She was right; she did deserve to know. So I told her my story.

"It was a regular day at Camp Halfblood, it was the summer after the war with the giants and Gaea and everything was peaceful and calm. I was spending time down at the beach with my girlfriend Annabeth," I struggled over that name a little, "when Grover came up to us with news.

"He said 'a satyr just came from central park in New York and said that an older teenager that had a strong demigod scent showed up there everyday for the past week. He thought it was odd that the boy was so old and informed me. Since he is so old, could you two go and pick up for me? Supposedly he looks kind of like you, Percy, just a little shorter and a little rounder. The boys name is Daniel.'" I had to say his name through gritted teeth, I know I said I don't hate them, but he is the one I am the closest to hating.

"So Annabeth and I went and found Nico and headed into the city to find Daniel and bring him to camp. Once we got the park, it was pretty easy to find him, because he was standing right next a fountain using water to trip people. My mouth dropped open. This kid was my half brother and looked to be the same age as me, maybe a little younger but not much. He was also using his powers to torment people.

"I walked up to him and told him to stop tripping people but he just laughed and told me to make him. So I controlled the water to wrap around him and bind his limbs together. 'We need to talk to you,' I said gesturing to Nico, Annabeth, and myself. So we took him, walked to a secluded place in the park, and explained everything to him. He took the news surprisingly well and began talking about how he always knew he was better than everyone else. I gritted my teeth and tried not to get angry with my newfound brother but he was making it pretty hard. As we left the park for camp, he used the water to trip a few more people on the way out.

"I was going to snap at him for using his powers on mortals but Annabeth started laughing and congratulating him on his achievement. I was rather perplexed but let it slide. Nico seemed annoyed at the actions, but he too kept quiet."

I stopped talking at this point and just stared into the fire. Thinking. Reminiscing. Trying to understand why everything had to happen the way it did. My companion realized I wasn't continuing the story and turned back to me.

"Are you going to continue with your story, or do you want to take a break and continue another day?" She asked me.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I definitely didn't want to tell the story, but I knew I had to tell her what had happened. I had relived enough for one night though. "I'm sorry, but I would rather not continue telling you the story tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I can continue the tale."

She nodded and then went to sleep. I wanted to do the same, but sleep was hard to find on the nights when I thought about my past, so I gazed up at the stars as the fire slowly died and thought. As I thought, I slowly drifted off to sleep and had dreams about my past.

I would rather have gone sleepless.

Annabeth POV

I sat on the beach at camp thinking. It had been a little more than five years since Percy disappeared. At first it was weird without him being around, but the camp got used to it. A few weeks after Percy left the gods came to us. They were worried about how we would fare if another war came and we didn't have Percy to help us, so they made the hero's from the war with Gaea immortal. They also made Daniel immortal since Percy had trained him before he left and I think Poseidon felt a little guilty about something.

So now, I was immortal and would train campers for eternity. I would train them and watch them die. I would be kind of like Chiron except I also had my immortal friends, so things wouldn't get too lonely. On the downside, I would have to put up with Daniel for the rest of forever.

Oh well. After what I did, I probably deserve worse than that. I sighed and left for my cabin. I missed Percy.