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Title: Ailurophobia

Prompt: Artemis was never a big cat person.

Artemis was mindlessly flipping through channels, it was Sunday afternoon they had all reported to the cave for training. Yet no one was really ready to train today, with Zatanna locked up in her room, they were all filled with a mix of emotions. Artemis felt so guilty, she was upset for her friend, yet she was overjoyed that her own mother had been returned safe and sound. Her best friend was suffering and she was happy? How fucked up was that?

With a groan of frustration, she mashed the button on the remote again, and settled with the infomercial the TV had switched too. She watched as the spokesman tried to explain exactly why she needed a slap-chop. Then a sudden change in air, a slight breeze that swished her ponytail caught her attention. Turning around, Artemis saw the backside of Wally digging though the refrigerator. After a moment he turned around, his hands full of food and drinks.

"Hey, anything good on?" Wally asked casually as he catapulted himself over the top of the couch, and settled next to her.

"No, just junk" She said as she watched him arrange his snacks. Wally sat the chips, dip, and packages of candy bars on the coffee table. Then he took one of the bottles of "Super fizz" soda and nudged her arm slightly with it. A silently asking her if she was thirsty. Artemis took the bottle from him, giving him a half smile as her thanks. Then settled back down, and tried to focus on the commercial that was telling her how to get a second one 'absolutely free!"

"Here maybe you can find something" she said holding the remote out to him. He took it from her with a quizzical look. She rarely got control of the remote around here, so it was a little odd for her to just hand it over.

"Not really into watching T.V huh?" Wally asked as he started to flip.

"No. nothings really interesting to me" She replied as she twisted off the cap of her soda and took a swig.

Wally watched her from the corner of his eye for a moment before he asked, "So I take it you feel like a total tool today, huh?"

Artemis' head snapped to his direction, studying him carefully through squinted eyes. 'This could be a trap.' She thought.

"Don't worry I feel like one too" He supplied quickly.

She waited a moment than with a sigh, "Yeah, I feel like a tool. I mean one of my best friends just lost her only parent to 'Fate' and I'm happy because I got mine back? Its fucked up."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I rushed home Friday night so excited that my mom and dad were there. My mom had baked a lot of stuff, because that's what she does you know? When I'm out doing the whole superhero thing, and it comes on the T.V or something that 'Kid flash is in a battle with Captain Boomerang downtown' she gets worried. So she starts to bake, and cook me all this food because she knows that when I get back I will be starving. So I'm sitting there and my mom pushes this double chocolate fudge cake in front of me, and I should be excited right?"

Taking a swig from his drink, he grabbed his chips, before propping his feet up on the table and continuing.

"Because that's like my favorite cake of all times, but a part of my mind is reminding me that Zatanna isn't at home with her Dad. That she isn't going to get to be with her dad again for a long time. Yet I'm still so happy that my mom is there with the stupid cake." Wally said as he opened his chip bag.

"My mom and I hugged for what had to be an hour that night, not to mention she came into my room like four times to make sure I was still there, a part of me was so happy that she cared, and that she was safe. I just think about if my mom was gone too, what I would do? And that makes me worry about Zatanna even more." She supplied.

"Don't worry she's strong, besides, Robin is doing enough worrying for all of us." Wally explained between fistfuls of chips.

"is he still posted up across the hall from her?" She asked grabbing some chips herself. Artemis just stuck her tongue out at the indigent look he gave her.

"yep in his very stalkerish bat-like way he is watching out for her" He laughed.

After that they settled into silence, watching the sportscaster on the news talk about the new baseball draft pick. Moments like this were few and far between with the two of them. Artemis would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy them. These moments when Wally wasn't annoying, and she wasn't yelling. When she could see how ruffled his hair was, and how she, maybe found his freckles a little cute. Just a little though. They were both enjoying the mindless T.V. when the lead anchor came back on, her big smile plastered on her face.

"In other news, Wonder Woman was seen in down town New York today, battling Cheetah. The female super-villan had been caught robbing multiple jewlrey and 'Cash-for-Gold' stores across the city."

"ugh turn it" Artemis said. She was in no mood for superhero news.

The smile that crept on to Wally's face should have worried her, but she paid no mind.

"Oh yeah I forgot you're not a big cat fan" his smile was a full on evil grin now.

She should of known that the nice moment couldn't last.

"Why not? Were you attacked by one as a little kid?"

So it began.

"Did you always want one for Christmas, but never got one?"

Artemis just took a swig of her 'Super Fizz' and grabbed the remote back from Wally.

"Are you allergic?"

She turned up the volumeā€¦almost double.

"Did you have a weird aunt that had like four to many?

Sighing she pressed the mute button, and turned towards him.

"listen up Wally," she said, "I'm only going to say this once. I'm just not big on cats ok. I'm more of a dog person! That's not weird there is no secret behind it. Ok?"

Wally nodded. After a few moments the volume was returned to normal and they were back staring blankly at the screen. Wally suddenly took a deep breath, and Artemis groaned.

"So like all cats? Or just house cats. Like do you hate lions?"













"YES WALLY ALL CATS!" Great, now she was yelling. How does he always get her so riled up? Artemis sighed. Why her God? Why?

"Calm down Arty no need to get mad, I'm just curious. I just find it odd that you hate all cats, like every single kind of cat. What about Tigers?"

Artemis couldn't help but smile a little at that one. "Actually I kind of like them, not enough to say I enjoy them, but I like their tenacity." She told him.

Wally's grin grew larger. Causing a knot to form in Artemis' stomach. His smile is always contagious.

"alright" she groaned. "If I tell you why will you leave me alone?"

Wally quickly nodded.

"and no more questions?"

"yeah deal." He answered quickly.

Was she really doing this?

"I use to have nightmares as a little kid." Artemis mumbled.

One of Wally's eyebrows shot up. He was giving her that scrutinizing look that he normally did when he was reading a new article in a forensic magazine.

"What kind of nightmares?" he asked after a moment. Knowing he was treading on dangerous ground.

"I said no more questions." Artemis said with a glare.

"Well that's not fair you said you would explain. I was just reminding you of that." he explained, that stupid smile returning to his face.

"I use to love the book 'Alice in wonderland' but I would have these nightmares were I was trapped in wonderland and I couldn't get home, and the whole time the Cheshire cat was mocking me telling me I could never leave. That I would never get to see my mom, and sister again. I I use to wake up crying and Jade would always call me a big baby, but she would let me climb into bed with her anyways."

"You have a sister?" Wally blurted out before he could stop himself.

"Had." She growled. "Besides I said no more questions."

Wally groaned and turned back to face the T.V., and started to channel surf again. At least she told him that much. He thought ruefully.

Artemis was so annoyed with herself. What was it about Wally that made her a blabbering idiot? Why did she tell him she had a sister? She was pretty sure Wally's smile had something to do with it. It might even be her own special brand of kriptonite. Artemis groaned at that stupidly romantic thought. She wasn't that kind of girl. The kind that just blab their life stories to the first guy to shoot them a wink or a 'how do you do?' The kind that like the way Wally sometimes looked at her, or sqeeled a little on the inside every time he called her beautiful. She was Artemis 'Freakin' Crock, and she was not that kind of girl.

After a few tense minutes passed, Artemis grabbed her now empty drink, and stood up. Telling Wally she was going to go check on Zatanna, and Robin. Also that she would be right back and to not eat all the chips. As she started to walk away, another question popped into his mind.

"So that time we faced that assassin Cheshire, you didn't mean to let her go? You just freaked out, because of a childhood fear, right?"

The empty plastic bottle that smacked into the back of his head, hurt a lot more than he expected it too.

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