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Head Cannons:

Wally always loved Sunday mornings. It was the one day out of the whole week that neither him, nor Artemis had to go to work, or had league business to deal with. Everyone would think that he would sleep in for hours until his girlfriend of seven years dragged him out of bed. They were wrong though, he would always wake up right before sunrise. Laying there in bed as he watched the sunlight creep across the floor, then spread across their bed. Artemis would stretch and moan slightly in her sleep; it was like her own personal way of welcoming the day. She would then snuggle closer to him, and place her head between his shoulder and neck. If he was lucky she would moan his name in her sleep. If he was really lucky she would be in the mood. Wally loved Artemis every day of the week; but Wally always loved her just a little bit more on Sunday mornings.

The first time Artemis found out the twins inherited their father's superpowers, they were three, and she was home alone with them. After eight and a half hours of chasing two speedsters around the house, as they completely destroyed any resemblance of order she had. Wally came back home from a mission. She then shoved the little speedsters into his arms, proclaimed that they were now souly his children. Then left for patrol, leaving wally to deal their new high speed problems.

Artemis loved it when Wally talked in his sleep. Sometimes he would talk about food, or perfectly execute an elaborate prank on Nightwing. Other times he would be talking to her in his sleep.

Most of those times they were inappropriate things he wanted to do to her.

Then sometimes he would get this smile on his face, and his legs would move like he was running. Making Artemis laugh; because he reminded her of the puppy she always wanted.

Wally was having a really hard time seducing Artemis in the kitchen with all her talking.

"Wally really...uhh..no, we have to stop" she moaned as he ran his lips down the side of her throat.

He had her placed up on the kitchen counter, standing between her legs. Wally really really wanted to stop talking, and continue their activities.

His hand was already under her shirt!

He was so close to the promise land just a few more inches.

"Artemis, I don't care if someone catches us right now! I don't even care if Batman walks in. ok?"

Then he placed his lips over hers effectively silencing her. After a few moments of tender biting kisses (Wally's fingertips finally grazing the bottom of her bra) Artemis pulled back again.

"Your right, I mean M'gann and Conner probably do it here all the time." Suddenly Wally's face changed from pure bliss, to pure horror. Stepping away from her he threw his hands into the air.

"GREAT! you just killed the mood!" Artemis couldnt help but laugh as he walked away in a huff.

"You're an idiot; you know that?" Artemis asked as she stared at the boy on her fire escape.

Awkwardly he rubbed the back of his neck.

"yeah I know." Wally replied. It was two o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday, and normal people were asleep. But not Artemis Crock; no she was staring at a red headed speedster, who was perched outside her window. Then again no one ever said she was normal.

"listen Arty I'm a jackass. I shouldn't have let that girl hug me. I mean I'm use to people being thankful for me saving their lives and everything, I just wasn't prepared for her to kiss me ok!"

Artemis gave him a weary look.

"You could have pushed her off you know." She stated pointedly. "Half the camera's in Central City caught that kiss, and it went viral in minutes."

Wally sighed, she had a point. "Listen I should have pushed her off of me quicker, hell I should have just ran away when I dropped her off away from the fire. But I promise you Artemis, I didnt kiss her back! Hell I didn't even like it. She tried to lick my face!" he made a silly face, that caused a partial grin to tug at her lips.

Artemis fiddled with the wildflowers in her hand. She knew he had picked them just for her, on his way here to apologize. The yellows, blues and pink buds made her soften a little.

"Its ok, Wally I know. I just had to give you hell is all." It was true, she knew better than to think Wally had asked to be assaulted like that. Looking up into his bright green eyes, she had a moment to enjoy the relief she saw in them; before he pressed his lips against hers.

Artemis knew without a shadow of a doubt, there was no way Wally had kissed that girl, like he was kissing her now.

Wally had planned to propose romantically; candles, dinner, a walk in the park in the moonlight. The whole sh-bang! But the stupid Justice League with their stupid missions killed the whole night. As he lay their on the gurney in the med bay, he knew he would push her out of the way again.

So even though he was bloodied with a broken arm, he pulled out the ring. And even through Artemis's angry tears, the punches; even her calling him a 'romantic idiot'. He couldn't help but think this moment was the perfect one he always wanted. it was perfectly them.

Wally smiled as she shook her head yes; then slipped the ring on her finger. There were no candles, or starry nights when he proposed, and Wally wouldn't want it any other way.

"Wally this is stupid" Artemis groaned. Wally turned and waggled his eyebrows at her, "I think your just scared." She placed her hands on her hips and glared at him;

"I have nothing to be scared about!" Artemis told him with no uncertainty.

"Then keep your end of the bargain! A bets a bet Arty" With a sigh she stepped forward and grabbed the scaly green shorty shorts, and strolled into the living room.

"Hey Robin I think I found something of yours" She called, as she waved the tiny pants above her head.

Every member of the team turned to stare at her. Robins face changing from confusion to one of pure terror, then to one that resembled the bat-glare. Just as he was catapulting himself over the back of the couch, heading towards her; a murderous look on his face, Artemis felt her world shift. Looking up she suddenly realized that Wally had swooped in, and whisked her away from certain death. A giant grin was plastered on his face as he looked down at her and said;

"A bets, a bet, but I still cant let him kill ya for it"


Wally practically shouted at her. Right now was probably not the best time to tell her husband she was expecting. Sure coming back from a mission where she almost fell to her death, may not have been the prime time to break the news. Wally was angry she could tell, his ears were red, and his lips were pursed together. So there was only one way to fix this.

"Yeah, and I'm 85% sure your the father.." she joked, then quickly turned around and ran for it.

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