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"Okay, these are my dad's and," Rachel gulped as she looked around, not meeting Sebastian's gaze as she sat on her couch with a pillow and a blanket.

"Seriously Barbra, you're not my type, would you relax."

Right on cue, Rachel flushed bright red. "It's just you were, I mean you're supposed to be, I mean," She sputtered.

"Yes?" Sebastian knew exactly what he meant but watching her sputter was kind of hilarious.

"I just… don't sneak into my room, I have a tazer!" She finished almost indigant before walking away or stomping, she wasn't sure. She just knew her threat hadn't quite done its job because she had to refrain from turning around at hearing Sebastian laughing at her!

Finally controlling his laughter, Sebastian laid down on the couch, a smile on his face despite himself. The pajamas by his feet laid abandoned. How did his life get to this point? He was chased out of Dalton by his mother's presence and was finding refuge with Rachel Berry. Really? How did this happen?

A little past two, Sebastian's eye flicked from the late night news to the figure lingering not far in the distance. He waited for Rachel to say something, her body language practically screaming that she was unsure but wanting to come closer. "You kinda look like one of those old 60s ghosts coming to haunt me with that dressing gown. So are you going to say something or just stand there like one?"

With that Rachel practically flew to sit beside him, her knees tucking into her, her gown still covering her from shoulders to toes. "I couldn't sleep."

"What's wrong how?" He asked begrudgingly.

Despite his less than pleasant tone, Rachel found herself relaxing. This was still the Sebastian Smythe she knew despite his great revelation. "Are you ever afraid that we might die before we do anything great? Something to be proud of? So our time was not absolutely meaningless?"

Sebastian turned to look at her, only to find that she wasn't looking at him but straight on, at the t.v. unbinking.

"This isn't about Barbie is it?"

Rachel blinked. "Barbie?" She echoed before glancing at him.

"Blonde, attractive, pretty smile that could easily transform into a snarl like a gorgon if she feels threatened."

Rachel blinked once again at the description. Her first thought was, even Sebastian found Quinn attractive, then well he wasn't just strictly homosexual… and actually his description was fairly accurate. "This is kind of about Quinn but not really. This is about me… and my fears." Rachel sadly smiled. "I was dreaming."

"Hm," Sebastian made the nose in the back of his throat.

"I was watching a funeral, my funeral…"

"That's morbid,"

"I know but," Rachel's lip quivered. Unconsciously she leant against Sebastian as a commercial played mutely on the screen. "There was less than a handful of people there… and they were asked to say something about me." Rachel elaborated. "But," She paused. "No one said anything." Rachel shakily said, gulping as she finished her sentence. "I know I'm not that likeable, I'm pretty sure a lot of them were thinking good riddance." She closed her eyes. "I'm high strung and very dogmatic. And I've learned to be okay with that. I'm not popular and I never will be. But I want to at least do something amazing so people remember me and say something, even if it's out of sheer reluctant admiration for what I did."

Her confession was first met with silence but then Sebastian sighed and moved her head to lean more comfortably on his shoulder so that he could relax his own body, no longer in an uncomfortable position.

"Is that why you want to win nationals so bad?" He asked.

"Not the only reason but yes. We've also just worked so hard o get where we are… with that title it would be worth it. The taunts, the sneers, insults, slushies, would all be a distant memory." She sighed.

"Okay," Sebastian simply said but his tone belied that he understood.

Less than ten minutes later, Sebastian finally glanced down at the brunette when he felt her slump against him. Her mouth was slightly pared as snores emitted.

Sebastian ran a hand through his hair with a slight roll of his eyes. "Really Barbra." He whispered. "You find out that I'm not strictly gay and yet you still?" He shook his head before lightly holding her head against his chest then maneuvering her head to rest on the pillow.

Sitting all the way on the other side of the couch, Sebastian glanced back at her. He cocked his head to watch her before shaking his head again. She looked fitful even in her sleep. "I'll help you win Nationals Rachel Berry. No one should fear something like that," He said referring to her morbid dream.

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