Rachel and the kids joined Sebastian and the Warblers to the Dalton Academy coffee shop where a celebratory party was being held. Top 40s music played and all the alcohol had been swiped away for a later after party. The Warblers didn't mind though as they had also become captivated by the kids.

Sebastian was twirling Sarah and Lori as a new song came on. In the corner of his eye, he saw Rachel laughing and dancing with Trent. The girl looked happier than he'd seen her since Regionals. A smile tugged at his lips before he knew it.

Unknownst to him however, the two girls dancing with him had quite pleased and rather devious grins on their otherwise sweet faces. They both shared a look and broke into giggles before they began their plan.

Rachel was having so much fun dancing with Trent who seemed to be a mix of Kurt and Blaine. The Warbler had approached her for a dance- not liking to see pretty girls dancing by themselves. From any other guy, it might've been a bad come on, but from Trent, it was just a friendly ice breaker, as he was about as straight as the Nile but his words made Rachel smile wider than she had in a while.

"I love this song." Trent practically gushed, much like Blaine, Rachel thought, just as Carley Rae Jepson's song came on. The two began to sing along still laughing like old friends. The other Warblers, hearing Rachel's dynamic voice and Trent's soprano, all drifted towards them, not helping themselves.

Sebastian included, though mostly due to the two self proclaimed cupids that were determined to see their fairy tale come to life.

Rachel threw her hands up as she continued dancing, though with Thad this time. Rachel could see why Blaine forgave his old teammates without any qualms- the Warblers were truly wonderful guys and everyone had lapses of judgments, her included. It was human nature. Nonetheless compared to New Directions, the Warblers were truly a tight knit group that appreciated each other without blinding jealousies that created animosity present more often than healthy in New Directions.

Sebastiona found himself in front of Rachel before he could truly comprehend what happened.

Rachel continued singing, spinning as she did so and found that Sebastian Smythe was now standing right in front of her.

"Call me maybe," Rachel finished as she and Sebastian stared at each other.