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Summary: Bella always followed the rules. She stayed in school, got good grades, graduated with honors, went to college, and married her high school sweetheart, Jacob. Together, they had 1 child, a dog, and a house with a picket fence. They lived the American dream…to the outsider. But to Bella, it was the American nightmare. So, how does one walk in the park , a thunderstorm, and a complete stranger change her whole outlook on life? Can she learn how to read herself?

So, I give you, Reading the Unreadable Book. Enjoy!


Chapter 1:


"So, that's what you really think of me!"

"What else am I supposed think! I mean, really Jake? You didn't get home until 3:47 this morning, I called your dad and he said he had no clue where you were, and then, when I pulled Gabrielle out of her bed and raced into town to find your sorry ass, I see you coming out of a hotel? I mean, what the hell, Jake! I'm SO done."

I continued shoving clothes for my daughter and myself into a duffle bag, not caring what my sorry excuse for a husband was saying at the moment. I had suspected it for a long time. He had been distant for some time now. At first, I thought it was his job. His boss had been calling him in pretty early lately and he had more and more late work. Then, one day, I get a call from his boss, Seth Clearwater, asking me where my beloved husband was. This was one of the mornings he had, so-called, been "called in early". Early my ass. However, I never brought it back up, though it had been eating me alive. Now, this was the last straw. He had been caught in the act, and I could no longer take it.

I was just about to take off my wedding rings and then he grabbed my wrist.

"Jake, let me go! Now!"

"Not until you listen to me!"

"Jacob Ephraim Black, I don't want to hear a word you have to say! You're a dirty, filthy, sneaky liar and I've known it for awhile now. The days you were so called 'called in early'? Yeah, on one of those days, your evil boss who 'called you in early', called me to ask where YOU were! Care to explain THAT?"

"Bells, I-

"No, I'm talking now! You know, you've got a lot of nerve, Jacob! I mean, we have a daughter! I would expect you to be more responsible! I mean, really, what the-

"I was working, Bells. I was working so I could-

"Jake, no. I don't bel-


I stared at him, wide-eyed. Jake NEVER yelled at me.

"Bella, baby. I wasn't cheating on you."

I eyed him skeptically. "Oh, yeah? Then please kindly explain what you were doing in a hotel room at 3 in the morning.

"Bella, I have been working. Just, not at the garage. I was doing some work on the side so I could afford to buy you a new wedding band. You know, one that costs more than $50. I just didn't tell because I didn't want you to think less of me. And my phone died, so I ran into the hotel to use a wall outlet to plug it in real quick. Bells, I would never do anything like that to you. I love you, I love us. Why would I ever hurt you?"

I stared a thim skeptically, until I sighed, reached forward for a hug, and gave in.

I always give in.

Jake stroked my hair and kissed my hair.

"It's okay, baby. It's okay. I'm sorry I scared you."

"It's alright. Look, I'm tired. Let's just go back to bed. Do you have to work early again tomorrow?"

"No, but I have to work late again. Sorry, babe. Maybe we can do something this weekend."

"Yeah, sure. Sounds great."

But really, all I want is out. Too bad I'm in it for life.



Man, I'm so tired. Not just physically, mentally too.

I mean, a life of listening to others complain about how screwed up their lives are when my life is just as screwed up, if not more, isn't all that entertaining. I stare at the little metal plate on my door.

Edward Cullen, DPM

Don't get me wrong, I love being a psychiatrist. It's just, as of right now, my life is too screwed up to care about anyone else's, and I don't know how to fix it.


I'm just about to leave when I see a little paper sticking out from under the couch in my office.

What is that?

I pick it up and I freeze, gently caressing the paper.


I'm not thinking when I drop the picture and run out of my office to my silver Volvo. I jump in, turn on the ignition, and slam on the gas as I fly down the main strip of Seattle. I pull up to my destination, jump out, and run.

When I reached the spot, I drop to my knees. I grab the headstone like it's a lifeline, re-reading the inscription over and over.

Maria Amelia Cullen

Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Friend

July 17th, 1985-July 18th, 2010

You are greatly missed

Yeah, FML.


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