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Dead Woman Walking

Prologue: In The Death Cell

Haruka Tenoh awoke to the noise of a baton clattering against the trellises of her cell. "Get up, you lazy butts!" the officer who was on duty yelled. Haruka sat upright, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Why do you wake us each morning?" Amanda Delacroix, a French convict, asked angered. "You don't let us out of the cells anyway, so why do you wake us?" "Shut up, piece of shit!" the officer barked, causing Amanda to flinch. "Del." Haruka now softly spoke up. Amanda looked at the blonde. "Don't mess with him." "And you shut up, too, daughter of a bitch!" the officer barked. Haruka lowered her gaze, much to the amusement of the officer. "That's the right behavior, Tenoh." He now said, slamming his baton against the trellis of Harukas cell once more. "And now, busy yourself." The officer ordered. Haruka sighed, let herself fall back on the bed and dug out the book she was reading since they had sent her to Death Cell.

"I need to see her, now!" Psychologist Michiru Kaioh slammed her fist down on the desk of the prison headmaster, causing the elderly man to flinch. "But why would you want to see her? She's a convict, sentenced to death!" "I want to see her because there are facts which could prove her innocence!" Michiru shot back. The headmaster just sighed. "Fine, fine. Go and take a seat in the visiting room. I'll have her brought to you." Michiru thanked the man and left his office, hurrying down into the visiting room.

Michiru was going through the papers she had brought with her when the door opened and an officer led in the handcuffed Haruka. He roughly pushed her forward, causing her to stumble and nearly fall. "Hey!" Michiru snapped at the man. "Stop that!" the officer just shot her an angered look before he walked out, closing and locking the door behind him. Haruka sat down on the chair opposite to Michiru, her eyes never leaving the floor. "Hello." Michiru now gently spoke, causing the blonde to look at her. "I'm Michiru Kaioh. Nice to meet you." "My pleasure." Haruka mumbled, astonished by the woman's beauty. "Do you know why I'm here?" Michiru now asked. Haruka shrugged, the chains that connected her handcuffs with her ankles clinking. "Have no clue." She replied. "I'm here to profile you." Michiru informed the blonde. Haruka gave her a surprised look. "Profile me? What for? I'm already sentenced to death." "But maybe the court will have another look at your case." Michiru replied. "I found evidence that could prove your innocence, Haruka." For one second, hope shone up in Harukas eyes, but then it vanished again, leaving only sadness. "You won't make it on time. My execution is next week." Michiru reached over the desk and took Harukas hand. "Oh yes, I will make it in time. Don't worry." Haruka just sighed again before she stood up. "Don't waste you time." She spoke, looking at the psychologist. "Better try to get someone out who has more time." The blonde walked over to the door and banged it, causing the waiting officer to open it. "Haruka!" Michiru called out. The blonde turned her head to look at her. "Don't give up hope." Michiru softly spoke. Haruka didn't reply anything, and the officer led her out, back into her cell.

"So, what did you talk about?" the man asked on their way back into block E, the block were the prisoners who were sentenced to death were kept. "None of your business." Haruka replied. All of a sudden, the end of a baton crashed into her stomach, causing her to go down on her knees in pain. "When I ask you something", the officer started, raising the baton high over his head, "you'll goddamn answer me!" He brought the baton down on the spot where he knew that it would hurt the blonde most: on the base of her spine, a little over her coccyx. Haruka moaned when a flame of pain flared up and literally ran up her spine, right into her brain. "Get up." The officer now ordered. Haruka managed to get on her feet, holding her back while she did so. "And now tell me. What did you talk about?" "She...wants to get me out." Haruka spoke through gritted teeth. The officer laughed. "Forget it, bitch. And now, move your ass before I kick it once more."