Chapter 10: A Happy Ending

During the next four weeks, Haruka visited Michiru every single day. Much to the blondes happiness, the psychologist recovered fast, and it was sure that she wouldn't gain any permanent damage from the wound Barnes had inflected on her. "Today the judge spoke the sentence." The blonde now said, causing Michiru to look at her curiously. "And?" "Death penalty." Haruka spoke, sighing. "They found out why he did it, too." Michiru gently reached out and took her friend's hand into hers. Haruka looked at her, a sad smile on her lips. "Do you want to tell me about it?" Michiru gently asked, and Haruka nodded, her eyes staring at the floor. "He did it…because he wanted to be with Mizuki. When she kept rejecting him because of me…he killed her and blamed it on me. And then, I was sent to Block E, where he was one of the guards…and he could have his fun beating me there." "What a sick guy." Michiru sighed, gently squeezing Harukas hand. The blonde let out another, heavy sigh. "Anyway…he won't bug us anymore. Let's change the subject, shall we?" Michiru agreed on that and flashed a stunning smile at Haruka. "I can leave tomorrow." She then informed her friend. "Cool." Haruka grinned. "Want me to pick you up?" "That would be too kind from you, Haruka." Michiru replied, smiling at the blonde. Before her expression grew serious again. "Haruka…did you think about the thing I told you?" "You mean your feelings for me?" Haruka asked, causing Michiru to blush and nod. "Well…" Haruka started, "I do feel attracted to you, Michiru." The psychologists eyes went wide at this; she had expected Haruka to inform her gently, but firm about the fact that she didn't love her. Haruka of course noticed the surprise in her friend's eyes and smiled. "You know, Michiru…after Mizukis death, I never thought that I could love again. But during the last four weeks…I fell for you." The last four words were spoken so soft that Michiru almost didn't hear them, but they still were loud enough to make the psychologist's heart sing with joy. "Haruka…Haruka, I…don't know what to say." The aqua haired woman finally spoke, her voice shaking. Haruka gently reached out and caressed her friend's cheek. "Michiru…you were the only one who believed me when I said that I didn't do it. You trusted me, although you didn't even know me, and you listened to me and comforted me when I cried." Michiru closed her eyes, leaning against the palm of Harukas hand. The blonde gently stroke her face with her thumb, slowly moving closer to the psychologist. The two women's lips met in a soft, innocent kiss; it stayed innocent until Michiru wrapped her arms around Harukas neck and allowed the blonde's tongue to enter her mouth. Letting out a little moan, Haruka wrapped her arms around Michirus waist, pulled the smaller woman out of the bed and on her lap. Michiru broke the kiss, staring at Haruka wide-eyed. "What are you doing?" she finally asked. "Did I hurt you?" Haruka asked back, concerned. "No, the wound is healed…but, what are you doing?" Michiru repeated. Harukas eyes started to sparkle in a mischief way, and Michiru smiled. "Just wait." Haruka whispered into the aqua haired woman's ear before they kissed again, this time more passionate. Harukas hands wandered underneath Michirus shirt, stroking her back, then sliding forward. Michiru let out a little gasp, but didn't break the kiss. Haruka broke the kiss once more, only to smile at her love, before she continued.

"We're lucky that no one came in." Michiru whispered, still sitting on Harukas lap. The blonde nodded, her face flushed and her hair tousled. "That's the first time that I…umm…that I made love to someone in such a dangerous place." The blonde then grinned. Michiru giggled and crawled off her lover's lap, much to Harukas dismay. "Why are you getting back in bed?" the blonde asked, pouting. Michiru pointed to the clock that hung at the wall. "Because the doctor will come soon." She informed her lover. "Oh!" Haruka replied, blushing. "Well…I better straighten out my clothes again." No sooner said than done, the blonde stuffed her shirt back into her pants and ran to the toilet to tidy up her hair. As soon as she was sitting next to the bed, all prim and proper again, the doctor entered. "Hello." He greeted before he eyed Michiru suspiciously. "Miss Kaioh, are you feeling well? Your face is pretty…red." Michiru and Haruka coughed before Michiru replied: "Oh, I'm fine. Just a little…hot." Haruka coughed again, louder this time, her face turning to a nice red color. The doctor eyed both women with an odd look before he shrugged if off and started his physical examination.

"Finally, I'm outta here." Michiru sighed, leaning against Haruka happily while the couple walked out of the hospital. Haruka smiled down at her before she placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. "You're outta the hospital…I'm outta the prison…and we both are free." The blonde then said. Michiru smiled up at her girlfriend, and they shared a short kiss. "Happy endings are the best, don't you think?" Michiru then giggled. Haruka chuckled and nodded. "The very best, love." They walked over to Harukas City Rover, both climbed in, and Haruka drove off – together with Michiru, into a new life.