Hi guys. I'm back, and don't really know why I'm posting this let alone writing it. Levi told me to write it, but i've been using chicanery to get out of it.

Okay so basically it's a Fanfic full of different Star wars Disclaimers. Some funny, some serious if you want to have your favorite disclaimer put in here leave your name and the disclaimer in a review or PM me.

You guys know what I mean by 'disclaimer' right? I mean the disclaimer you out at the beginning of a fanfic. You know 'I do not own such and such... That disclaimer.

Quay: you forgot the disclaimer.

Me: Do I really need one?

566th: (nods)

Me: Fine. I do not own Star Wars: The Clone Wars or alot of the disclaimers in this fanfic. every disclaimer will have a name on it.