Hello all you'll be proud to hear: I do not own the Star Wars disclaimers in this book. Okay I do own a few.

I know you'll all be shocked to hear this but – I'm not George Lucas. I know it's a stunning revelation, but I don't own Star Wars. :P

~ submitted by Queen!

I own coconut, bananas, and an I-pod but unfortunately I don't own Star Wars

~ submitted by me!

Guess what I've got a disclaimer book of disclaimers.. and here's my disclaimer for my disclaimer: I do not own my disclaimer.

~ submitted by me!

Me: Quay disclaimer cus Levi is in a circle surrounded by guns

Quay: Spottedpelt does not own Star Wars: The Clone Wars only her OCs: Levi, Bud, Buddy, Christian (chris), Twister, and Hurricane.

Levi: please don't let them kill me. I'm sorry I got an 'F' on the pop quiz. Please don't kill me off in the second chapter.

Me and Quay: Get back in the story, Levi!

Me: Jinks, you owe me a soda. If I didn't own you I would turn you into George for Discipline.

~ submitted by moi!

I couldn't talk George Lucas into trading me Star Wars for a penny and a lolipop,so I don't own Star Wars.

~ submitted by Epic Duck!

"I've used to want to own Star Wars like you, but then I took a lightsaber to the knee."

~ submitted by Shadowclanwarrior!

"Now we return to breaking new at news room." (Announcer.)
"Breaking news after many failed attempt be the dragon of the stars to own the star wars franchise(dumb bastard) me Dark dragon of the stars is reluctant to we don't own star wars the clone wars."
"I know, I know, I know we are happy to say we'll continue to write after D. serve his jail time hahaha."

~ submitted by Dragon of the Stars!

I don't own Starwars, Shadow, Smoulder, Cesario, Scourge, or any canon characters. The writing is mine!

~ submitted by RougeofVoid!

Opposite day! I own Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I don't wish I didn't!

~ submitted by Me!

I'm in Star Wars, but I'm not owned by George Lucas. I don't own Star Wars, but I'm in it.

~ submitted by Levi!