"Woooooooooooooowwwwww, is that Schroeder?" asked one girl.

"He's so cute and very talented, said another.

Lucy sat at a desk and listened to them go gaga over him. She rolled her eyes. I cannot believe I loved him. Was I insane? "Ugh, that's it!" Lucy grabbed her book bag and got up to leave.

"Yo, Lucy?" Some one in the clique called.

"Why is she even here? I mean she always skips class, is always drinking. I swear she's a nut case." This was whispered by one of the other girls.

Lucy ignored the catcalls, but glared at Schroeder on her way out the door.

He smirked. "Jealous much, Pelt"

She frowned. "You can bite me, boy." She left class in a fit of rage, slamming the door.

"What a psycho."

"Oh Schroeder, how do you put up with such a mean girl? A simpering blonde by his side asked the question.

.Schroeder sighed. "Trust me its hard."

Outside, Lucy reached a metal bench the school usually used for lunches. I can't stand it. I let my emotions get the best of me. I wish they'd find a new target, already. Do they hate me that much, thought Lucy, sipping a Coke. Frieda walled passed, her naturally curly hair fixed permanently on her head.

"Hey, Pelt, Vi is looking for ya."

"Why does she need a brain for that pretty little head," smirked Lucy.

"Oh shut up, Pelt," scoffed Frieda.