A/N: This is my second try at a songfic, although technically it's based on a song, not just lyrics copied and pasted with a sentence about each line :P The song is Dance the Night Away, by Van Halen- even if you like pop, rap, and all that stuff people nowadays like, you should listen to it :) Also, this is a request from CharlieHarperFan88. And in this, Total Drama never happened (or if you want to pretend it did, Justin and Heather weren't contestants.)

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In the heart of Toronto there was a small bar, with just one bartender and ten customers. It wasn't much of a setting for the gorgeous male model, but Justin was there anyway. He had recently turned 21, and every Saturday night he would have a drink or two, at a different place each time. The young man claimed it was because he loved to just hang out, but in all honesty, he felt that as the hottest man around, he really should have a girlfriend. What better way to find someone than going to a bar?

Before tonight, there had been no luck. But tonight, something would happen, he felt.

And not long after he thought it, he saw her. Across the room, a stunning raven-haired woman was making her way to the dance floor. Her eyes, skin, all of it was just perfect in every way... it was love at first sight.

She danced longer than anyone else, dancing to everything from slow ballads to upbeat tunes. There was no denying it, she danced better than anyone else Justin had ever seen. For a half hour, he was content just to watch her, unaware of the dreamy expression on his face and the bartender's curious glance.

She was beautiful. If only she would turn her head his way... the only way that would happen would be if he talked to her. Justin made up his mind; he needed to go talk to this girl. She had just stepped off the dance floor for a drink, this was his chance.

"Hello, beautiful," he said to her. "The name's Justin."

She turned her head in surprise at the sound of his voice. He wore a smile on his face, and his eyes were shining. Blushing, she replied "I'm Heather... nice to meet you."

"You sure can dance, Heather."

"Thank you."

"Why is a girl as beautiful as you alone on a Saturday night?"

She didn't know what to say to this, his straightforward flirting surprised her. "Well- I..."

"It's fine." Justin then changed the subject, asking her about college.

"Yeah, I'm graduating next year, right now I'm home for the summer."

They made small talk for a few minutes, until Justin couldn't stand it any longer.

"Heather, I have something to ask you... why don't you and I dance the night away together?"

She smiled at him, and took his hand.

"I'll take that as a yes." He was elated that the woman of his dreams had just accepted his wish to dance.

This time, Justin was prepared for her dancing skills. A romantic and slightly upbeat song came on as the reached the dance floor, one Justin recognized as his favorite Van Halen song. He put his arms around her waist and they began to dance. As the song progressed, the two moved closer and closer, their bodies slowly melting into each other.

At the end of the song, Justin pressed his lips against hers, and they exchanged a soft kiss. It was an experience neither would ever forget, the precious sixteen seconds they kissed. And true to the song's words, they danced the night away.

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