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A Thousand Nights

"A thousand nights? That sounds like a lot..."

"Then a hundred!"

"That's still too much!"

Lucy stomped her foot, emphasizing her rejection. She wasn't truly irritated but acted as such. It was a night of celebration and friendship and good relations between guilds. As always, Blue Pegasus quickly was emphasizing the 'good relations' by scouting out every available female-and even those not available-to otherwise flirt and charm the night away with.

Hibiki, swishing his nearly full glass of beverage, was no exception. Except for the exception that he'd only really pestered Lucy the entire night, something she hadn't made note of until recently.

"Don't you have others girls to bother?" She hadn't meant it to come out like she wanted him to leave. It just happened to be the most pressing question on her mind at the moment, and flustered with nothing else to say she'd mistakenly spoken her mind.

Hibiki responded with a confident smirk, winking.

"My eyes are for you alone, tonight."

"Tonight" Lucy muttered. She didn't really know what she meant by that, though, the moment the retort left her lips, either. Did she desire more than a night? She instantly felt heat rise to her face, but knew it meant nothing. Hibiki was a flatterer-this was his profession (She never believed he was a mage first, man whore second). Hibiki caught this, and she knew it, for in an instant his smile faded. But, he didn't act on it-not directly. Instead, he leaned against the bar, facing the same direction as Lucy, and set his glass down. Looking closer at it, Lucy noted he'd hardly touched it. She herself was downing her second swig.

"Lucy...Would you honor me with one date?"

Lucy threw her hands up into a cross above her head.


Hibiki laughed in mock pain.

"Rejection stings!" He joked.

Lucy, attempting to puff her cheeks, smiled lightly at his gesture instead. She eyed a few females further down the bar. All voluptuous, pretty and 'mature'-looking. One wore a bit too much make-up, but in the dark what would that matter? At first glance, they all were attractive. Lucy nodded in motion behind Hibiki at the girls.

"Why don't you ask one of them."

Without so much as a glance back, Hibiki didn't miss a beat in his reply.

"Because they're not Lucy."

Lucy blushed.

"You don't want to go on a date with me..."

Hibiki smiled.

"Too late, it's decided. Lucy Heartfilia," Hibiki straightened, then bowed, "Allow me to take you out for a hundred nights!"

Lucy blinked for a moment, registering what Hibiki had just said.

"Eh? A h-hundred? What's this, all of a sudden?"

Hibiki, again, smirked at the flustered Lucy.

"It's been decided. From tonight onward, allow me to show you why I am called 'Thousand Night Hibiki'."

Lucy nervously circled the rim of her glass with her finger, avoiding staring at Hibiki.

"I-I told you, you don't want to-"

"I do."

Lucy squirmed a bit, making the mistake of eyeing Hibiki. He was grinning warmly at her.

"F-fine!" She decisively took a swing of her glass, for bravery, and stepped from the support of the bar. Her hand grasped at Hibiki's and pulled him, his own drink forgotten as she led him towards the outskirts of the dance floor. Her heels clicked to a stop on the marble, and she made sure to be spaced openly enough away from the already engaged couples, it being mid-song.

"This is the first night? This will show you what you're getting yourself into!" She smiled inwardly. He'd surely get bored of her, or too tempted by the other girls. Lucy set her pride in her sexuality aside for a moment, accepting this oddly reversed challenge of loosing Hibiki's interest rather than obtaining it. Hibiki, startled at first, gained the upper hand by quickly integrating himself and Lucy into the dance, slipping his own hand into a clasp with hers as well as his second hand slinking around her waist, pulling Lucy in far closer than she had been willing to get.

"Alright. Night one."

The remainder of the song and dance was silent and awkward. Lucy stared everywhere but Hibiki. Hibiki never took his eyes off of her. By the second song, Hibiki hadn't let go of Lucy, and she hadn't pulled away, and they hadn't stopped dancing. She relaxed by the third. By the fourth consecutive dance, all slow and sweet, conversation was inevitable.

"This isn't so bad," Hibiki offered, in a light whisper. Lucy blushed.

"Y-you have to be itching to dance with someone else by now...Sh-Sherry looks like she could-"

"Sherry has Ren." Hibiki cut in.

It was true. Lucy glanced behind Hibiki's shoulder blade to notice the two in question chatting away. Nothing out of the ordinary for former allies, other than the unusual sight of Lyon standing with his back to Sherry not but a foot away, and her attention unwavering from the man speaking to her. Lucy looked back at Hibiki to, yet again, find his eyes on her and only her.

"Lucy, are you sure you're not sick? You're awful red!"

Lucy responded with a misstep of her foot, causing Hibiki to wince before laughing it off.

"Ok, ok!"

Lucy smiled, relaxing slightly as the song yet again changed. This time, an even slower song (Not that the pace ever truly picked up. It was a classy event). Hibiki pulled in closer, and for once Lucy didn't react flustered.

"A hundred nights, eh?" She mumbled, half into his suit jacket and half to herself.

"A hundred nights like this? I don't think I'd mind it..."

Lucy chuckled softly.

"You won't really..."

Hibiki pulled away to eye Lucy.

"Why not?"

Lucy furrowed her brows like the answer was obvious.

"We both know you're not...a one-woman kind of guy, Hibiki...b-besides, you'll get bored quickly with just me! A-and we're of different cities, it's not like you can travel between the two-"

"For you, I would."

Lucy blinked.

Hibiki smiled, again swaying to the music and pulling Lucy along with him gently.

"You question things too much. I said it before, didn't I? It's been decided. A hundred nights. If it becomes too much, then weekends only. When you don't have a job. Name the date."


This time, Hibiki laughed a bit louder at Lucy's reaction. Honestly, it was too cute.

"Yes, for the second night."

"R-right, tonight was the first."

Lucy thought for a moment.

"Fine, then, tomorrow."

Inwardly, she grinned wickedly. There was no way he'd agree to that. It was too rushed, too sudden. He wouldn't have time to plan reservations anywhere, and he'd hardly get any rest after tonight as it was.

"Alright then."

Lucy blinked.


"Tomorrow it is. I'll pick you up around seven."

Unsuspectingly, Hibiki suddenly dipped Lucy.

"Casual, or formal date?"

Breathless, Lucy quickly calmed herself to firmly reply, "Formal."

That'll show him! It's impossible to set up a formal date with such little preparation time!

Hibiki lifted Lucy, spontaneously spinning her outward, then twirling her back into his arms. Blushing madly, she gasped looking up at him.

"Alright. Seven, tomorrow, formal. Now then," He released her, bowing. "May I have this next dance?"

Lucy hadn't realized the music had changed.

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