So anyways! As you no my last story The Hybrid I deleted! Why? Well i didn't like what I had written so last night when i was falling asleep I came up with a mega aswome idea! I am going to keep the plot from the last story but change some thigns! Liek the fact that my character was the master and that shit... so anyway i own nothing except my OC and such.

It was like any other day for me. I was out heading to a coffee shop to meet up with some friends for my 20th birthday. What I didn't know is how wrong I was.

"Damn…" I grumbled as I stared at the clock. 10:38 it read, I was late by 18 minutes. My phone vibrated in my hand, I clicked the side button and dragged my hand across the screen bringing me to the source of it all.

The name Brittany was above the two keys allowing me to either answer or decline. I pressed down on the green phone and hurriedly dragged that across the screen. "Hello?" I said harsher than I meant to.

"Shesh calm your tits, we are all wondering where you are!" said the familiar voice of my ginger friend.

"My tits are calm! Sorry for snapping, my friend Marvin is visiting so I am not a ray of fucking sunshine." (A/N: Marvin is referring to a period, thats what me and my friends call it.)

"Ah Marvin… what a bitch."

"I know right?"

"Well anyway, we were just wondering since you were late, we are at Starbucks on Randall."

"'Kay, I am in the car for the record…"

"Don't need an update bro…"

I laughed, "Just wanted to keep you in the loop."

"Appreciate it, well bye."

"Bye." I clicked off my phone and tossed it onto the seat next to me as I turned right. I turned on the player smiled as the familiar Japanese of Vocaloid filled my ears. So what if I can't understand it, the beautiful tune of Servant of Evil is amazing. The first time I heard it the song brought tears to my eyes as I read the lyrics. My family thought I was crazy that camping trip. (A/N: True story...) "Although it has been sometime since something has made me cry…" I thought aloud.

It is incredibly hard for something to make me cry, you know how Dumbledore died? Brittany sat next to me in the theater crying while I just sat there. Wasn't even close to tears, a few movies have made me watery but nothing has given me a full break down like this song. "Even this song has lost its magic to make me shed tears, but I still love it." I finished my thought.

For the record I tend to talk more sophisticatedly than a normal person. Hey never said I was normal though right? Regret Message had just finished as I pulled into the parking lot of the Starbucks. "Hey guys!" I called waving as I got out. I trotted up to them as Brittany handed me a water bottle.

"'Sup Schaefer?" Morgan asked me form her seat sipping her coffee. I made a face, "Nothing much, wondering why you guys drink that shit."

"So the usual?" Maddy retorted casually.

"No, the usual is being sexy." Maddy nodded at this.

"ANYWAYS, we were all thinking about going to the mall across the shop to do some shopping and the sorts." Taryn intervened predicting the battle of stupidity. I nodded my agreement.

"I am not buying anything though…"

"Why not Schaefer? You never go shopping it's not normal!"

"When was I normal?"

"…Touché." I gave a sly smile at her comment.

"The great pimp daddy Kaitlyn has spoken then? We are going?" Morgan asked, bored as usual.(AN/ Great Pimp Daddy Kaitlyn is an inside joke between me and a friend in case you're confused)

"Yeah, but can I finish my water?" I whined to her in a childish voice. They all nodded and we sat and continued to talk about useless shit like we usually did.

"Hey… you know what I realized?" Taryn said looking thoughtful.

"What?" Maddy asked.

"Kaitlyn you have never had a boyfriend… that means you have never had a kiss!"

Ah… how blunt you can be Taryn, I hate this topic of conversation. I never found interest in a boyfriend I found the whole thing stupid. I always developed crushes on game characters, or anime characters. Hot, sexy, nonexistent men in general.

I lightly blushed and stuttered, "What? Psh… fucking lies! I h-have had boyfriends!"

"Name them." Morgan countered my bluff.

"Damn it, fine I haven't had a boyfriend. Nor have I had a first kiss and yes I am still a virgin." I commented looking distraught.

"We never asked if you had gotten laid…" Taryn laughed.

"I was answering all your unasked questions!"

"So who is the nonexistent man this time?"

"I am in a battle with Sebastian and Undertaker. Sebastian is hot, but Undertaker has bitchen eyes. Then there is the fact that Undertaker has awesome silver hair and Sebastian is hot. They are also both powerful as fuck but Sebastian is hot."

"What about the Claude guy?" Brittany asked.

"Sami Braun has dibs on him."

"Plus he isn't hot?" Morgan asked.

"No he is but Sami has dibs, and he doesn't have a sexy sounding English voice actor like Sebastian does."

"Notice how she doesn't bring up Undertaker?" Taryn commented.

"Fuck you peanut gallery! I never asked your opinion."

Taryn shrugged, "I quite like the peanut gallery and will give my opinion when I feel like it." I gave her a death glare but ended up laughing. See what I mean by battles of stupidity?

"Well we should leave soon cause people are starting to stare at us." Maddy said

"People are staring at your face!" Morgan retaliated. We all laughed again then continued on drinking our coffee and water.

After a few minutes we got up and threw out the empty cups. "Go on ahead I am going to get water!" I called to them as they headed for the crosswalk to the mall. They waved giving me the go ahead and I walked back inside.

After I paid for my drink I headed out and saw them waiting for me on the other side of the street. Waving to them across the street, not noticing the car speeding my way, I slowed to a walk ¼ of the way across the large street.

"Look out!" a woman's voice shrieked.

"What?" I said as I turned, seeing the car barreling towards me, showing no signs of slowing. You know how in movies scenes where somebody is about to die happens in slow motion? How when the gun is fired the hero magically avoids it and lives? That's what it was like right now. This car coming towards me slowed down, I couldn't think or move. I was a goddamn deer in headlights. A fucking sitting duck! The only thing that was running through my mind was these things: Car. Scream.

The scream tore from my throat before I realized it. Bits and pieces of my life flashed before my eyes: my sister's wedding, cosplaying, my two dogs Bailey and Coconut, my brother's wedding, my mom, my dad, my niece Maggie running to hug me when she came over, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law coming over for one big family dinner.

The car collided with my body; I could feel the shattering of my legs from the force of the impact and metal. My ribs cracking as the top of the car smacked my torso, my head smashing onto the car. I heard the screech of the breaks as I flew a little ways through the air and landed a little ways in front of the car on the ground. My head smashing into the pavement, it felt it become wet, my blood was pooling up by my head.

"Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn!" Over and over, my friends screeched my name; my vision was failing me as I was losing blood. My body growing numb as the pain shook throughout my bones and nerves. I felt my tears slide down my face and across my ears. I haven't cried in a while… I thought. I closed my eyes, the color red being the last thing I saw, I thought I saw a film real, but I must have been hallucinating.

Am I going to die?

And that's it for now! Please Read and Review! and can you guess why she saw red? hmmm? *eyebrow wiggle* haha well anyways to explain the crazy camping trip in short a few years back i went camping with my family and decided to listen to Servent of Evil on ym Ipod and ended up crying from it and caused everyone to freak out. I will try to update tomorrow so yeah. That's it!