Zooms through air and slams this down on the desk


Perhaps I should explain what I mean. Sebastian was there, I could see him plainly; however, there seemed to be some sort of image over him of a bulky man dressed in black armor. In fact, the whole room had an image over itself. Everything was darker and blurred and my head was pounding and I just didn't want to think or exist.

Richard's cries kept me there. He called out for his brother who could do nothing against the demon who he had faith in, and was betrayed by. I stood and collapsed to the ground. There was the faint sound of breathing to my left, almost as if somebody was struggling to stay alive. "Leave these boys alone Sebastian!" I shouted, angry tears pricking at my eyes, "I won't let you kill them! I mean hurt!"

Sebastian seemed baffled.

I wouldn't blame him, I hadn't the slightest clue what was going on either. I charged him and-

There was silence.

T~T~T~T (The Void)

I couldn't breathe. My lungs burned, my head was light, my body heavy. I thought I was dying. I opened my mouth to cry out for help, for somebody to breathe into my mouth and give me something.

But my voice was lost. There was nothing that came out and nothing came rushing in to fill my lungs.

I was suffocating in the worst of ways. I was dying and nobody would be there to know how I had gone out. I knew I was crying but the tears seemed to evaporate as soon as they came out.

I couldn't move, I couldn't see, I couldn't hear.

Sebastian please! Save me you bastard!

My mind screamed for that demonic asshole, and still there was nobody.

That's when I heard her. Voice soft, right in my ear.

Ma'am. It's alright. I'm here with you. Please, kneel down.

My body moved of its own accord and as I kneeled my legs found soft, solid ground.

Open your eyes please.

I did, unaware I had closed them, and looked around. I saw nothing until I looked in front of me. I screamed, and my voice came out. A corpse lay in front of me, skin and bones.

My body, somehow, has been preserved by the lake far below the castle window. It wasn't a pond ma'am. Please, look closer and see if you recognize me.

I did as was asked, and out came a sob. "You-!" The maid stood- well, floated- in front of me, smiling sadly. She nodded and kneeled down, cupping my face.

Thank you ma'am. I could never thank you enough for what you've done.

"But I didn't do anything! All I did was hold him! Seriously, I didn't do jack shit!" She laughed. A high, clear, sweet laugh that sounded like a bell and then she was gone.

T~T~T~T (Richard's Room)

I opened my eyes and glanced around.

No Richard.

No Edward.

Only Sebastian.

My heart gave a throb of anguish.

"Sebastian… did they…?"

He stood from his chair and walked over, offering me his hand. I took it and he helped me to the window. Glancing out it I saw a soft light down by the lake. "The Young Master is seeing them off for us."

"I don't even get to say goodbye…?"

"I never said that."

I glanced at him, and then back at the window. Sucking in a breath, as the light started to fade, I cried, "Richard! Edward! I'm sorry!" I choked on my words, cutting off the strangers' voice.

Calmly I brought my head in, and then collapsed to the ground a blubbering mess.

T~T~T~T (Phantomhive Manor)

I was sitting in my pajamas, as one does, and sitting on the windowsill, letting the air circulate in the room. Sebastian had made me a cup of hot chocolate even though I had made no request for it. It was sitting beside my foot that was on the windowsill and not dangling out the window. I could still feel the heat coming off it.

"I didn't even get to say goodbye." I whispered as Sebastian came up behind me. "All because that damn maid had to speak I didn't get to say goodbye."

"What maid?"

"You know who I mean." He said nothing in return. "It's not fair… she already got to say goodbye when she died. Why did she have to take my chance?"

"Do you miss them?"

"Does the hurt in my heart mean yes?"


"Don't call me that."


"'Hybrid'. Don't call me that. I'm not some unnamed thing. I'm not some freaking maid Ciel can push around. I'm not a child. I'm not some stranger and most importantly I'm not the pretty heroine! I'm Kaitlyn god damn it! It's not fair I didn't get to say goodbye Sebastian!" I screamed, breaking out into sobs.

Warm arms enveloped me and I kicked and pushed and jabbed and screamed louder. My foot nudged the teacup, sending it over the edge and crashing bellow which was followed by an angered, "I'm sorry!" and more wails.

Continuing to struggle in his grip I managed to smack him upside the head a few times, apologizing each time. I only stopped when he dumped me on the bed and pinned me to the sheets. "I can't do anything right can I Sebastian?"

"I never said that."

"You thought it."

"Not even then."

"It's just not fair…"

"The human world is never fair."

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