I'm back and in this its right after tori came to Hollywood arts. Cabbie chapter!

Robbie: there's the cool kids(show Beck) there's the preps(Show Cat)(even though she is not really a prep) and there's the skate punks and the jocks(Andre) (I know still not right) and then there's me. There's the losers(Sinjin), there the nerds and there the stoners and the Goths(Jade) and then there's me but then there's you cause you the new kid in the school your not defined by one specific breed. And so you're free to flit from group to group from scene to scene cause you the condulate the medium the go between witch means your perfectly positioned to get me what I need.

Tori:Its impossible

Robbie: one date that's all I'm asking

Tori: come on!

Robbie: they don't like me even back before the puppet it was clear I don't fit here so lets face it. I cant walk right up to Cat and say hey she'd run away. But look at you your making friends and having parties and adapting with impressive speed! Just 20 minutes when were sitting so our knees can touch yes it's a tiny inconvenience but it means so much. Cause out of all of California you can get me what I need.
And what I need is Cat

Boy: Cat, Cat

Robbie: very hot Cat

Boys: very hot very hot

Robbie: beautiful Cat

Girls: ahhhh

Robbie: make her aper

Boys: if you want a girl the girl you want is Cat

Girls: Cat, Cat

Robbie: very hot Cat

Boys: very hot very hot

Robbie: go tell cat I'm waiting here here the problem every minute every second that I wait might be to late. So lets face it if I ever had the chance the time is now so who cares how. Just do your best and I wont bother you again and that's a promise garneted so you can help me out and we can both do very well. Or I can turn around and make your life a living hell! It's up to you you've got the choice you've got incentive to succeed. YES I know it sounds insane Rex Powers can explain you've got to help me Tori help me tori help me tori help me Tori. GET! ME! What! i…!

Tori: alright I'll try

Robbie: I knew you would

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