The Darkness Inside

By the Mighty Lu Bu

I don't own Batman

On a chilly October night in Gotham, the Batman moved about on the roofs on his standard patrol. He had his car hidden in a secluded location as he patrolled this sector of Gotham. With Two-Face and the Joker in Arkham Asylum, Gotham was quiet. Still there were those criminals who still victimized people that Batman had to stop.

However it wasn't the criminals Batman was out there for, long ago he'd learned that vengeance only makes you like them, instead he focused on another group of people. The victims. He himself was a victim and he determined to prevent as many as he could from becoming a victim like himself and stopping the criminals who do victimize the innocence. That was his goal and that was his mission. But there are times, when things happens, that drives a man back into the darkness inside.

There was a time when Batman used to kill, he would go out and he would find the monsters and end their lives. In his early days, he had no mercy for these monsters. He remembered his spiral of darkness well, and how it nearly destroyed him. Now years later, he was the Batman still, but he was a different man, a better man. He fought crime, but he didn't go that extra level. He put people away, he didn't put them under the ground.

Batman moved from a low roof to another, and then another. With the elusive Catwoman in his sights, but his attention was diverted as he saw a pair of young looking white feet sticking out from behind a building around fifty feet to the left of his position, on the ground. Using his grappling hook he swung down to see what it was he had saw. In the distance he saw a brown Ford drive off, thinking nothing of it he continued towards the feet.

Rounding the building, his heart stopped at the sight that greeted his eyes. A naked eleven year old girl that was badly beaten and raped. Anger welled up inside him, his fists clenched. Only a real sick bastard would do this kind of thing. Dark thoughts buried in years past came to the surface. The man who did this…

Batman quickly observed that the young girl was still breathing. Batman completely dismissed any further efforts to catch the Catwoman. She can wait, this was more important, as Batman removed his cap. He carefully wrapped the young girl in the black cloth to shelter her from the cold air and cover her nakedness.

Cradling her closely he motioned towards the direction of his car. He did not notice off in the distance as Catwoman looked down on him. He couldn't see how broken up she was with the sight of the broken little girl. Once the Batman was gone, Catwoman disappeared as well, but she would not forget what she had seen.

The little girl moaned in pain as he finally reached the Batmobile and loaded her carefully into the passenger seat. He then got into the driver's seat and threw down the throttle speeding to the nearest hospital which was St. Mary's. Batman observed out of his right eye that the girl continued to moan painfully, but remaining unconscious.

He placed a call in his car to Commissioner Gordon. Gordon was always aware when the Batman called him, however was extremely rare to receive such a call from the Batman, he answered, "Batman, what's going on."

Batman's voice was laden with heartbreaking emotion, "I found a little girl. She…she…"

"She what?"

Batman fought to continue, "She was raped. I'm only a couple minutes from St. Mary's hospital. Go to 14th and grant at the foot of the abandoned McAllister building. Sorry, I couldn't leave her there Gordon, not even for evidence purposes. She's…so…small."

A tear rolled off of Batman's face and across his mask dripping to the seat. Gordon replied, "It's fine. Just get her to the hospital as quickly as you can. I'll be there shortly and I'll send some men to the crime scene."

Batman sighed sadly, "Ok Gordon. Out." He turned into the St. Mary's parking lot. He quickly opened the hatch and carefully picked up the girl who was still wrapped up in his cape. He quickly, yet steadily motioned towards the entrance of the hospital.

Heads quickly turned as people quickly realized they were in the presence of the Batman. A nurse approached Batman as she said, "Um…sir…"

Batman cut her off, "She's been raped and beaten, and she needs medical aid now."

The nurse signaled the other nurses as a gurney was quickly wheeled out. The nurse asked, "Um…What do you want done with the cape?"

"It will contain evidence of the crime. Preserve it; let the police look at it. I'll be here only for a few minutes until they arrive."


"It's fine, just get to helping her.

Batman laid the girl on the gurney as she remained wrapped in the cape. The nurses wheeled her to the emergency room. Batman waited for a few minutes when Commissioner Gordon entered through the door. Batman greeted him as he said, "My cape is with the girl. There are probably bodily fluids on it you can use for evidence."

Gordon asked, "What can you tell me about the where you found her? What were the conditions?"

"I was chasing Catwoman again when I saw the child's feet. I observed a brown Ford; I couldn't tell you more about it as it left to quickly. There was no clothes anywhere in sight and the signs suggested that she was not raped there, but rather dumped instead."

Gordon placed his hand on Batman's shoulder, "Alright. What are you going do?"

Batman's sorrow replaced with anger.

He dared not answer that question, because he knew what he was going to do and Gordon wouldn't approve of it. He was going to find the son of bitch and kill him.