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Chapter 22

Molly's PoV

"I got all the wishes, I got all the wishes!" I sing this while skipping through town, very proud of myself for working so hard. I stop mid-skip and frown. "I wonder what's taking Wizard so long. He was supposed to back after a few days. Instead, it's been a week and a half."

"Are you that worried about him?"

I jump at the sound of someone interrupting my spoken thoughts. I turn to see Kasey smirking at me. I sigh in relief, glare at him and say, "Kasey! You almost gave me a heart-attack! What if I had DIED?!" He gives me a look and says, "Uh, I think you're being a little overly dramatic." I wave him off and ask, "What was it you asked me again? I forget." He sighs, shakes his head and mutters, "I swear, sometimes you have the attention span of a squirrel." He ignores my protests at his remark and says, "I asked if you were that worried about the Wizard." I blink at him and answer, "Well, DUH I'm worried about him. What if he's sick? What if he hurt himself? What if he fell off a cliff? Or sprained his ankle? Or died? OR WORSE! WHAT IF HE GOT ABDUCTED BY EVIL FAIRIES THAT ARE CURRENTLY BRAINWASHING HIM INTO LOVING RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS?!" Kasey gave me a look like, 'What the heck?' and said, "Uh… I dunno. I guess you'll never find out?" He backs away slowly as I start muttering about the evil fairies making him their slave and forcing him to steal cookies for them or some other evil bidding of theirs.

When I finally snap out of my train of thought, I look around, notice that Kasey is no longer there, shrug, and walk toward the inn. When I open the door, I hear a loud voice shout, "HA! I BEAT YOU!" I contemplate walking right back out the door, but then decide that it sounds way too interesting to not go in. I walk in to see Angela pointing a whisk at Chase, a triumphant smirk on her face. Chase has a scowl on his face and has his arms crossed over his chest. I timidly walk toward them and ask nervously, "Hey guys. What's up?" Angela turns to me, the triumphant smirk still in place. "I just beat Chase at a baking match, that's what's up!" Chase scowls and snaps, "You only won because you cheated!" Angela scoffed and asked, "Oh really? And HOW, pray tell, did I cheat?" Chase's arms go to his sides, his fists clenched, as he retorts, "I don't know! But there's no way you could have gathered the ingredients, mixed them, and baked the cake all in thirty minutes! It's not possible!" Angela growls at him and says, "Well, I did! So get over it! Stop whining and accept that you lost!" Chase makes a 'hmph' sound, turns around, and stomps off. Angela shouts at him, "Take it like a man!" I feel a drop of sweat form on my forehead as I say, "Angela, calm down." Angela spins around to face me and says, "Calm down? CALM DOWN? I AM CALM!" I sigh and say, "Then prove it. Stop shouting." Angela sighs and mutters, "I don't know why he can't just admit that he lost to me." I sigh and ask, "How DID you manage to make your cake so quickly?" She shrugs. "I used this special Baking Powder that the General Store sells that speeds up baking." I cross my arms and ask, "Couldn't that be considered cheating?" She scoffs, offended, and says, "He didn't make a rule saying I COULDN'T use it." I sigh, shake my head and ask, "Don't you think you should apologize and explain it to him?" She gives me a puppy-dog pout and says, "But I don't wanna." I sigh and think, well, maybe I can get Chase to apologize. I go in the direction I say Chase go in and find him sitting at a table, furiously scribbling something in a notebook. He grabs his head and growls in frustration. I walk up behind him and ask, "Whatcha doin'?" He jumps and falls out of the seat in shock. He rubs his head, says, "Ow," and looks up. "Sheesh, Molly. Give me a heart-attack, why don't ya." I giggle, say, "Sorry, Kasey did that to me, too, earlier, so I guess I should have known better." He sighs, runs his hand through his hair, and asks, "So, what's up?"

I sigh. "Could you by any change apologize to Angela and forget about this? I know she seems a little overconfident when it comes to cooking, but that's because that's one of the few things she actually likes to do and can do well at." Chase blinks at me. He sighs and says, "Yeah, I guess I can apologize. I went a little overboard." I smile and say, "Thanks, Chase! I really appreciate it." I start to leave before I pause. I turn back to him and say, "Hey, Chase? Could you, by any chance, try to be Angela's friend? I know she probably seems kinda obnoxious to you, but she really doesn't have that many friends. She's always kinda been the loner type. She never really had a good friend. I dunno why I'm telling you this. I guess you just seem so much like her in ways." I saw the strange look he was giving me and my face grew hot. "Never mind, forget I said anything." I rush out of the room back to where Angela is. She doesn't seem to have noticed that I've come back in, so I watch her for a moment. She seems off. Like something's wrong. I hear her sniff a little, and move a hand to rub her eye as though she's crying. I walk in and say, "Angela? Are you okay?" She jumps, spins around, plasters on a fake smile, and says, "Yeah, I'm fine! Why do you ask?" I point to the tears threatening to spill from her eyes. She blinks, looks sheepish, and says, "Oh yeah. I was just… cutting onions! Yeah, that's it." I give her a skeptical look before saying and saying, "Hey, I gotta go. I'll see you later?" She nods, says, "See you!" a little TOO enthusiastically, and I walk toward the door. As I turn the knob, I hear Chase walk and say, "Uh, Angela, there's something I want to say…" I smile and leave, giving the two some alone time to work things out. I smile and skip through town (again). Once I get to the Wizard's house, I stop. I sigh sadly, shrug, and turn toward the docks. I have nothing better to do, so might as well go fishing or something, right?

I plop down on the docks, get out my fishing rod, and wait for a bite. Three hours later, I have two fish. Not exactly my best day. I sigh, get up, and say, "Oh well. I guess I can give these to Angela and ask her to cook 'em up for me." I walk toward my house and stop in my tracks when I see a flicker of silver. My feet automatically take me toward that flicker of silver until I'm standing in front of the Wizard's house, staring at the back of his head. I drop my fishing rod and the bucket that holds my catch of the day. He turns, startled by the sound, and smiles at me. He says, "Molly." I run toward him shouting, "WWIIIIZZZAAARRRDDD!" I hug him profusely, and it takes him a minute to hug me back. When he does, I smile. I pull back and say, "I missed you." His smile widens and he replies, "I… missed you… too. I'm sorry… it took so… long." I shook my head and said, "It's fun, as long as you didn't get abducted by evil fairies that brainwashed you into loving rainbows and unicorns." He gives me a strange look and looks as though he's about to say something when I snap my fingers and say, "Oh yeah! Guess what? I got all the wishes!" He smiles at me again and says, "Then… have you… awakened the… Harvest King?" I shake my head and say, "I wanted to wait for you!" He looks shocked for a second before he smiles again and says, "Thank… you." I take his hand, and we walk through the town, me telling him about what happened while he was gone, and him listening to me, nodding every so often.

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