I'll Make It All Better - Bones

Chapter 1

James T. Kirk surveyed the bridge as he stepped off the Turbolift. All the members of his crew were busy attending their tasks as they propelled through space. Jim had been honored to be given their latest mission. The Enterprise was to investigate the disappearance of the Federation's President, Christian Chevalier. M. Chevalier had left his executive office in Paris, France one month prior with a peace ambassador and his personal body guard. They had taken a private ship to meet diplomatic officers of Starfleet to discuss a peace treaty with The Organian Council of Elders. Klingon forces were growing, and they seemed determined to have war with the Federation. The leaders of the Federation hoped to seek help from the Organians in maintaining peace. A mission of peace, and the Federations President had vanished. His ship and small crew never rendez-vous'd with the Council. There was no doubt in Jim's mind the Klingon's had something to do with his disappearance.

Jim had concluded, with Commander Spock's consult, that the most logical action would be to track where the ship had last been seen. They would visit planets between Earth and Organia, and hopefully pick up a trail. But Jim was hopeful, but realistic. Space was vast, and in the time he had been missing, the president could have been moved half-way across the universe.

"Captain," Spock raised his head toward his superior and friend. The Nero incident had certainly built a foundation for a strong friendship. It was interesting to say the least. Spock had never quite known friendship, nor did he find it a necessity. Spock imagined he could have gone the rest of his life without friends, and just surrounded himself with colleagues and associates. And yet, he found he was quite satisfied with friendship. After all he had found a positive relationship with Nyota, why couldn't he explore other facets of human interactions.

"Status report Mr. Spock," Jim lowered himself to his chair.

"Life scans have not yet detected the presence of Monsieur Chevalier, but the Council of Elders of Organia have responded and said they will do whatever is in their power to help us find the President."

Jim rolled his eyes. Organia was a very peaceful planet, but unlike the Vulcan culture, they seemed incapable of understanding the Klingon's intent of war with the Federation. They had not clear alliances, and Jim feared they couldn't trust them not to betray them.

"Mr. Sulu, Set course for Organia. I need to speak with the Council in person."

"Yes, Captain."

"Wait," Uhura interrupted touching her finger to her ear piece, "I've picked up a distress call. It's transmitting from Tarsus IV."

"Is the signal a federation signature?"

"No, it's unique, but Captain –"

"Contact Star Fleet, inform them of the distress signal. Our main priority remains finding the president. Another should be nearby."

"JIM!" Uhura shouted at him.

He turned to her furrowing his brow in confusion. Uhura never yelled at him, on duty at least.

"I mean – Captain, you really need to hear this."

The bridge fell silent with anticipation. Even Spock's curiosity was peaked. Nyota always maintained a professional demeanor on the bridge; it wasn't like her to address Jim in such a manner while on a mission. Uhura flipped a switch and a voice filled the bridge:

"Attention. This is Ambassador Samantha Kirk of Star Fleet Federation. I am being held prisoner on Tarsus IV. I and two other federation citizens are being held against our will. This is a distress call. Whoever can hear this message PLEASE contact Star Fleet. Please! We… we need help. Can anyone hear me?"

The message cut out. All crew members on the bridge slowly turned to Jim, who had gone quite pale. Spock moved to Jim's side.

"Captain, what are your orders?"

"Mr. Sulu, set course for Tarsus IV. We're going to rescue my sister."

Samantha Kirk lay naked huddled in a corner unconscious. A kindly elder slave woman wiped the dried blood from Samantha's face with a dirty rag, while another wrapped her in a spare cloth they had managed to sneak from the castle staff. A man named Lux glanced across the dungeon at them. He admired the brave young girl. She had managed to build a transmitter from stolen parts around the castle they were being held in, and send out a distress call. The master of the house had found out and nearly beat her to death as punishment. Lux doubted they would be rescued. Ships hardly ever came by this sector, and when they did, they were bringing more slaves to this God forsaken planet.

"Is she going to be alright?" The Vulcan named Haadok sat next to him.

"I don't know. Krell beat the hell out of her. Worse than usual I mean."

"What is Krell's fascination with that poor girl? I've been here for 4 years and I've never seen him take an interest in anyone as much as he has her."

"Apparantly, she's his latest plaything. He was excited when she fought back when she was brought here. He fancies torturing her, trying to get her to submit to him."

The two men stared sadly at their hopeful young heroine. Suddenly, a loud noise was heard outside the dungeon. The two rose to their feet defensively. The women tending Samantha huddled closer to her to guard her. The four of them heard fighting in the hall above. They all exchanged nervous looks, quite unsure of what could be happening.

Lux grabbed the nearest rock intending to use it as a weapon if necessary. Haadok, like all Vulcans abhorred violence, but took a defensive stance. At the top of the stairs, they heard a voice.

"Captain, I've found the dungeon. Over here!"

Footsteps sounded and a figure stood silhouetted on the other side of the barred door.

"If anyone is in there, clear way of the door!"

A blast sounded and the bars flew open. Stepping into the dark dungeon were two men: Specifically a human and Vulcan in Star Fleet Uniforms, holding Phasers and raised at the inhabitants of the dank cold room.

"I am Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise, this is Commander Spock. We received your distress call. Where is Samantha?"

Lux stepped forward, "Captain, My name is Lux Thompson. This is Haadok. What do you want with Samantha?"

"Tell me where she is Damn-it!"

Lux gestured to the corner of the dungeon. The two women parted to reveal the young woman battered and bruised.

"Sammy," Jim raced over to his twin, and held her in his arms. He brushed her brunette hair from her face.

"Sam, talk to me please," Jim was near tears. She looked terrible, and was barely breathing,

"What happened to her," he demanded of the two women near him.

"She saved us," the older woman smiled, "when Krell found out she had built a transmitter her beat her worse than he usually does. They threw her down here a few hours ago. She hasn't woken."

"Jim…" Samantha stirred, and she realized how much she hurt. Krell must have had more fun than usual. She could have sworn she had heard Jim's voice, but she must have been dreaming or she was dead and she just hearing what she wanted to.

"Sam? It's me."

"Jim? Am I dead?"

"No, no Sam you're not dead. We got your distress call. I'm here to save you."

She finally saw him clearly, and a tear fell down her face.

"Jimmy – it's really you."

"You know I hate it when you call me that," he smiled. He held her close and she winced and clutched the thin cloth around her tight. For the first time Jim noticed his sister's condition.

"God, Sam. What the hell have they done to you?"

"Captain," Spock kneeled next to the two of them, "I suggest you return to the Enterprise with Samantha and take her to Dr. McCoy immediately. I will take care of the other prisoners and return to the Enterprise once I've handled the situation here."

"Thank-you Spock," Jim activated his communicator, "Scotty, you read me? I've found my sister; get us back to the ship now."

"Aye, Cap'n."

Jim lifted Samantha and held her in his arms, "Don't worry, we're gonna get you help."

Bones stood waiting in the medical bay. He hadn't been given much information about the mission, other than they would be going to Tarsus IV for a rescue mission. Whenever they went on a rescue mission, especially with Jim leading the way, there were bound to be wounded coming in soon. As if on cue, Jim burst through the holding a young woman.

"Bones, heads up," Dr. McCoy sprang into action.

"She's been beaten badly. She's got some broken bones, and I think her shoulder's been dislocated."

"Okay one thing at a time. First the shoulder that's easiest. Over here!"

Bones led Jim over to a biobed, and helped the young woman sit upright. She held a dirty cloth around her with her good arm, and it didn't seem she was wearing anything under it.

"Nurse Chapel, get this woman some clothes," he reached for shoulder and she winced.

"Yeah, it's damn near ripped clean off. Jim, hold her. Now Miss, this may hurt."

"It's Sam, and don't be a pansy just do it already," she muttered.

Bones raised an eyebrow and looked to Jim questioningly.

"Oh yeah, Bones meet my sister, Sam. Sam this is Bones."

" Nice ta meet ya Sam. On three. Ready… one—" SNAP Bones popped the shoulder back in the socket.

"Son of a BITCH!" she shouted and dug head into Jim's shoulder.

"I warned ya," Bones retorted.

Sam turned her head to make a snappy reply, but stopped when she caught the eyes of the doctor. He was…well she wasn't one to lie. He was incredibly handsome. Brown eyes that made her want to melt. And his southern accent she had just identified just made it all the worse.

"Yeah, well. Thanks Doc."

Bones shook his head. This was definitely Jim's sister. She was snippy, sarcastic, and probably just as reckless as Jim seeing as she managed to get herself in this sort of trouble. Of course she was rather nice to look at now that he noticed. She had stunning hazel eyes, and soft yet well-defined features, behind the dried blood and bruises. Noticing her cut lip, he realized he needed to find out exactly where all she had been beaten. From the looks of it, he had a lot of work to do.

"Now Samantha, I need to do a full examination, in order to know the full extent of your injuries. Would you rather Jim stay here or outside?"

She thought for a moment and said quietly, "Jimmy, could you wait outside?"

"Sam…" He could tell Jim was trying to read his sister, and wanted to stay by her side.

"James Tiberius Kirk, I don't want you to see me in all my glory so do you mind giving me some privacy with the good Doctor?"

Jim straightened, and gave his sister an observing look.

"I'll be right outside. Bones take good care of my sister."

"Jim, I'm sure I'm in wonderful hands, now skee-daddle!" She shooed him away.

Bones smiled. There was no doubt they were related. Jim surrendered and headed for the hall outside medical. Bones made sure the door was shut and drew a curtain around the bed.

"May I?" he raised his hand to the cloth barrier she held so tightly.

"First, you have to promise me something."

"Well, that depends, Miss Kirk," Bones looked skeptical, "what's the promise?"

Sam inhaled deeply. Jim had always taken care of her. He had protected her from their step-fathers drunken wrath, and threatened nearly every guy who had thought about even holding her hand.

"When we were sixteen, Jim and our step-dad got in a huge fight. Jim took off, and our bastard of a stepfather took it out on me. I ended up in the hospital for a week. Jim blamed himself, even though I told him not to. He always blamed himself whenever anything happened to me. I just can't have him know what happened to me. Not yet. So could you just spare him the gruesome details?"

Bones grew solemn. He felt slightly uncomfortable hearing about Jim's childhood and it not coming from him. He knew Jim never liked his stepfather, but he had never mentioned abuse. Finally, Bones nodded.

Slowly, Sam unwrapped her make-shift garment. When Bones saw what she had been desperately hiding from her brother, his heart sank.

"Good God…." Bones said softly. She was covered with crude cuts that look fresh. There were burn marks scattering her body, and he was pretty sure one of her legs was broken, as well as a few ribs. He didn't want to think about what the internal damage was like, or what the tell-tale bruising between her legs could imply. Quickly he mustered his resolve, and started imputing information into his medical scanner. He heard a sob escape her lips, and saw she was crying with her head in her hands. Poor thing, she was probably holding it back for Jim.

"Hey," He raised her chin so he looked her in the eyes and gave her an encouraging smile, "I'm gonna make it all better."

She smiled softly through her tears, "After everything, I don't think anyone can do that."

"Well, good thing I'm the best damn Doctor this ship has ever seen. I can fix anything."

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