Promise Me Forever and Always

Summary: Sometimes crushes come back and it's more interesting then you expected. Jo Danville runs into her childhood friend on one of her days off and as the days go on Jo realizes that she may be in love with him. Jo/OC

Disclaimer: I don't own anything CSI NY, but I do own my OC Preston Gabriel (childhood friend of Jo), Denver Sandusky (Sheldon's girlfriend) and courtesy of Thorne Lockehart for letting me borrow her OC Isabella Pacino


Jo Danville in her childhood years had a very strict mother, who wanted everything to be neat in every which way, and today they were having new neighbors coming over for dinner. If there was something Jo hated was being introduced to people that she didn't know.

"Josephine Danville, get down here this instant!" her mother Ellen shouted. Jo's dad left them and ever since her mom got a new boyfriend, she's been ignoring her daughter almost completely, unless she needed something to be done.

The ten year old girl with her dark hair down, wearing a black plaid skirt with a pink blouse, and her favorite pair of boots.

"Yes mother?" Jo asked, as she ran her hands down her slightly wrinkled skirt.

"The Gabriel's will be here any minute, and why are you wearing those boots? I swear your father shouldn't have paid for those. Go set up the table as Jeffrey finishes cooking dinner," she ordered. Jeffrey was Ellen's boyfriend and he loved to cook.

"Yes mother," Jo nodded as went into the dining room to set up the table.

As soon as everything in the house was finally ready, the doorbell rang and Ellen told Jo to come over and greet the guests.

There was a handsome man and beautiful woman, both looked happily in love. And standing behind them was a boy with short dark hair, a dress shirt and pants with a tie.

"Thanks for joining us, this is my daughter Josephine, and who's this cute young man?"

"His name is Preston, he is a pretty quiet boy, but he means the world to us," the mother explained.

"Same as my little Josephine," Ellen wrapped her arm around Jo with a smile, and Jo just looked at her like she was crazy. "So shall we go eat?"

"We wouldn't mind it at all," the husband went on, "It smells really good in here."

"Well, my boyfriend is quite the chef, let me show you to the kitchen and Josephine take Preston to go wash his hands in the bathroom."

"Yes mother," Jo nodded and Preston followed her to the bathroom.

"What's up with your mom?" he asked, running a hand through his hair.

"She tries to be nice too hard," Jo sighed as she turned on the water so he could wash his hands.

"My parents don't even want to be here, now I don't blame them, your mom seems crazy, no offense."

"Trust me none taken," she sent him a smirk.

"So, do you have any friends here, because I had to leave all my friends in New Jersey."

"You want to be my friend?" Jo asked with a smile as he nodded. She never really had any friends, but now she was happy she finally had one.

In middle school, Jo's parents fought for custody and her dad won. She was so thrilled, because Ellen and her boyfriend treated Jo worse as the years went on. And her and Preston were getting closer, especially as it came to prom on their senior year.

It was a couple of minutes after prom already started, Jo's date hadn't showed up or even called her. Jo couldn't believe she was stood up, she thought she had something going for the guy, but apparently he didn't feel the same way. Preston wasn't going to the prom because his date got sick, he frowned as he got a phone call from Jo.

"Hey Preston, it's me Jo," he could tell she was crying.

"Hey Jo, what's wrong, it sounds like you've been crying."

"He didn't come, he stood me up. How could someone do this?"

"He never did deserve you Jo, I'm going to come pick you up."

"Oh Preston, you really don't have to."

"I know I don't have to, you mean the world to me, and my duty as best friend is to want to do things for you. And I want to take you to prom, forget about the other guy."

"Preston, I love you, you're like the greatest friend I've ever had. Forever and always?"

"Forever and always," he chuckled into the phone

Then as summer approached after their graduation, Preston went back to New Jersey for college as Jo went to Virginia, and they stayed in touch until she met Russ in the FBI and got married.

It's been years since then and here Jo was, coming out of the elevator and stepped foot into the New York crime lab. It was her life to be working there. She'd be here for almost three years now. Mac had been seeing his oldtime friend Christine for quite some time, she thinks he's going to propose to her soon.

Jo was really happy for him and glad he could move on, at first she was sad by the fact that he wasn't with her, but she couldn't deny how much Christine had made Mac happy. If he was happy then so was she.

Jo's life was going great, she was dating Don Flack for a few months, but as they tried being more physical it just didn't work out for them. She was very happy with him dating her, he was a perfect guy, but somethings don't last forever, and at least they tried for a relationship, since they both had a thing for each other.

Everyone in the lab pretty much had someone these days, she kind of felt a little left out, just like she did at her senior prom.

Sheldon was seeing a pretty woman Denver Sandusky, and they have been dating for almost six months. She was quite glad that Sheldon found love, after Camille had left him he became very devastated, and then he met Denver and things were going strong.

Lindsay and Danny were expecting another child, it was going to be a boy, and Danny couldn't be any happier.

Jo liked seeing her good friends and co-workers being happy in a relationship. It made her feel neglected of something good, but her relationships with guys usually don't go exactly how she plans.

Little did she know, her luck was about to change.

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