Title: It Must Get Better

Author: untapdtreasure

Word Count: 110

Pairing: Mulder & Scully

Rating: K+

A/N: I've combined the following prompts into this drabble: beginnings, partners, office space, stuck, and cold. It's longer than the first one, but I hope it doesn't suck. It's setting is supposed to be around the pilot or shortly after.

Agent Dana Scully glanced around the office space that she shared with three other agents. What a great way to start a promising career.

She was stuck on a mission to debunk Agent Mulder's life's work. She wasn't even sure if he even knew she was around for the most part.

She had to keep reminding herself that it was only the beginning of their partnership, and that things would surely get better. He was just used to working in isolation in that cold, almost windowless basement office.

She took a deep breath and attempted for the hundreth time to unstick the stuck bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. She grunted as it finally gave way. "Finally..." she muttered.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Things would get better, but she began to second-guess her decision one more time.