Author's Notes: Written for HedwigBlack's Romantic Drabble Challenge.

I'll give you a pairing and you write at least five drabbles about them.
My Couple: Bellatrix/Narcissa.

(Good God, I write a lot of drabble collections…)

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In the fall when Narcissa was nine and Andromeda would be going to Hogwarts, leaving Narcissa behind all on her own, Bellatrix gave her a locket.

"What's this for?" Narcissa asked. It was large and more than a bit gaudy – definitely not the sort of thing Narcissa liked.

"It's to protect you," Bellatrix told her.

"From what?"

"From people who want to hurt you," Bellatrix said earnestly. "I wore it until I left for Hogwarts, then Andi did, and now it's for you."

"But why?"

"Oh, just take the damned thing!"

Narcissa's face crumpled at her sister's harshness, and Bellatrix sighed. "Oh, don't be that way… listen to me… just take it, and wear it, and promise that when you do, you'll remember when anyone except me says they love you… it's a lie."


"Trust me," Bellatrix said grimly, "remembering that will protect you."