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Someone please… SAVE US!

It hurts….. oh it hurts! Please just kill me!

I… want to die…

Ivan… Stay close to me… mommy will hold you until it stops….


It's loud. I can hear cries of pain all around me, a vortex of suffering. It's so heavy I can feel the weight of it pressing in on me from all sides of my dark and hazy prison. I think I'm going to suffocate; I'll be crushed into oblivion. The agony of those cries seems to infect me so I can feel their pain too. It's so awful all I want to do is disappear. I want the voices to stop. I want to be anywhere but here, but, where am I? I can't think straight it's so loud. What…was I doing? Who am I? Does it matter?

"Charity, you need to focus. Snap out of it or it'll get worse." The voice is familiar in an irritating way, but it's also faint in the cacophony.

Leave me alone…

"Charity, don't ignore me. Our contract hasn't been finished yet. You have to live up to your end of the bargain. The voice is stronger this time and more insistent.

Charity? It's a familiar word, but I can't quite place it. Here in this vortex of pain, it should be meaningless; there is nothing more to my existence than the here and now. So why am I clinging to it like a life line?

Who are you? I think.

"Haven't we been through that conversation before? The question now is who are you?"

I can hear the grin behind the voice and I suddenly remember a large white space and a solitary figure. The Truth! Suddenly I feel myself removed from the storm of painful cries. I'm standing in what I can only describe as the 'eye' of the storm. It's dark, and I can see the stream of angry red that is the storm swirling around me but not touching me.

"Good, you're still somewhat functioning. It got pretty close there for a bit though. I had a hard time reaching you through all the interference."

Interference? I can feel the haze that's been surrounding me start to clear a little, but it's still hard to think.

"Still asking dumb questions. Yes interference. You're a bit slower on the uptake than usual, but I suppose that's to be expected. What's your name?" The voice sounded slightly annoyed, but I could still hear the grin behind it.

Name… my name is… is…Why is it so hard to think? I can definitely tell the haze is lifting the more I think, but it's not fast enough for my liking. Charity…right? The moment I reclaim my identity, dozens of memories begin to flood back into my head and chase away the loud cries of pain that have been my prison. I remember now! I was on a train to Resembool and I was going to kick some guy's ass right before he knocked me out? Oh my gosh! SARA! IS SHE OKAY!? I'm gonna seriously trash that guy for jumping us and hurting her. Nobody messes with my friends! I haven't known her that long, but, in an upside down world this, I'll take what friends I can.

"Yes, your name is Charity, and it looks like you're not fading away anymore. At least for now, but you aren't in any shape to be beating up anyone." The Truth says wryly.

"What happened? Where are we? This isn't your white space or Amestris." I had a better question: where's the jerk who drugged me? I decided not to ask that one aloud although I'm pretty sure The Truth heard it too.

"We are in your mind I suppose would be the easiest answer. You're unconscious and I contacted you here."

"You can do that!? Talk to me in my head?" I'd complain about privacy, but I'm clearly not in a position to think about that right now after needing to be saved…

"No you're not in a position. It's because you have a strong connection to my space. There are other side-effect too, but you haven't noticed most of them."Again with the mocking tone of voice spoken through a grin. Does she ever get tired of smiling?

"What was that awful feeling from before that was making it hard to think? I could hear voices…"

"They are the souls of the damned, humans who have been absorbed by a philosopher's stone. It is a taboo that I cannot punish easily because it skirts around the laws of human transmutation. It is an abomination for such things to exist because they mock the law of equivalent exchange. I can hear the voices of those mortals' souls used for alchemy, and I must accept the payment despite that. That is the law.For once, I didn't hear a smile behind The Truth's reply.

"That's awful! And I can hear them too?! Why?"

"Like I said before, you have a strong connection to my place because you are not of this world. I could sever that connection, but then you would never be able to return to Earth. You hear them because I hear them. Now, I've spoken with you long enough, you need to figure out what to do now that I've brought you back from oblivion. Don't forget our agreement, Charity." I can feel the presence of The Truth fading.

"Wait! What am I supposed to do? Can't you give me a hint or something!? I've been abducted for crying out loud! How do I get away?"

"It's not my position to give you the answers to your problems. You figure them out; that's how it's always been. Ask the Elric brothers…" With that I can feel The Truth's presence completely fade away.

Shortly afterwards, I am once again buffeted by the tempest of pain that I now know is a philosopher's stone. It takes me by surprise, but this time I know how to better deal with it. I start to concentrate on my sense of self, anything that separates "me" from "it". It's surprisingly difficult to do, but I manage to hold it as I feel myself being hurled through space towards awakening.

"Mae! You still have the trail, right?" Ed called as he ran through the underbrush in the forest.

"Yeah, but like I said earlier, it's really faint. These people know how to cover their tracks." Mae said as she stopped and bent to examine the ground.

"They're probably experienced mountain men. It'll be tough to find them, and, since its growing dark, that puts us that much more behind, especially if they keep moving at night. They have the advantage of not having to trace footprints in the dark." Al said as he stopped behind Mae. Thunder rumbled overhead. "Of course, all this is assuming the trail doesn't get washed away…"

"Dammit!" Ed shouted as lightning flashed overhead. It had taken a lot of persuasion to get the engineer to stop the train, and, by the time it had finally stopped, they were a good hour long walk from the car that had been blown off. After picking up the trail there, they had been running most of the afternoon in hot pursuit, but they didn't seem to be getting any closer.

"Maybe they'll also stop for the night if it rains?" Josh said. "I mean, nobody just keeps walking out in the woods in the middle of a storm."

"Maybe, but we don't know for sure. Thank goodness Winry stayed with the rest of the kids on the train. She'll be able to report this once they pull into Resembool and then other people will be on the lookout too." Mae sighed. "We at least have the advantage of knowing they're from Drachma so we can tighten border security since they'll be heading north." She stood and pointed through the trees before taking off in a run. "They went this way." Everyone followed after her; it was a race against time.

I can feel something cold pressing on my back. I focus on that as my other senses start to come back to me. I'm lying on the ground and it's really cold outside. I shiver a little and, as my arms move, I can feel that my wrists are bound. By handcuffs I think. My head is pounding- a side-effect of whatever they drugged me with probably- and I muffle a groan. The last thing I want is for these guys to know I'm awake.

I try and focus more on my surroundings. It's always good to have situation awareness, that's what my karate teacher used to preach. I can smell fire and wet earth along with… coffee? I try to listen, but I can't distinguish voices with the cries from the philosopher's stone I decide to open my eyes a little. It's dark outside, but I can see the glow of a small fire about ten feet away. It has a tent structure over it that I guess (based on the rain smell) was meant to protect it from the weather. Gathered around it are about four really big men. I can hear others moving around in the distance.

Great, so there's a lot of 'em… How am I going to get out of this?! I test the binding on my wrists a little. The handcuffs are pretty tight, and the cold metal is uncomfortable on my skin. I glance down briefly to examine my bindings. They're decorated with red gems. I've gotta be the most stylish captive for miles. My handcuffs have bling. I feel so special. I think wryly as I glare at my cuffs. I know it isn't a good time for sarcasm, but that's always been my defense when things get tough so I can't help myself.

I bend closer discreetly to get a better look at the cuffs, hoping to find some clasp or weak point I can somehow exploit. Despite my best efforts, I come up with nothing and have to look away because I'm starting to feel sick. Something about those gems is creeping me out, but, with my head still foggy, I can't put my finger on it.

"So you're awake. I was beginning to think Viktor had been a little too rough on you." I jump at the heavily accented voice and whip my head up to see an older man standing practically right next to me.

How did he get so close without me noticing! I just gape at him stupidly, not sure what to say. I hadn't intended to get noticed yet so I have no plan of action.

"Are you hungry?" He asks as he extends his hand toward me. He's holding a small loaf of bread. I just stare at it suspiciously and glare at him. I'm probably not very intimidating, but I don't feel like being friendly to someone who kidnapped me, besides, what if it's drugged or something?

"There's nothing wrong with it." He says as if he can read my mind. "You'll want to eat up since we don't want you to slow us down by someone carrying you. You need to walk on your own from here. Trekking through the forest is easier if you've eaten." He smiles at me and that just sets me off.

"You really think I'll just walk submissively with you bastards after you kidnapped me!? HELL NO! Where's the asshole that knocked me out and hurt Sara! I'm gonna make him regret that first kiss his dad gave his mom!" I start trying to struggle to my feet without using my hands, caution thrown to the wind. All of them probably already know I'm awake if this geezer knows. I try to scream in frustration as I feel strong hands pushing me back onto the ground, but another hand quickly covers my face and muffles my cries. These hands are strong and I can't fight back which pisses me off, and I start trying to kick and squirm hoping to shake the grip. I glare at the old man holding me down as he just looks at me with a tired expression. Old man be damned! This guy's tough!

I struggle in his grasp with everything I have, but I start to panic when I realize I'm not fazing him at all. Suddenly, I'm aware of that sensation of being able to feel my shadow again, only this time it's much more insistent and forceful. It pushes against my will so aggressively that, unable to stop myself, I give in without hesitation.

I feel a wave of energy run through my body and my senses heighten. Smells become more intense, it's not as dark outside, and I can feel the pine needles on the ground digging into my back. My vision divides so that I can see both the forest and a giant eye suspended in a black space at the same time. I barely have time to realize it's the same eye I see in opened alchemy gates when my head explodes in pain and all these new sensations are forcibly shut down as I hear an explosion of voices in my head again.

You're monsters, all of you!

May God send you bastards to hell for this!

I was loyal to Drachma my whole life! Why Lord Czar, why!?

I'm stunned and left completely devoid of strength as I go limp in Old Man's arms, my ears ringing. My stomach churns and I resist the urge to vomit as I pant on the ground covered in sweat. Old Man is looking at me, but I can't make out his expression as spots dance across my vision and my head spins. It feels like the handcuffs on my wrists are burning. He lets me go, but keeps his hand over my mouth in case I try and scream again. That's the last thing on my mind right now though. What on Earth just happened?! I think as I stifle a groan. It feels like I have a really bad case of the flu.

"Miss Evans," he sighs, "It would be better for you if you just cooperate with us until we reach Drachma. It's a hard trip, and we need to bring you in alive."

Despite my current pitiful state, the word Drachma gets my attention and I snap my head around to look at him. I've been abducted by evil Canadians, that's great, just great. F my life. This world sucks. Charity, you idiot, these guys are not Canadians! Stop making that comparison; it's not fair to real Canadians who are good people! Despite my panic, I manage to hear a chuckle a few feet away which pisses me off again. What about this situation is even remotely funny?

"Looks like we got a live one this time!" The voice is guttural and I have a hard time understanding what he's saying at first, but it gets better as he continues. "It's been awhile since we had one of those since usually they just give up once we catch 'em. Must be a perk of her not knowing who we are, she's not scared of our reputation."

I frown and glare at this new person. He's beefy in a muscular way. He has a thick beard and is wearing a beaver hat. How lame… By this time, Old Man has removed his hand from my mouth so I can speak. I am beyond pissed right now so I throw caution to the wind with what I say next.

"Should I be scared of you? The way I see it, you guys jumped me from behind and took me by surprise. That's pretty cowardly. I'm not scared of cowards, I pity them." I hiss. I probably shouldn't be saying things to provoke these men, but I could really care less. I've never been good at staying quiet when I should.

The man looks at me with surprise. "You can understand me?" he asks.

"Of course I can dumbass! Why wouldn't I be able to? I'm not stupid!" I glare at him as he gapes at me. I feel a bit of satisfaction at his stunned expression.

"That's enough Boris, don't provoke her or she'll be even more of a pain in the ass to drag through the mountains, and you'll be the one that gets to carry her. It didn't take much effort to get down here, but lugging her back up in secret will make the return journey pretty long. Surly you don't want to carry her all the way?" A new voice said as a looming figure approached. He was hidden by the shadows cast by the campfire, but his silhouette suggested a muscular and sturdy build. "But this is certainly a surprise, the client never said our Amestrian target would be fluent in Drachman. Not even a hint of an accent! Tell me girl, have you spent time in Drachma before? Are you a spy of some kind?" The new man asked me as he burst into laughter. The other men chuckled in the background.

Fluent in Drachman? What's this guy talking…. Oh. This must be like how I couldn't understand anyone when I first got here, except apparently I'm picking up stuff faster now. Is that a good thing of a bad thing? I think wryly as I eye this new man warily. He's clearly a big shot since everyone else follows his lead.

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway, privacy of the client and everything. We don't press a live target for information. That's a rule mind you." He said to me with a serious expression on his face now. Live target!?Was that meant to be reassuring!?

"Well anyway, welcome to our 'guild' Miss Evans. We are known as The Hunters. It's not too flashy of a name; our previous leader came up with it. We're bounty hunters, and damn good ones I might add. Not everyone's here for this job, but you'll meet a few before we get to Drachma. You'll be our guest until then so you might as well know some names. It's not like we'll be able to hide that information from you if you understand Drachman!" The man jokes again and starts laughing. It's a deep, throaty chuckle.

I watch him with discomfort. I've decided a few things about him: he likes to talk a lot, he has an odd sense of humor, and he seems to be cheerful despite being one of the bad guys who kidnapped me. He's laughing like this whole thing is some kind of game! What's with this guy? I think nervously. Despite how he seems to act, I still feel threatened by him. No doubt he's tough if he's the boss.

"Anyway," he interrupts my thoughts with his next words. "I am Makar Slovik, the captain. You've already met Yuri," the new man said as he gestured to Old Man. "and you've just met Boris here." He gestured to Beaver Hat.

"I told you not to call me that! My last name's better, so call me Azarov" Beaver Hat grumbled.

Captain Slovik continued as if he hadn't heard. "And we also have Mark, Leonid, and Robert sitting around the fire next to Boris. Irina is scouting ahead, and I suppose you also met Viktor, but he's also not here right now. Backtracking in the woods to shake pursuit is one of his strong suites. So, why don't you tell us about yourself a little?"

Not willing to be civil with these creeps and introduce myself, I don't respond and scowl into darkness. Something about what he said did pique my interest though. Backtracking….does that mean they're worried someone's coming after me? I think to myself. I knew that the Elrics were pretty well known for their involvement in whatever military coup happened twenty years ago, but can they track someone through the woods? They must have something about them that makes this guy nervous enough to take these precautions… I can feel hope rising in me, but I shut it down just as quickly. Whether help is coming or not, waiting for it won't do me any good. I need to figure out how to get away on my own. I decide while I turn my gaze to glare at Captain Slovik. Damsel in distress is not what I want to be categorized as.

Captain Slovik sighs when I don't respond and stretches his arms over his head. "You should eat that bread Yuri tried to give you. There's nothing wrong with it, and we're leaving as soon a Viktor gets back. There's gonna be some tough hiking over those mountains, and we won't stop to rest or eat until noon tomorrow. You'll be even more miserable when you're hungry if you don't eat now." He says as he turns his back on me and walks to the campfire where he pours himself a cup of coffee.

Yuri takes his queue and bends down to offer me the piece of bread again. To my horror, my stomach growls once I smell it. I haven't eaten anything since I left the Mustang's mansion with the Elrics early this morning. Yuri smiles at me knowingly and I find myself grateful for the dark since I know I'm turning red in embarrassment. I grudgingly take the offered bread and Yuri nods his head approvingly as he gets up and walks towards the campfire.

I just sit there for a while, holding the bread in my hands but not taking a bite. For some reason, prolonging eating it makes me feel like I'm defying them. It's a really poor rebellion strategy, but I don't really have any options right now. Finally, I decide to just eat it. If I keep up my strength, I may be able to figure a way out of this. I reason to myself as I take a bite after making sure none of them are watching me. It tastes like rye bread which is easily the most disgusting bread out there, but I eat it anyway.

After gagging the last bite down a curl up in a sitting position and watch the men around the fire. I suppose at least these guys are classy in ways most kidnappers I've read about in the news aren't so there's a small glimmer of good fortune on my part. Living in L.A, I've always been cautioned about strangers, and I've read my fair share of grisly kidnappings in the papers. Most people are found dead after being tortured or worse. These guys were feeding me and making really bad jokes. Granted, that Viktor guy may have seriously hurt Sara, and, noticing how they all have guns, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person they've been somewhat gentle with. Probably because I'm a live target whatever that means. I've only been here about two weeks and I'm apparently already on Drachma's Most Wanted list.

I focus my gaze on Captain Slovik. He has a pair of twin swords strapped to his back and guns on his left and right hip. He's laughing at some joke someone made right now, but I can just tell he's more dangerous then he lets on. It must be his posture; it's one of someone who's ready to jump into action. Kind of like a lion ready to pounce. If I'm going to be able to escape, I need to make sure it's not when he's around, or I have to knock him out somehow by surprise. That's really the only advantage I have here. Surprise and stealth. This is one situation where barreling through will get me seriously injured. I need to be calculated with this. Perhaps if I can somehow get a hold of a gun… I doubt I'd be able to use it, but my threat points might go up if I have a gun… maybe.

I hear a rustle in the bushes and my attention shifts from Captain Slovik to the source of the noise. Everyone else around me follows suite, some reaching for various weapons. It's still too dark to make out anything more than the silhouette, but the voice confirms who it is and everyone around the campfire relaxes. I feel myself tense up; I would recognize that voice anywhere.

"I ran back about a good two hours walk from here and made sure the trail was erased. I'd be surprised if anyone can follow us now. With the rain and dark on top of my cover-up, even a master tracker would have a rough time. We should get going though, I'm pretty sure the military has already been informed. They'll be looking around this area quite thoroughly first thing tomorrow." Viktor says in Drachman as he walks up to the fire and bends down to extend his hands over the small flame.

"Don't be too worried about that. Irina's one of the best scouts I've ever met. She won't let us run into any Amestrian search party." Captain Slovik says as he claps Viktor on the back with a chuckle. "You really are too uptight. You'll die young from the stress worrying about so much stuff."

"Captain, I'm pretty sure it's the opposite. 'Worrying' about stuff keeps you alive… Ain't that right Viktor?" Leonid laughs as he nudges Viktor in the ribs playfully.

"Sometimes I'm convinced none of you guys take this as seriously as me… We're in enemy country, far from the border, and we just kidnapped someone related to the Fuhrer. We need to take every precaution we can." Viktor replies with chagrin. Then he shoots a look in my direction and says, "How is the prisoner doing? Is she going to be able to walk?" He said it in Drachman, no doubt believing I couldn't understand him. What an idiot. I think as I meet his eyes with my own leveled stare, trying to burn holes in his head.

"Why don't you ask her for yourself?" Captain Slovik said in Amestrian as a few others around the fire chuckled. Viktor tears his gaze from mine and frowns.

"I doubt she wants to talk to me. Besides, I'd prefer to have as little to do with her as possible. This whole thing is a big waste of time."

For some reason, that statement rubs me the wrong way. I narrow my eyes and glare at his back. This guy's an arrogant jerk,I can already tell. He reminds me of that kid I beat up in middle school for telling me my mom was a murderer and deserved to be put down because she was a danger to society. What was his name, Jeremy….Something? Jeremy…. Locust?...Lodestar?...Lockbar? Whatever, it doesn't matter what his name was, he was an insect that deserved to be stepped on, and this guy's no different.

He still has his back turned to me as he says, "The only even remotely challenging part in this whole thing was taking out the spare she was with without attracting attention."

My vision goes red as I jump to my feet and run towards him screaming, "HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT MY FRIEND SO CASUALLY! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?"

"You can understand…" He doesn't finish his sentence as he turns to look at me with an expression I would find hilarious if I wasn't so pissed. I hear leaves crack underfoot as Leonid and Mark try to get between me Viktor. They must see the murder in my eyes because their hands reach for their guns with uncertainty.

I don't even slow down as I do a handspring and my feet connect with Mark's face. He swears as he staggers backwards clutching his nose. It's at about this time that I recall I'm still handcuffed. Guess this will have to be mostly kicks… Not missing a beat, I swivel to the side and land on my feet. Then, shifting my weight, I plant a high, jumping kick that connects with Leonid's chest and knocks him back a few feet. With my hands bound, I almost lose my balance so I have to quickly steady myself. I glare at Viktor; there's nothing between us now.

I prepare to plant my knee in his stomach when something wraps around my legs from behind and pulls them out from under me, sending me sprawling on the ground. My vision goes fuzzy for a moment, and I feel dizzy as I struggle desparately to get my hands underneath me to push myself up. Before I have a chance to stand, a foot lands on my back and forces me to the ground again, knocking the wind out of me. At the same time, something wraps around my wrists and pulls my hands up in the air and behind my head so that I can't get any leverage. I wince at the strain on my shoulders. I'm effectively pinned.

"My, my. What's this? I'm gone for barely two hours scouting the forest, and I come back to find you guys getting jumped by the prisoner? I think I already like this girl. She's got spirit!" A female voice chuckles from above me in a playful manner. "Leo, honey, are you okay? I saw that rather impressive kick knock you back a bit. Did it leave a bruise? " She says without abandoning her mocking and playful tone.

"Leonid, you just got schooled by a teenager in front of your wife. What do you have to say for yourself?" Robert laughs as he helps Mark, whose nose is bleeding, to his feet.

"Shut up Rob!" Leonid hisses as he adjusts his shirt and winces. "Damn! That was quite a kick; I'd like to see you take one Rob. Then you'd shut up."

"Think I'll pass. It's a good think you took her by surprise Viktor. She'd have kicked your ass." Robert says as he howls in laughter and is joined by Boris. Viktor just scowls and looks at me with an unreadable look in his sharp eyes. "Irina! Perfect timing! What's the forest look like up ahead? When's the soonest we have to worry about the military?" Captain Slovik says cheerfully as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

"Eh?" Irina says as she leans forward and puts more weight on the foot that's holding me pinned. She adjusts her grip on what I have now identified as a whip so that my hands are kept firmly behind me head as she speaks. "It's clear. I'd say the soonest we'd have to worry about any military bums would be three days. If we play the terrain right, and don't have any mishaps, we may be able to avoid them altogether. Of course, when I say mishaps, that includes this kid getting the jump on you guys." She sniffs and continues, "But we shouldn't let our guard down. Underestimating the Amestrians got us in trouble twenty years ago when Drachma went for Fort Briggs and got slaughtered."

While all this is going on, Viktor's regarding me with a serious expression while Yuri is giving me a thoughtful look and stroking his sideburns. I just glare at them both while trying to look as dignified as I can under someone's foot. This is humiliating.

"Well, that's good. We'll head out now so we can stay ahead of the game. Boris,"

"Azarov!" Boris shouts.

"See if you can use that med-kit of yours to patch up Mark so he doesn't bleed all over the trail. His nose might be broken. Yuri, bring me that spare rope you keep in your bag. We'll need to tie Miss Evans up so she doesn't pull anything else. Everyone else, start packing up."

"Wait a minute! If she needs to be tied up, she won't be able to walk, she'll slow us down. Who's going to carry her?" Viktor asks

"Don't look at me, I've got enough bruises." Leonid says as he raises his hands up to the sides of his head in surrender while Yuri walks past him to hand a rope to the Captain.

"That's an easy question. You are Viktor. She obviously likes you the most and you were complaining this job was easy and beneath our talents." Captain Slovik replies as he takes the rope from Yuri and steps towards me and Irina.

"I'll play doctor for you Leo." Irina says. She loosens her whip's grip on my hands as she steps off of me to get out of the Captain's way and approaches Leonid with a pouty expression on her face. She places her hand on his chest gently and stands up on her toes to kiss him. I resist the urge to gag.

"Easy you two, we're leaving in about ten minutes, and there are kids around." The Captain jokes as he holds me down and ties my feet together. I don't bother to resist. I'm still trying to catch my breath, and, since I'm pretty sure my fall bruised a few ribs, that isn't an easy task.

"Off course. It'll just be a quick patch-up. Come on Leo, I left my bandages in my bag. You'll be in top form in no time at all." Irina takes Leonid's hand and they both walk to the edge of camp where a pile of bags and camping gear sit.

"That was quite a feat you pulled tonight Miss Charity. We underestimated you quite a bit. Are you sure you're not a spy? Perhaps you were a Drachman spy that went native here in Amestris? You're as vicious as one, that's for sure." Captain Slovik chuckles as he tightens the knots so they won't come loose. Once he's done, he stands and, looking at Viktor, inclines his head in my direction before walking away to supervise the rest of the make-shift camp's packing.

Viktor and I stay where he left us in silence for quite some time. I'm glaring at him, and he's just giving me this thoughtful expression that's making me feel really uncomfortable. I refuse to drop my gaze though, that would feel like admitting defeat, and I want this guy to know that this isn't over. I still hate him. I unconsciously begin to work my hands in and out of fists in my handcuffs. The cuffs got hot again during the fight after I got pinned, and I'm not sure what that means, but I have this feeling that I need to figure it out if I want to get away. It sounds crazy, I know.

After considering me in silence for a while longer, Viktor says, "You better not cause any more trouble or we'll have to use drastic measures to keep you in line. You're our prisoner now; any life you had before you might as well forget about. You're going to Drachma now, and there's nothing you can change about that. Don't make this harder than it has to be."

I just lay there and gape at him unable to think of anything to say. Is this guy for real!?He honestly thinks that'll make me cooperate? Is he stupid?! Taking my silence as acceptance, Viktor steps forward and, before I have a chance to retaliate, scoops me up and over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I can't suppress the groan that escapes my lips as my ribs burn in protest.

"That's better." He says while walking over to the others who are lining up to head out.

"In your dreams." I hiss. "I'll get away and then you guys will spend the rest of your lives in an Amestrian prison. You'll never see Drachma again!"

"Unfortunately for you Miss Evans, it's you that will never see Amestris again." He sighs wearily and I'm left to contemplate how inevitable his words sound.

I need to get away or I'll never find dad and I won't see mom or home ever again. I feel tears sting my eyes and blink them back. I will get away. I swear on my life I will!