Hi people, this is another experimental fanfiction. The question this story revolves around this one is this.

Naruto is just an orphan, no past, no hope for the future, everyone hates him and he's pretty much at the bottom for his whole life. Everyone is convinced that he is a potential threat and treats him as such. How far would he go for his shot at happiness?

Pairing right now are sketchy at best. But most likely a and maybe a few more or not.

Tell me what you guys think. Does it have potential or not?

Prologue: The Way Fate Dealt the Cards

In a village known as Konohagakure no Sato, the fabled Strongest Shinobi village in all of the great Elemental Nations. A village that has stood against the test of time and war. With each war, they survived and thrived getting stronger and a more famous reputation each time they came out victorious. This village has even despite the multiple deaths of countless shinobi and civilians and its Yondaime Hokage survived through a rageful rampage of a bijuu attacking them.

Legendary shinobi were born from this very village, shinobi that have fought in war's armies even Bijuu and have either won or died fighting for what they believed in. There are so many Legendary shinobi born from this very village that only a few could be named from that long list.

There names were; Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Namikaze Minato, Hatake Sakumo. And that is but a few of the long list of shinobi that have come from this very village that have become Legends.

Of course Konohagakure unlike it portrayed as the Peace loving village it is, the one that would do any and all things to have a peaceful rule and could possibly do no wrong...

Was all but a lie...

It was bright this day, October 10, the day of the Kyuubi attack. It has been 8 years since that fateful day and many things have happened since then. The Sandaime sacrificing himself to save his village and sealing the Kyuubi into two children. The Yondaime leading his village into an era of 'Peace' and the Uchiha Massacre.

This day also happened to be the birthday of Namikaze Uzumaki Mito, the daughter of the Yondaime, the Yellow Flash, Namikaze Minato and the Hot-Blooded Habanero, Uzumaki Kushina. She was the little sun of Konoha, the holder of the Kyuubi's 'Power'. She had long blonde hair that were tied in pig tails and blue eyes like her father, and had the personality of her mother.

For Mito, it could not have been a better day. Since she had woken up, everything had gone perfectly.

Waking up, she was immediately wished a happy birthday by her parents and enjoyed her favorite meals. After leaving the house, everyone she met wished her a happy birthday and some of the civilians even gave her presents. At Ichiraku's, she was given free ramen.

After finishing her meal, she went and played with her friends which were the clan heirs or heiress of their perspective clans as well as her classmates with the exception of Naruto. She played all day with her friends until nightfall, when she returned home she was given a surprise party by more than half the village which were also celebrating the Kyuubi festival.

Her godfather had arrived not too long after and had given her a frog wallet while her godmother albeit a bit reluctant to come to the village, gave a few books on medical ninjutsu, which she never read.

She went to sleep with a smile on her face thinking that it was the best day of her life.

Today had been one of the worst days of his life, but that only added one more drop to the piece of shit that he called his life.

Right now, young Naruto was running and fighting for his life, for the however many times he had done it previously. He had to deal with a lot of bullshit in his life, inflation on everything solely for him, crippling his education, regular beatings, and inadequate living place. In fact, he couldn't remember when the last time was that he slept on a bed that was not at the hospital.

He was Naruto, a no name orphan, holder of the Kyuubi's 'Soul' and the pariah of the village. His previously blond hair turned red due to the Kyuubi's 'influence' and deep red eyes only seem to make everyone support the idea that he was being 'corrupted' or 'tainted' or whatever the hell they call it.

He hated everything, there was no one in his life, not a friend, not a family, not even someone to call an acquaintance. His whole life was just about one thing, himself. From the time he could remember, he had been fighting for his life, everywhere there was danger, there was no place in the village that was safe for him, it was just different levels of dangerous.

But today, it was at its worst, from the start of the day, he had to be on the move. Whoever found him would try to drag him into alleys, stores or any secluded place to avoid any reprocussions. There were none of course, the Yondaime made no law forbidding it, it was a well known fact who was the one of the Jinchuuriki's of the Kyuubi, revealing that his daughter was a Hero and forgetting the clanless, poor orphan.

The villagers simply didn't want to ruin anyone's time by showing the beating of the kyuubi brat. Of course, Naruto wouldn't go without a fight. Using whatever they threw at him, Kunai's, Shuriken or whatever, he fought back. He would never kill anyone, that would get him into more trouble but also because he didn't want to lower himself to their level and kill them.

He vaguely remembered how he used to each at a little ramen place, he couldn't remember the name though. He remembered them being good people that served him fair food, but that changed when the the Civilian Council started threatening them. They had no choice but to agree, it was either that or ruin their own lives. They began poisoning his ramen ever since, albeit regretfully. But he couldn't bring himself to hate them, it seemed wherever he went, everyone would hound him. So he avoided them.

He hated it. He hated the village. He hated everyone, especially the Yondaime and his as a young infant, he could still feel the pain of having the Kyuubi sealed into him. 3 months of pain and 3 months of nobody caring for the poor suffering child which housed the Kyuubi's 'soul'. It was quite clear what the Yondaime was trying to do, he was trying to kill the Kyuubi's 'soul'. The evidence, it was clear as day that his own daughter didn't suffer anything despite holding the 'power' so why would he suffer pain by just housing the soul?

The seal was faulty to begin with.

But with that faulty seal came benefits, and he would reap those benefits for all its worth.

He is a Survivor…

He is a Pariah…

He is worth nothing…

He is worth everything…

He is the Kyuubi's true Jinchuuriki, Naruto…Just Naruto…

(Next Day)



"Wake Up!"

Naruto woke up, immediately jumping upwards and inspecting his surroundings, he found himself in the middle of a forest with a katana sticking out of his stomach. Grabbing the end, he started pulling it out, feeling every bit of pain as he was doing it until he finally forced it out. Grabbing his stomach to stop the blood, he panted on the ground.

'How long, Kurama?' He asked.

"About a minute till I can close the wound, its almost time to go to that place you call the Academy.' The voice known as Kurama said.

Naruto had been aware of the Kyuubi or rather its consciousness since the earliest time of his life. The fox was Naruto's only confidant and the source or his sanity. He briefly wondered what would people say that the only thing stopping him from going psycho is the fox.

Right now, Naruto was feeling horrible, and it wasn't helping that he had to go to the Academy. He remembered how it happened.

Naruto wanted to remain a civilian, that way he could have gotten away from the village without the Hokage sending any Hunter-nin's after him. All he had to do was not go to the Academy. Unfortunately, the Hokage saw it fit to enroll him without his consent. If he didn't go, then he would have Anbu on his tail and he didn't want that. Anbu were less than nice to put it nicely.

'Alright Kurama, I'm going to summon you now, we'll to the usual.' Naruto said, getting a grunt from the nine tails. Grabbing some of his still wet blood soaked abdomen, he flipped through the hand seals an yelled "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Slamming his hand into the ground, and with a puff of smoke, there in the center of the technique was the Kyuubi with 3 swishing tails behind it. Stretching for a bit, it climbed Naruto's neck and with a poof, turned itself into a simple black choker.

'I hate doing this, its so bloody annoying to have to do this every time.' Kurama mumbled.

"For the billionth time I know. But it's the easiest way to regain your power, would you rather be a shadow of your former self?" Naruto asked.

"Psh…Like hell, it just feels so wrong. Having all the power I used to have and then being reduced to a newborn kit. Do you know how pathetic that makes you feel. But at least I have SOME power.' Kyuubi stated.

"Well we better hurry up and make sure you get back to full strength." Naruto commented. He quickly tore off all the ends of his clothes that were either burned or cut and made it presentable. Finding his bearings, he made his way to the arriving at the Academy, after getting yelled at by the teachers for apparently arriving at time, he sat down where he was expecting a certain someone to sit.

He quietly looked around the room at the students. The clan heads son's and daughter's were all in the class, it must have been some sort of twisted irony for it to happen. The clan heads future were sitting in the room and had already judged him, of course their thoughts were heavily influenced by their parents.

He inwardly sighed, there was no way he would have a nice quiet life, rather he hoped at least to have a life that didn't have him at death's door on a daily basis. With the Heads children in his class, it was pretty much guaranteed that it wasn't meant to be. They were the future of Konoha after all.

He put his down and waited for something. Almost like clockwork, the door slammed open and revealed the Hokage's daughter, Uzumaki Namikaze Mito, as late as usual. She barged in and received the usual yelling by Iruka and then an immediate dismissal and then a sheepish grin towards the class before sitting down in her usual seat.

To Naruto, Mito was the most stupidest person in the entire world. From birth, she had been loved to make it possible to control the Kyuubi's 'Power', it was such a ridiculous concept in Naruto's opinion. Naruto could remember the first time she tried to use the Kyuubi's power, at the age of 4 when her parents decided to start training her in its power.

It quickly went downhill.

Her body couldn't handle it or rather, it immediately went out of control. At first she could turn feral but that was it, but a gentle push and she lost it. A huge power surge went throughout the village alerting every shinobi and civilian alike. At the time that was when the seal broke down worse then it already was, it was the first time he came into contact with the Kyuubi.

While everyone was busy worrying about their little sunshine known as Mito, Naruto was talking to the Kyuubi. At first they were at each others throats but eventually they both had to stop to catch their breathe. After looking at the apparent seal that was holding the Kyuubi back, he asked why it hadn't escaped yet. The Kyuubi responded by saying even if he did escape, then he wouldn't be able to maintain itself outside due to the lack of power, the only thing that was holding him together was the seal.

Later they found out that by staying close to the one who held the 'power', the Kyuubi could suck out its power back, although the seal was not meant to hold that much power, but that wasn't true. The seal acted like a door with a lock, without the key, Kyuubi couldn't get out, no matter how much it tried to force its way out, however Naruto's own seal was like a lock that could be opened easily and could easily be smashed open, but he had the allegiance of the Kyuubi so its own power didn't threaten the seal as it would Mito's.

But something was strange in Naruto's opinion. How can the Kyuubi's power keep regenerating if there's nothing to gather it. The Kyuubi scoffed, it said that all they took was the Chakra and the ability to regain its Chakra was lost during the sealing. So Mito had limited amount of the Kyuubi's chakra that could not be replenished and Naruto had the 'Soul' or the consciousness of it to control it but not the Chakra itself. As they gathered more of the Kyuubi's chakra, they found that the Kyuubi could replenish whatever amount of power it held at the moment but nothing more. So if he used two out of three tails, he could replenish to only 3 but not his former 9.

Thus their little mission began to acquire the Kyuubi's former power, which was indefinitely difficult seeing as how no one allowed him even to be close to Mito, except for school. Thus the only time it was possible was at that very moment. Unfortunately, it took longer than he would have liked, it took a whole year before he could get one tail's worth of chakra from her.

But thankfully, when they tried to somehow to use that power, it resulted in something unexpected. When they tried using his chakra and the Kyuubi's, his body briefly glowed a strange ethereal glow before blacking out.

When he awoke, he saw a small fox standing right in front of him. It would have been fine if the next thing he knew he was speaking to a chibified Kyuubi. As they began trading theories, the Kyuubi just poofed into smoke and he was behind the seal yet again.

So that's when they realized what happened, he was temporarily freed. Trying to do the same thing again, they channeled both their chakra's resulting in the same event. They tried using more chakra to make him stay permanently but it didn't work, it just expanded it its time a bit. When hope seemed to dim, an idea came up.

Why couldn't he just summon the Kyuubi?

Thanks to the Kyuubi who had memories of previous summoning scrolls from his previous containers, he took over Naruto's body, with his permission and drew the necessary seals. With each of them dropping blood(A/N remember that Hachibi bled, yeah they CAN bleed) and a large amount of chakra, a new summoning scroll was made and specifically for the Kyuubi. It was a temporary solution but they quickly discovered the benefits. Eventually, the Kyuubi but enough trust in the 'insignificant human' and told him it's name, it got annoying to keep referring to it as Kyuubi.

It drained the tails faster and it gave him regeneration powers. By the end of their 2nd year of the Academy, the Kyuubi was reaching 3 tails. With Mito nor the Hokage none the wiser, at the rate they were going, he'd have to become a ninja for at least 1 year till the Kyuubi's powers were restored.

It was only a matter of time.

But for now, it was time for his plans to commence…

Minato Namikaze looked out of window and gazed at the village. His Village. The man who was just entering in his thirties couldn't be happier. He was the Hokage, just like he always wanted to be, he was married to his beautiful wife, had a daughter that was his pride and joy, and also had a Jinchuuriki that would fight for the village while getting rid of any risk of the Kyuubi breaking out and endangering the village.

Of course, not everything was great, the whole matter with the Kumo incident and the Uchiha Massacre did leave a big scar on the village. He lost some friends and capable shinobi's on both incidents. There were also many other concerns going through his mind.

The Child of Prophecy.

That was one of the major things he had been working on. At first, Jiraiya called him the Child of Prophecy, seeing as he had some sort of power to shape the world but when the Kyuubi attacked, he wasn't so sure. After that day, he lost his spark to want to change things, he still strived for them but not with the vigor he used to have. But when he heard the prophecy change, he was ecstatic, his daughter would bring peace to the world.

Though one of his major problems or that is to say a little nuisance was the orphan Naruto. Naruto didn't want to serve Konoha, he wanted to keep away from it. Fortunately it was not necessarily his-its- choice. The seal the boy had was different than the one on his daughter. It held the soul of the Kyuubi, and it had no power. By making the seal as weak as possible, the Kyuubi's influence would spread but won't take over the boy, making it the scapegoat to relieve the villagers anger. With both power and 'soul' separated, the problem with the Kyuubi would be solved and it would never threaten anyone holding all the Kyuubi's power and soul again, just like it did his wife.

Did he regret it? No, the beast would never regain its power and everyone is getting what they want, all at the price of one sacrifice. Hopes and dreams could not make the world go round the Yondaime thought.

But he couldn't take the risk of anything happening to either of the containers, so he decided that when they graduate, they would be paired with his wife Kushina, she's the only person that could restrain them both. The problem was that his wife had been off active duty for a while and he wasn't sure she was up to it. He would worry about that later, but now he needed to pick a third teammate. He thought it over and decided to go with Sasuke, he would officially be apart of the team while Kakashi taught him how to use the Sharingan later on.

If and when he awakens his Sharingan, he needed Sasuke to stay allied to the village, once his Sharingan reached a high enough level, he would be able to control the kyuubi, just like Madara did during the Kyuubi attack.

That was another person that he needed to deal with, Uchiha Madara, who or what he actually is is secondary, the important thing was how did he know that Kushina was pregnant, it was an even more well kept secret than Kushina being the previous container which not many people knew. Either he was always watching or he has a better spy network than his mentor, Jiraiya.

There was also the dealing of the village. The village had still not recovered from the Kyuubi attack, and with that attack came the casualties. Many shinobi's died that day and now that they are in desperate need, he had no choice but to lower the standards of the Academy. Who knows, he was a former orphan himself, there may be some hidden potential among civilians or orphans from the Kyuubi attack.

He was getting tired, day in and day out, he worked. He was starting to miss spending time with his family, but the village comes first and foremost.

Kushina Uzumaki stood at the backyard of her home folding clothes that had been basking in the sun contemplating her life. At the start of her life she was chosen to hold the Kyuubi as its container, later on war caused her beloved home to fall. She lost all her relatives.

After enduring prejudice and hiding her secret from everyone, she thought her life was starting to take a turn for the better. Sadly, war erupted once more. Kumo tried to kidnap her, she fell in love with her husband, she lost many friends, the war ended and had finally began to settle down and started to have the family she always wanted. Kami seemed to have finally gave her a break, but it was all for naut.

The Kyuubi broke free.

Even more people died, she lost her grandfather figure, the Sandaime, lost even more friends and the place she learned to call home was destroyed. The Kyuubi was sealed into another container with its 'power' separated from the 'soul'. It was wrong of her, she knew that, she could have stopped it, she could have convinced both her husband and Hiruzen to sacrifice themselves and take the Kyuubi while sealing half the Kyuubi in her daughter, making it so when she was ready to control it, she could help.

But she didn't speak up, wanting to live she kept her mouth shut, she plunged the metaphorical nail on the coffin that was an innocent orphan, to house the Kyuubi's soul in a seal that would break as soon as the Kyuubi awakened and tried to take over the child, just like it tried countless times on her.

She saw what happened to the child when it was sealed…pain. From the beginning of its life, the child knew pain, but she just couldn't bring herself to care. The child soon-to-be turned monster was the source of all her misfortune, all of the deaths of her loved ones, while she did feel sorry for the boy, she wanted the Kyuubi gone.

But she couldn't find it in herself to pay attention to her most hated thing as she felt the need to stay occupied. She set her sights on her daughter. Her daughter… it was such a funny thing. She finally had someone with blood relations towards her, with the exception of Tsunade. Her own flesh and blood, who was also a container or half-container. It seemed that it was destined that the Uzumaki needed to house the Kyuubi.

What she didn't know is that that was false. The Kyuubi could be housed by anyone that can take the pressure with the right seal. It was just more preferable that Uzumaki held it because of their vitality, which enabled them to hold it for much longer periods of time than the regular human's lifespan.

Kushina thought that the seal would eventually break, releasing the Kyuubi, thus she felt the need to train her daughter in the beasts former powers, as a giant F-U to the natural disaster known as the Kyuubi.

But it didn't go as planned, what started out as a good progress for the first time accessing the power turned into a catastrophe. The power simply started to run amok. The transformed Mito started attacking everybody in sight. As it reached 4 tails, and started gathering its chakra for a Bijudama, it was quite obvious that Mito was no longer in control. Thus Kushina held her down with her famed Chakra chains, able to hold even the Kyuubi while her husband proceeded to knock their daughter out.

She didn't understand why it didn't work, the now deceased Mito Uzumaki, wife of the Shodaime had told her that the container needed to be filled with love, and she thought that Mito needed more love than she had at the moment.

Not wanting to risk another repeat of what happened, they decided to hold off training Mito with the Kyuubi's chakra until she made genin. While they could have trained her in other things like ninjutsu or taijutsu, she and Minato were too busy handling the villages affairs and rebuilding. Mito didn't see it as a negative, she didn't mind because she had the whole village to love and care for her.

Kuahina couldn't help but sigh out loudly. The prophecy that the frogs gave sounded like there was going to be a lot of trouble in the future, and with everything that was going on at the moment and what was coming in the future, she was wary f what the future would bring to her and those around her.


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