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Living a life dealt by Fate

Naruto couldn't help but snort at the quality of the Ninja Academy. The quality of shinobi and the education of one was quite pitiful. Even he could tell that the curriculum had been altered to favor the civilians that sought to be ninja themselves.

Poor misguided fools Naruto couldn't help but think. They were damning their own children. Their desire for fame and riches blinded them to the results that could happen in the life of shinobi.

If and when a civilian enrolled ninja died, the parents of said ninja would be outraged. They would blame everything on the ninja and refuse to have any share of the blame.

Such thoughts were foolish in Naruto's opinion.

So blatantly corrupting their children's lives with feeble dreams and goals in life would lead to their own children's demise. Then they would start to reject reality and find something or someone to blame. Which would most likely be him..

For some reason, the scapegoat would always be him, even if he had absolutely no part in it. For example, one man claimed that he killed his son when it was proven that the son committed suicide. The man's excuse was 'My son could no longer stand living in the village where the demon resided that he killed himself out of grief.' And it was so silly to, because in the end…

Everyone believed it.

But such is the stigma of being a Jinchuuriki.

Almost always destined to walk a path of solitude, desperation and hate. Of course, there are exceptions, albeit not very good ones.

Mito Uzumaki, the wife of the Shodaime, Hashirama Senju. The reason she did not carry the destiny of a human sacrifice was because of her status. She was from the main branch of the Uzumaki clan, powerful Fuinjutsu master and married to an equally if not more powerful husband who was said could tame a Bijuu. It also helped that Hashirama was the governmental power at the time and one of the strongest ninja, and with an Uzumaki by his side, the Kyuubi was 'tamed' people could say.

Kushina Uzumaki was the second to hold the Kyuubi. With her chakra chains that could bind the Kyuubi, she was a perfect jailor for the Kyuubi. The reason she did not suffer due to the Jinchuuriki name was because she was one of the last Uzumaki and the heiress of the Uzumaki clan, she was pretty much a princess. Although she did suffer as an outcast to some number of people, she still had a family that lived with her, people didn't know what she contained, and basically all she had to worry about was 'not fitting in.'. She may have suffered because of lose of family but so did many other people, it was war after all. But people had yet to actually fear the Kyuubi who had not appeared for at least 90 years.

Now here he was, Naruto. He was the third carrier. He suffered from the stigma of being a jinchuuriki. He had no family, no status, not even a chance to hide his prisoner because of some leader needing to find an outlet to people's anger.

Naruto couldn't help but snort once more. The Yondaime could have helped him but he chose not to. He did not want to lose face in front of the civilians. He was seen as their Hero. To them, he was the Hokage, the Shinobi who turned the tide of the 3rd Shinobi war. All citizens, children, adults, shinobi of every class and skill looked up to him. He was a hero to everyone.

How could he tell everyone that he sacrificed an innocent orphan, to further his own means of balance of powers. How could he when he couldn't even do it to his own family. He ran from the responsibility and burden like a coward, that's why he ignores him.

But back to the point…

The standards of the shinobi in Konoha was lacking severely, it focused too much on teamwork. When Naruto thought about it, Konoha was blowing smoke at that.

Only the ones that they see that have potential are trained, of course there are exceptions but not many. For example, Hatake Kakashi, prodigy and graduated from the Academy very early, got promoted very early and became Jonin at the age of around 13. But what about his teammates? One was killed in the war and the other was pronounced MIA. Kurenai Yuuhi, showed promise in Genjutsu and has been trained accordingly, while not balancing her skills, her teammates? Unknown presumed MIA.

One of the most perfect example being Hatake Sakumo. Of course many know the story of the famed White Fang of Konoha. He was tasked to lead a very important mission that would help with the war substantially but instead he chose to abandon the mission in order to save his comrades. His reward, betrayal. His grief sank so low that he committed suicide.

Now here he was watching the rest of the class. From what could be seen there were no actual 'prodigies' in the class, only those whom the teachers picked as prodigies because of their family status.

Majority of the upper tier in the class were Clan heirs and heiress's, the rest of the class were just civilians who thought that they could get a shot at fame and fortune or look for a handsome ninja they could eventually settle down with.

He guessed that there parents convinced them to do that.

At the moment, they were having a little tournament with the Academy students, it had been the middle of the year and they wanted to show the parents their progress. Many parents were attending and rooting for their own children while throwing a death glare at Naruto every now and then. But it wasn't like he cared, if he did then he'd probably just flip them off.

The Hokage and his wife were also attending to cheer on their little sunshine. Apparently they couldn't see Naruto in the eye, whenever they would make eye contact they would immediately look elsewhere. Apparently they were guilty of their own actions. Naruto couldn't help but roll his eyes, if they were guilty they would have done something years ago, they lost their chance.

At this point all he cares about is finding his own happiness, but it seemed so far away.

Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard his name being called out. He was up against Ken, an orphan boy that was more taller than everyone else, it didn't help that he was older by 2 years.

Naruto sighed as he walked up to his destination and heard all the cheering for Ken and the booing for him. No one had the delicacy to hold back on their insults, calling him many things.

"Naruto versus Ken…Hajime!" Iruka said, while he was kind to everyone else, his mind had already decided that Naruto was the Kyuubi and willing to hinder his education, and he wasn't the only one. Apparently everyone took joy in making the soon to be reincarnated Kyuubi suffer.

"I can't wait to kick your ass demon spawn." Sneered Ken.

"Oh? Holding a grudge because Kyuubi killed your parents? Get in line. I'm sure they died pathetically just like the rest." Naruto taunted.

Ken screamed in rage. His parents were struck down by the Kyuubi, he took great pride in knowing that they died stalling the great beast. But now the beast was spitting on their memory. Like everyone else, he had been taught that the boy in front of him was the kyuubi but with his power stripped away. The younger generation believed the older generations and their own hatred grew.

And hatred lead to an empty path.

"You bastard!" Ken snarled, charging the red headed boy. The boy did not bat an eye lash at the charging orphan. Compared to flying projectiles, aimed punches from Shinobi and many things, it looked like he was going at snail pace.

Ken threw a wild punch at the small boy who ducked Ken's punch that tried to rearrange his face. Without a moments hesitation Naruto smashed his knee onto Ken's face sending the boys face backwards leaving his torso and lower body completely unguarded. Performing a leg sweep Naruto caused the boy to trip and fall to the earth, as the boy was about to kiss the floor, there was a sudden overwhelming pressure on the boys stomach and then darkness.

Naruto just looked at the down boy and just walked away neutrally, it was basic combat really. Disorient the opponent, cause the opponent to lose balance and then deliver a devastating blow to the opponent. He was proud of himself, but the audience was yelling at him, calling him a cheater. It didn't matter to him, the more negative cheers he received, the more proud he became of his fight.

The shinobi parents in the audience started to sweat a bit. What the boy did was ruthless, and extremely dangerous for the opponent, he used his initial strike to stagger the boy and then proceeded to make him lose his balance, while not allowing the first blow to be absorbed by the body. As the boy almost hit the floor, the final attack dealt more damage because of the initial force of the punch, and the last punch, while getting rid of the bodies natural reflex of rolling with the punches, thus doubling or maybe tripling the damage.

It was a splendid move for someone so young but the problem was that he was the pariah of the village, he wasn't suppose to be strong.

Civilians just stared in disdain while the students in his class were flabbergasted. No one knew Naruto, they actually never heard him talk. Most of them would just ignore him or throw an occasional paper ball at him. Overall he was just a social outcast.

There was also the fact that he was dead-last.

Naruto decided to ignore the gawking idiots and go sit by the shade away from everyone. It wasn't his fault that everyone else lived sheltered lives. It was even more stupid because adults purposely pushed there children in mocking the 'Kyuubi', that's saying something to their stupidity.

The teachers were inwardly seething at the fact that the demon won. They wanted to show the demon its place. Thus they paired him off with someone he most likely wouldn't win thereby humiliating him in front of an audience. They didn't expect him to win at all. It needed to learn its place.

The fights continued for the a while, the civilian children were each beat by upcoming clan heirs and heiress's. Eventually it came down to fights between him and the clan head's children. All the other children lacked the experience that the other clan children got so it was obvious who would win. It was pretty stupid to expect civilians to win.

Eventually some clan heir's had to fight. It was more exciting to the audience to see a better display of the potential of the upcoming generation. It wasn't all that impressive honestly but the civilians thought otherwise..

The last fights involved Sasuke Uchiha versus Choji Akamichi. While Choji had more strength and was the strongest in physical power in the class, he lacked speed. Sasuke used his advantage and landed several blows to Choji and eventually knocking him out.

Kiba Inuzuka had to fight Ino Yamanaka, who was barely able to scrap by from the other girls of the class. However her lack of physical conditioning made her lose the game to Kiba who was stronger and speed.

Shikamaru Nara had to fight Shino Aburame. Needless to say it was a slow pace match but Shikamaru forfeited because it was too 'troublesome' to continue.

HInata Hyuuga had to fight Mito Uzumaki, the class and audience favorite. It was the best match from the girls side to say the least. HInata although lacked confidence was able to muster enough of it in front of her friend, while Mtto charged in, trying to get Hinata who was barely evading. Eventually since she didn't want to hurt her friend, she tried just plain hitting her, but Mito's strength was endurance, meaning that she took the hits and managed to score some of her own, it was a battle of attrition and Hinata was at a major disadvantage. In the end Mito won.

Naruto's own match was with another boy that was older than himself. But he was rather well known for playing unfair, which suited Naruto just fine. The match started with the boy who had a little gadget under his sleeves that shot out a kunai to the tip of his hands in a fast motion that normal civilians wouldn't have seen it, and it retracted as fast too. He attacked with dagger strikes in hopes of making the boy bleed and scared. Naruto just grabbed both his wrist and then kicked him in the chest, sending the boy to the ground trying to regain his lost breathe. Naruto stepped on his throat to prevent that, causing the boy to get knocked out from lack of air.

It was violent and barbaric, that's what everyone thought.

Since there were 5 people left, it was decided that someone would go directly to the finals in a three way fight. It appeared that Mito was the lucky person, and she was mad about it.

The first match was between Sasuke and Shino, with Ninjutsu's allowed, apparently that caused Shino to forfeit stating that he knew the results and it would be illogical to sacrifice his bugs for no reason.

The next match was between Naruto and Kiba. Kiba was fairly skilled no doubt about it, but unfortunately he attacked like an animal, and he knew how to handle animals.

Kiba started by trying to taunt Naruto.

Unfortunately, Naruto had been called worse things than deadlast, so just to mess with the kid, Naruto started insulting him with words the boy didn't even know, Kiba felt rather embarrassed that many parents were whispering and even some blushing under the swearing the red-headed demon said, and no one embarrasses him and gets away with it. Thus he started charging like an angry bull.

Just like Naruto wanted.

Kiba had speed, and a decent amount of strength despite his age, but for someone like Naruto who essentially lived in a battlefield by himself, it was rather easy to pick apart his movement. Not wanting to waste any additional energy on the dog boy, Naruto jumped back into a corner of the ring and just when Kiba was about to attack, Naruto grabbed him and swung him out of the ring, Kiba recovered mid-flight and was ready to charge once more, but he was disqualified. He was confused before he realized what happened and gave Naruto a death glare to show his anger.

The shinobi were worried that the Kyuubi was getting too strong for its own good and wanted him to learn its place. Of course, they urged the Hokage in order to do something, and being the 'greatest Hokage' he needed to do something. Minato looked at his wife and nodded, she knew what had to be done, of course she felt bad for it but she was finding less and less reason to care.

There was an unearthly silence on the field. It was a three way fight between the 'last' Uchiha, the Uzumaki-Namikaze heir, and the 'demon'. There was a rivalry of sorts between the Uchiha and the Jinchuuriki. While Sasuke was exceptional in all manors of shinobi skills, Mito was to put it bluntly, average. The only time she did great was in taijutsu.

The rivalry started because of a simple spar that Sasuke dominated. Ever since, Mito had a grudge against him because he called her 'A pathetic excuse of a shinobi.' And 'Her parents must be ashamed'. She vowed to be better than him, but unfortunately she did not have the motivation for it, but she refused to be inferior.

'She let it go to her head.' Naruto thought. He couldn'r really blame the girl, she was worshiped like a deity, like it or not it will go to ones head if they haven't seen the opposite of the same devotion.

"Ready to lose, Dobe?" Sasuke taunted the blonde student.

"As if Uchiha! Get ready to eat dirt!" Mito sneered at her opponent.

"As if, you've lost every match against me. This time won't be any different, once a failure always a failure." Sasuke smirked, he knew how easy it was to provoke the girl, she was overly sensitive he guessed.

"Shut up Teme!" Mito shouted out, charging the black haired Uchiha.

The crowed was cheering loudly, watching the two most important clans heirs in their opinion fight. No one noticed Naruto just move away from them except those who actually cared. The civilians were screaming for the Uchiha to win while shinobi who were friends with Minato and Kushina supported Mito.

Sasuke stepped backwards avoiding the flailing that Mito would call punches. Sasuke responded to the punches by kicking her in the stomach sending her to the ground gasping for air slightly. Mito quickly standing up and avoiding a stomp from Sasuke, threw her shoulder and bashed Sasuke. Sasuke backpedalling a bit from the blow jump back to make some room, but Mito quickly followed.

Sasuke was quickly growing frustrated. In there previous matches, it was based on how many hits one scored to a certain number or time but right now, the girl in front of him would not go down. She was a brute to put it simple, she charged with no prior plan and took several blows to her body in order to strike her opponent. He needed to end it fast because he would not last versus the blond berserker.

Naruto observed the match impassively, it seemed that the Uchiha's and the Namikaze's ego simply refused to acknowledge him as a threat. He couldn't stop the shaking of his head as he observed the battle in front of him.

Sasuke was better, he knew his own movements and had a better grasp of it. His body was built for what seemed to be speed and by the looks of his heritage generally discarded defensive skills for counters and offense, believing that their kekkei genkai would help them in the other area's.

Mtto was plainly a bull that charged what was in front of her. While she did have power behind her punches, most likely due to the Kyuubi's chakra inside of her or the fact she was a bundle of energy. But she lacked in flexibility, which would probably improve later on, and simply charged in. Her body was made for attrition, most likely the only ones that could beat her are the older generation and other Jinchuuriki. There was no way to outlast her, no amount of accumulative damage would work against her because whether like it or not, Naruto knew she had an iron will to do what she wanted, though she didn't show it often. So the only way he could possibly beat he at the moment was to do a strong attack, the kind where a normal person would go into a coma, he needed a substantial amount of knock out power.

He returned from his thought in time to see both his opponents panting, while Sasuke looked like he was simply tired, Mito was bruised all over her body. They were tired there was no doubt about that.

"Had enough…Dobe…" Sasuke panted out, he refused to lose to the blond.

"It'll take more…than this to keep…me down." She said with a haggard voice, her body was aching, she needed to end it now.

"Really? Good advice." Naruto suddenly jumped into the conversation, both of them looked surprised until they realized it was a three way fight, it seemed the audience also forgot.

"Huh?" Both of them uttered before Sasuke was launched towards Mito, colliding with her and skidding a few feet.

Mito shook her head and pushed whatever was on top of her off before she realized that it was an unconscious Sasuke. Her mind froze as she wondered how in the world was Sasuke out like a light, she didn't get far into that thought before she felt something hard behind her head and everything went black.

The audience was silent, they looked at the last man standing before they started yelling for blood, some even tried to go up to the red haired boy and teach it a lesson.

Unfortunately it was stopped by the Hokage and his wife who restrained Naruto out of fear that he might do something. The Hokage picked up his little girl and disappeared in a yellow flash along with his wife, leaving a pissed Naruto.

Naruto could tell that they were going to start to get suspicious of him, although he showed absolutely nothing that would merit it, excluding his 'strategies' that were barely above a normal civilians, they would probably put him under some sort of influence.

He needed to act fast.

Naruto jumped away from the gathering crowd, the ninja's had left a while ago, not really caring what would happen to the boy, they needed to meet with the Hokage to plan out what to do with it.

(Konoha Hospital)

Kushina and Minato sat by the side of their daughter's hospital bed, pacing around the room in slight panic. It was the first time that her daughter was sent to the hospital, albeit it was nothing serious, and her injuries healed surprisingly fast, they couldn't stop their over protectiveness of towards their daughter. They felt that it might make her upset that she lost to Naruto and were there to console her as to make sure nothing happened to the seal.

But there was another topic to talk about, mainly about what to do with Naruto.

"What are we going to do about Naruto? He's getting too strong." Kushina said.

"I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure that the Academy teaches him nothing but he's still as strong as he is now. We might have to start taking more drastic measures." Minato said.

"But what about the Kyuubi, don't you think its affecting him? Who knows what its telling him. He might be manipulating him to destroy Konoha." Kushina responded.

"I don't see that happening, to come into contact with the Kyuubi, he would need to use its chakra first in order to go to his own mindscape. For now, the Kyuubi is asleep but not for long, we have to stop it when and if it takes over Naruto." Minato said.

"So what do we do?" Kushina said.

"Well we should—" Minato started saying but he stopped as he heard his daughter wake up.

Mito groggily woke up from her sleep. She opened her eyes and saw white, she always like the color white, but not as much as orange or her second favorite color red. But for some reason, she hated the color white she was seeing, it was stale and uninviting. She shifted her head and saw her parents right next to her.

"Morning." She said groggily.

"HI sweetie, how are you feeling?" Kushina asked her daughter in worry.

Mito grabbed her head and shook of what seemed to be a headache. "Just feel like someone rattled my head, but that's about it." She said.

Both Minato and Kushina let out a sigh of relief.

"What happened before I fainted…or got knocked out." Mito asked.

"What! I lost to the Teme! Damn it, I bet he gloated all over the place, that duck-haired pretty boy, I'll wring his neck!" Mito yelled, making a twisting motion with her hand showing what she would do against her rival.

Minato and Kushina exchanged looks, a silent communication was formed as they decided to tell her. "It wasn't Sasuke that won sweetie." Kushina said.

"Eh? Really? That means I won right, I'm awesome!" She proclaimed.

"No you didn't Mito-chan, you lost too." Minato replied to his daughter's assumption.

"Eh? Then who won?" Mito wondered, if she didn't win and Sasuke didn't win, who won?

"It was…Naruto." Minato said, awaiting there daughter's response.

"Wait, Naruto? How did he win? It was a one on one battle! Did he cheat?" Mito asked.

"No, it was a three way fight remember. You and Sasuke fought each other and he hit you from behind." Kushina sighed, really did her daughter have to be that forgetful?

"Well whatever, lets go get some ramen!" Mito cried out.

Both her parents looked at her with amusement and pride, they were glad that she didn't let the lost get to her.

"That's a great idea Mito-" Kushina started saying when she got cut off by an Anbu appearing in front of them.

"Hokage-sama, the Council request your presence." The Anbu stated.

Minato gave out an exaggerated sigh, he was expecting this but not anytime soon, maybe 2 or 3 days from now. He gave a nod to the Anbu before returning his gaze to his family.

"Kushina-hime, go and take Mito out for Ramen, I got a job to do." He said tiredly.

Kushina gave a sympathetic nod, She could already tell it was going to be as the Nara clan tended to put it 'troublesome.' Minato just shook his head and grumbled incoherent words.

"Alright, come on Mito-chan, lets get you some ramen." Kushina told her daughter who just gave a cry of happiness. Minato used his Hiraishin no Jutsu to teleport to outside of the Council room.

(Council Room)

The council room was in an uproar, ideas and insults were being tossed all over the room. Shinobi and Civilian members were arguing childishly about their village pariah Naruto. It wasn't too long before the Yondaime arrived at the scene. Everyone turned quiet as he began walking toward his seat in the room.

"Now, would you mind informing me to what this meeting is about, one at a time please." Minato asked the general audience, they stayed quiet before Hiashi Hyuuga decided to speak up.

"We are trying to determine what to do with the Jinchuuriki that carries the soul of the Kyuubi." He said.

"Why would you want to do anything to it?" Minato asked, wanting to know exactly what there thoughts were, although he could estimate what it was.

This time a civilian spoke up, "That demon is getting stronger each day, if we don't do something, then it will turn against us!" He yelled.

"Then what exactly did you have in mind?" Minato asked.

There were many cries of what should be done to Naruto, but it tended to be centered around 3 thing. They needed him under servitude, loyal, and restricted. He ignored the execution pleas.

He had already been thinking about what to do, after all, he personally knew what happened to the seal and had the most knowledge about it, his wife only received an abridged version with many things left out. Of course he felt bad for lying to his wife but if she knew the truth then she would do what needed to be done to adopt the half Jinchuuriki.

But he needed it away controlled, if the soul and power could be separate, then they could be passed down, with the power separate, the person with it will have the power of the kyuubi without the side affects, while the soul could be kept away to make sure that the Kyuubi would never reform again.

Too bad he doesn't know anything about Bijuu's.

So now he was pondering what to do. There was a very high chance that the boy could turn rouge. But there was still a chance that he could be loyal to Konoha. He inwardly snorted, as if it would be able to resist the corruption of the Kyuubi's soul. How would a babies willpower overpower the Kyuubi's.

It wouldn't, or at least that's what everyone thought.

"Very well, I will put a loyalty seal on him, in order to make sure that he will stay loyal, I will also add a kill switch just in case he does escape. Is that satisfactory?" Minato said, earning begrudged nods from everyone.

As everyone left, Minato let out another exasperated sigh, it would probably be better to take the soul out of the child and put it into a newborn, or get Naruto and chain him up and forcefeed him to the end of his days, but that would be barbaric, he was a good guy, they didn't do things like that.


He stood up and started walking towards Ichiraku's, he needed to think as to how he would apply the seal to Naruto. They would have to kidnap him and place the seal, he hoped that it would be the end of it. He reached Ichiraku and smiled as he saw his family eating.

'It's best to enjoy these times of peace.' Minato thought.

He didn't know that their current peace was all a lie.

In the darkness, several ninja moved in silence, there target one ninja in training Naruto. Under the Hokage's order he was to be brought in to him personally to apply a seal. Of course they had no problem with that, and thus they proceeded to hunt the Half-Jinchuuriki down. It took a while but they found the ragged looking Jinchuuriki sleeping inside a manmade cave that looked like he made it himself, how they didn't know.

As soon as the boy heard a noise he sprung up but was struck with a senbon with a poison making him fall asleep.

"Jinchuuriki secured." The masked nin said, and a sigh of relief was let out from everyone, they were half expecting a fight to the death.

They didn't noticed the fully concealed figure in the background.

Quickly moving through the forest where they came upon the Hokage with various blood markings throughout the field, with his wife next to him. They moved towards the Hokage and dropped the unconscious boy in the center of the alter before stepping out of the seal array.

Both the Hokage and his wife looked at the boy, wondering if they were doing the right thing, but that thought quickly went away in favor of believing that it was the best for Konoha.

"Are you ready?" Minato asked his wife who looked a little nervous.

"Y-yeah…" She trailed off, knowing what was going to happen.

She was going to have a child enslaved permanently, out of fear of what he can become. It reminded her too much of her own home, whereas the attacking party was replaced with her and her husband and the attacked was replaced with the boy in front of her. Was she doing the right thing? She couldn't help but ask herself. She knew her husband's devotion to the village, he would go to any lengths to protect it.

She often wondered if he would throw his own family away for it.

She shook the thoughts away, there was no use arguing about what if's and so on. She had a job to do and if she had to kill her emotion to do it she would.

She would later regret those very words.

"Then let's start." Minato said, as he started forming handseals, parallel to her husbands. The blood covered insignia's that covered the floor and trees and anything else started traveling to the red headed boys body and centered on the boys neck, his body thrashed around in pain.

Minato and Kushina stood with a stoic face watching the boy writhe in pain, they themselves couldn't suppress the grin forming in their smiles. They just got rid of a future problem.

They moved the boy back to his sleeping place, where the Hokage made a decision to change his sleeping and acting out, and not for the better.

(Secluded Forest)

Naruto stood up looking at the moon that shined brightly, a full moon. It was beautiful, he learned to admire the small things such as nature and life. It really was funny in his opinion. It takes years for Nature to form into the current beauty it is and it takes 9 months for new life to be born from humans…yet it only took seconds to take it away.

He couldn't help it, he let out a bellow laugh.

They cursed him, they shunned him, and now they wanted him to be their pet. Human's are such predictable creatures. Fear what they can't control and bring it under their thumbs, too bad he already knew what to do.

With the help of a fox and copious amount of life sustaining fluids that were his own, he created a forbidden bunshin. A blood clone.

Such a unique clone it was a blood clone. They were very hard to make and could defy the divine. It was created life, a homunculus if you will. It had its own soul, an copy of its maker, such things were forbidden, but he really didn't care, the Kami's above have damned him, the demon's below might praise him but he didn't care, the blood clones were worth it. They had their own mind, each could think differently from the original despite being a clone, they could recover their lost chakra and train their own bodies, plus everything they learned and when they die, will get passed unto him.

Imagine a lifetime of memories from a different yet similar person, adding his skills to yours.

But no, that was too little for the red head to be limited by, so instead he chose to make the particular clone a martyr if you would. He knew they would attempt to put him on a leash so he sent a blood clones, its body wouldn't pop or get destroyed from the stress and he would be able to copy the seal, allowing him to bring anyone he wished under his servitude.

Konoha just made a fatal mistake, they tried to imprison him. Of course he would escape from it, no doubt about it but he would never look back and let his grudge dissipate in time but now, it became personal.

He would take everything. Their fortune, their peace, their happiness, their most cherished things. Why? Because no one was allowed to cage him, no one was allowed to imprison him, he would claim it all.

If he became a monster, a demon, a forsaken soul then so be it.

He will fight. His fangs would be sharp and peerless…his will would be unconquerable…his ambition would be to reach the clouds above heaven, to dive deeper into the abyss of darkness and emerge…His spirit…his conviction will pierce everything in his path…and his eyes…his eyes will look forward unto the horizon, chasing that which many have sought…to be the strongest!

To conquer everything!

Like a raging Maelstrom, a peerless and wrathful lord. Whether he be a vessel of peace or the harbringer of destruction. He shall find it!

His paradise!

His Salvation! His Ambitions! His Happiness! His Everything!

For he is…He IS…!

The end.

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