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This is Deuce/Jackson. And this first chapter is really just an introductory….sorta….set the tone for the rest of the story.

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"Cleo I'm sorry!"

"Sorry isn't going to work this time, Deuce. You dare disgrace a DeNile?" Cleo stood facing her long-standing boyfriend, hands up and eyes furious. All across the halls of Monster High, posters and banners hung celebrating Cleo's birthday. Gifts, piled outside her locker, remained unopened as she waited for the one gift she would never admit, truly mattered….but Deuce had forgotten. Dozens of onlookers stood quietly as they watched the most popular couple in Monster High feud. Texts were sent rapidly, all asking the same question 'was this going to be it?'.

"Look, I know….I screwed up….big time! Give me a chance to make it up to you!" Through his trademark glasses, Cleo saw the sincerity in her eyes, but a DeNile never surrenders! Letting her arms rest calmly at her side, she spoke slowly and to the point.

"Deuce Gorgon, you have desecrated our relationship with your inability to remember dates. You have until exactly 3pm tomorrow to make this up to me." Spinning on her heel without another word, Cleo marched through the crowd of students and away from her defeated boyfriend.

Deuce stood motionless as he watched her go. As the crowd of students slowly broke apart, Deuce found himself alone in the halls. Stuffing his hands in his pockets he began to walk aimlessly, pondering what he could possibly do to make this up to Cleo.

His feet carried him without direction while his mind was busy at work. He couldn't simply get her a gift, there was nothing he could buy her that would say he was sorry! He had already wrote her a love-song (With the help of Operetta of course), he even turned Van Hell-Scream into stone simply because she has asked! Finding himself a little more then frustrated, Deuce stopped walking.

Seeing that he had walked to the boys locker rooms, Deuce stepped inside and locked the door. The gym was under construction this week, so no-one should be using the locker rooms, this would be a perfect place to think.

Each step he took echoed against the cold tiled walls. Leaning against the door of a bathroom stall, he let out a long aggravated sigh. Taking off his glasses, he let his head fall back against the door.

"What am I going to do….?" He asked himself.


Placing his glasses back on quickly, Deuce stood still and held his breath so he wouldn't make a sound. Did he just hear someone say "damnit"? Remaining absolutely still, he could make out the smallest sound of…. erratic breathing?

Stepping away from the stalls, Deuce strode silently towards the showers. Ears awaiting the slightest noise, he walked until he was at the very last shower. There it was….that panicky uneven breathing. Pushing back the curtain, he couldn't help but grin at what he saw.


"Jackson….." The green-eyed boy smiled at the Normie. Poor Jackson was never going to have it easy at Monster High. He had obviously been brought down here by some bullies….the same bullies who no doubt wrapped him in duct-tape and tied him to the shower faucet.

"Got yourself in some trouble?" Deuce asked, trying his hardest not to laugh.

Jackson blushed bright and averted his eyes to the ground. "M-mannie and his friends….it's my own fault I guess….I shouldn't have egged him on…"

Deuce's smile fell, "Egg them on, or defend yourself? There's a difference." Stepping towards the smaller teen, Deuce began to peel the tape away from Jackson's body.

"What's it matter….I should just accept it…." Trailing off, Jackson dared not to look at the taller boy.

Deuce stopped, stepping back far enough so he could look Jackson in the eye.

"Jackson look at me." He stated, rather then asked.

Keeping his eyes placed firmly on the ground, Jackson asked quietly, "What…?"

"Look at me." Deuce repeated. But Jackson couldn't bring himself to do it. His embarrassment was so severe, he feared to even look at the popular boy.

Grabbing Jackson's chin, Deuce brought the trapped boys face level with his own. Deuce brought his hand up to his glasses "I'm going to take my hand off your chin, but if you look at the floor again I'll take my glasses off and being bound in duct-tape will be the least of your problems." Jackson nodded, and Deuce let go.

"Jackson…." Deuce began. "I know it sucks, dealing with Mannie and those guys. But each time you stand up for yourself, you're reasserting not to them, but to yourself, that you don't deserve that."

Jackson stared at Deuce before speaking quietly, "How do you know what it's like to be afraid each day that you're going to do something….something that's not even your fault….and make everyone angry…"

The sound of Deuce's laughter bounced off the tiled walls of the locker room.

"I'm dating Cleo DeNile. Maybe you've heard of her? Diva to the extreme? Everyday I am making a mistake….of one kind or another. I mean….today…I forgot it was her birthday!"

Jackson's brown eyes widened in disbelief…."Even I knew it was her birthday!"

Rolling his eyes Deuce began again to remove the tape, "I guess that means you'd make a better boyfriend then me."

Stepping close to the human boy, Deuce began to work the many knots tied around Jackson's back.

Jackson blushed as Deuce ran his hands down his back.

"I-I uhhmm…..I mean….uh….y-you're a great boyfriend….I guess….uhmmm…w-who…..or….uhm….any girl here would be happy to d-d-date…you."

Deuce smiled as stepped back to work on the knots holding Jackson to the faucet. "Sure….but I'm not dating any girl I'm dating Cleo." Though he hadn't intended to, his words came out harsh and full of spite. Untying the last knot above Jackson's head, Deuce stepped back and let Jackson shake himself free of the stray rope and tape.

Rubbing his hands together nervously, Jackson stepped away from the tape and back against the far wall of the shower. Eyes glued to the floor, he asked barely above a whisper, "Why are you dating her….?"

Deuce stood still, shocked by the normies question. He had never thought about it himself, but hearing it from Jackson brought it to light. Why was he dating her? He was rude, selfish, egotistic, unappreciative and spoiled to the point that nothing he could to for her would have value. Rubbing a hand across his face, he felt a sick feeling come over him. Why was he dating Cleo? He made mistakes, he was a normal guy, but no matter what he did to make them better, she never accepted it. Sighing out loud, he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

Jackson looked away in a panic, which caused Deuce to laugh softly. "Don't worry, I won't look at you…..you've just…..what you said…..it got me to thinking…" Placing his glasses back on, and staring intently at the normie Deuce said something that he had never said before. "I don't know why I'm dating Cleo….and to be honest….I don't know if I want to anymore."

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