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A Gunman's Troubles

Chapter One: The Accident

"Damn you!" Lupin shouted, earning an angered look from his friend Jigen. His friend – with whom he was arguing right now. "No, damn you!" Jigen shot back. "We can't finish a single coup just because you always drool over Fujiko! And in the end, she gets all the money while we get nothing! I'm sick of that." The usually calm and reserved gunman now snapped. "Well then, why don't you just leave?" Lupin asked, angered. "I'll surely find another, better partner!" Jigen just snorted at that. "Yeah, team up with Fujiko. She'll be glad to take everything you own." Not waiting for Lupins answer, Jigen grabbed his hat, put it on and left the apartment. Lupin was still standing in the middle of the living room when he heard the engine of Jigens car roar outside, then the noise faded away. Jigen was gone. Lupin stood for a few more moments before he decided to go after his friend. He grabbed his car keys, literally jumped into his jacket and hurried downstairs to his car.

Jigen drove down Hagashi Street, his anger slowly fading away. "Oh God, you are so childish." The gunman thought to himself. "Getting into such a huge fight with your best friend just because of a little money..." Sighing, Jigens eyes wandered to the rearview mirror. He saw Lupins car behind him and smiled a little. Lupin flashed his lights at him, and Jigen flashed the back lights in return. All of a sudden, a third car came driving out of a side alley, entering the traffic before Lupin and behind Jigen. The gunman looked up surprised. "Now what..." The car behind him, a black Mazda 626, increased it's speed, until it banged against the back push rod of Jigens car. "Hey!" Jigen yelped when his car started to swerve on the street. He heard how Lupin honked the driver behind him. The car which had banged his suddenly pulled up next to the gunman. Jigen looked at it for a second, his eyes meeting the ones of the driver. Then, the man opened his door and jumped out while his car crashed into Jigens, sharp bits of glass and metal flying everywhere.

"Jigen!" Lupin screamed his friends name while he parked his car and jumped out of it, running to the crumpled wreck that had been the gunman's vehicle before. The thief came to a halt next to Jigens car, grabbing the frame for support. "Jigen, can you hear me?" Jigen sat leaning against the driver's seat, breathing heavilly. When Lupin saw why his friend was panting the way he did, he felt a sudden urge to break up. A long, sharp piece of metal had gouged itself deep into the gunman's stomach, blood seeping out of the wound. "Oh dear God, Jigen..." Lupin whispered, shocked to see that his friend hadn't lost consciousness yet. "How...how bad is it?" Jigen now asked, his voice shaking. He didn't dare to look down and see what had happened; he could feel something in his stomach, but he didn't want to see what it was. "P-Pretty bad." Lupin now managed to say. "Don't look at it, Jigen...just sit still, don't move, don't talk." The gunman nodded, and Lupin ran off to call the ambulance.

"He'll be alright." Lupin looked up to see Fujiko standing next to him, sympathy in her eyes. Although the reserved gunman always had showed strong dislike for the attractive thief, Lupin knew that Fujiko cared for Jigen. Of course, she didn't love him, but she liked him. "You should've seen that." The thief now said, his voice shaking. "That piece of metal...it was so deep in his stomach that it went all the way through him, nailing him to the seat...they had to cut it off before they could take him here." "He'll be alright." Fujiko repeated. Before Lupin could reply anything, the doors of the emergency room opened and two male nurses rolled out a stretcher with Jigen on it. Amazingly enough, the gunman was awake. "Jigen!" both Lupin and Fujiko ran over to their friend, concern showing in their eyes. Jigen turned his head to look at them, his dark eyes pain filled. Lupins eyes went wide when the gunman suddenly grasped his hand. "Lupin", Jigen coughed out. "Don't talk now." Lupin started, but Jigen glared at him in a way that made him shut up again. "Wasn't...an accident." Jigen now managed to say through gritted teeth. "Driver...jumped out." "What?" Lupin asked, dumbfounded. Jigen looked as if he wanted to say more, but his eyes rolled back in his head and he lost consciousness. "What was he talking about?" Fujiko asked. Lupin shrugged. "I have no idea, Fujiko. Honestly, I have no idea."

To be continued...