Chapter 2: Faked Death

Jigen groaned before he finally dared to open his eyes. "Thank God, he woke up!" a well known – and disliked – voice came from the right. Turning his head, Jigen found himself face to face with Fujiko. "Oh great." The gunman thought to himself. "I think I'll go back to being unconscious..." "Hey, gunman!" Another, more approved voice came. Jigen focused his eyesight and met Lupins grinning face. "Hey." The gunman mumbled, trying to ignore the ache in his stomach. "I'm glad that you're awake." Lupin now said, sitting down on the edge of the bed. Jigen just sighed, closing his eyes. "Did you get what I told you before?" the gunman finally asked. Both Lupin and Fujiko shook their head no. Jigen sighed again before he explained. "That accident was caused on purpose. The drive of the car which rammed mine jumped out shortly before the collision." Fujiko covered her mouth with one hand in horror. "That wasn't an accident, it was an attack!" Jigen nodded. "Somebody tried to kill me." He said darkly. "And I think I know who." Fujiko just stared, but Lupin realised what his friend was talking about. "The Mafia." He mumbled, and Jigen nodded. "They found me." He then said. "And that's why you have to get me out of here."

"Are you insane?" Lupin barked, causing Fujiko and Jigen to flinch. "No!" Jigen shot back, ignoring the by now immense pain in his stomach. "But the Mafia surely has one of the doctors on their pay list! Do you think that I'll survive the next night? I don't think so!" Lupin looked a little unsure about Jigens arguments, but finally he gave in. "Okay. We'll get you out." He agreed. Fujiko nodded, a plan already forming in her mind.

"Oh God! Please, come quick! He's dying!" Fujiko ran down the hall, screaming her lungs out, tears running down her cheeks. One of the doctors, a bald man with huge glasses, looked up surprised. "Dying? Who is dying?" he asked. "Jigen! Jigen dies! Please come!" The doctor shoved his glasses up and followed Fujiko into the room where Jigen laid. The gunman's heart monitor was flat lining, and he didn't breathe. Lupin was running around in the room frantically. "Help him!" he screamed, grabbing the scared doctors collar in the process. "Please, help him! Fast!" the doctor bent over the motionless man, checking breath and pulse. "I'm sorry." He then said. "He's dead." "Nooo." Fujiko cried, hiding her face at Lupins shoulder. The thief put his arms around her, grinning inwardly. "Touch my butt and you are dead, pervert." Fujiko mumbled into his ear. Lupins inward grin froze. "Party pooper." He mumbled back, all of that happening without the doctor noticing it. The bald man now pulled the bed sheet over Jigens lifeless body, sighing. "Say your goodbye to him. The men who'll take him out will wait outside." Lupin nodded, glancing at his watch nervously. Only ten more seconds...Finally, the doctor walked out, closing the door behind him. As soon as he was gone, the heart monitor started to beat again, and Jigen took in a deep breath before he threw the sheets on the bed. "You alright?" Lupin asked, worried. The drug he had used on his friend to make his heart stop had lost it's virtue, but sometimes it left the affected people with terrible hangovers. "As fine as I can be." Jigen replied. "Now, let's get out."