What if Elizabeth is set to marry Mr. Collins? Mr. Darcy finds out and does his best to stop the undesirable marriage. This is my first fan-fiction, so please review and let me know how I can improve! This is a short, first chapter. Hope you enjoy!

Italicized text are Darcy's thoughts, FYI.

What a tiresome retreat. Fitzwilliam Darcy sits in the breakfast dining area of Netherfield Park, sighing into his cup of tea.

The general expectation of the house of Netherfield Park for its tenants to return to London has brought mixed emotions amongst its occupants. Mr. Bingley is only returning to London for the sake of his friend and family members. Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley are looking forward to returning to the society, shopping and rumors that are widely available in the city. Mr. Darcy is feeling the relief of getting away from the residents of Hertfordshire, especially the household members of Longbourn. One certain inhabitant has been on the mind of the gentlemen entirely too much for his liking, and is ready to be rid of the distraction from his duties and position.

Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst came through the doors into the room, speaking to each other loudly and joyfully.

"I've just heard. What a splendid turn of events for our dear friend Miss Elizabeth Bennet! I say, I would expect her to live very comfortable and happily." Miss Bingley practically laughed to Mrs. Hurst. The utter glee in her eyes was visible, even from Darcy's down-turned eyes.

What? Darcy's lifted tea cup stopped midway to his thirsty lips. His heart suddenly pounding.

"I feel she will live very comfortable as a clergyman's wife. She has the personality and composure most suited for the life." Mrs. Hurst replied, grinning.

"Indeed." Caroline Bingley said, her eyes directed towards Mr. Darcy's blanched face.

Engaged? No, this cannot be true. Darcy's head began to pound with the shock of unexpected news. He put down the tea cup in a shaky, swift move. Maybe… Yes, I must have misunderstood.

"Miss Bingley," Darcy asked with a strained voice, "Do I mean to understand that Miss Elizabeth Bennet is recently engaged?"

"Indeed Mr. Darcy! I thought you had heard. We were in Meryton to say farewell to some residents, and there was Mrs. Bennet practically yelling the news through the streets for all to hear. Miss Elizabeth is engaged to Mr. Collins! Apparently, the engagement happened this morning." Miss Bingley replied. The smile on her face made Darcy feel suddenly nauseous.

This morning? What was Eliza… Miss Elizabeth Bennet doing getting engaged to a fool like Mr. Collins? There must be some explanation.

"Interesting, I was not aware of a preference on the woman's side." Darcy swallowed hard after he spoke. He swiftly stood up, bowed to the women, and walked quickly out of the room. What has she done? To be so … intriguing yet to choose such a man! And we are to leave tomorrow! Can we postpone… yes. I must speak to Bingley.

Once Darcy left the room, Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst looked at one another, smiling.

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