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3rd Person POV

(3 Months Later)

Tori was sprawled across her white duvet, staring up at the ceiling. Headphones covered her ears as she listened to one of the songs Jade had convinced her to sing what seemed like a lifetime ago. Jade had surprised her with her musical knowledge, picking out songs she knew Tori would at least be able to tolerate (*cough* love*cough*). And one of the first things she had done after the incident was to buy a few (*cough*most*cough*) of them.

It had taken Tori awhile to adjust. And to be honest, she still wasn't there. She had spent many a countless nights on the phone with Andre as he helped diffuse her panic attacks. Her phone bill had gone through the roof, and Andre was now number 1 on her speed dial, but her parents had been happy to oblige when they saw her gradual improvement. They's even let him sleep over a few times, as long as he stayed on the couch downstairs.

And she was definitely better now. Nowhere near completely, but she didn't wake up in cold sweats every night. But, when she did, Andre was always there to sooth her, to absorb her fears until she fell asleep.

A soft knock on her open door somehow managed to pierce through her thoughts and the old rock. Andre stood inside the doorway, jacket in hand.

"Hey Tor."


"So…you okay?" He was hesitant to ask. It had become a habit for him to ask every time he saw her, but he loathed it. He never got a straight answer.

"Yeah!" Tori was a bit too eager, her voice a bit too high, and she'd always been a horrible liar. Looking slightly downcast, Andre nodded his head.

"I'm glad," he spoke slowly, like he was defusing a bomb. And maybe that's what she was, but – God – if it didn't make her feel like a freak show. He changed the subject quickly. He gave her a worried half smile that, unbeknownst to Andre, told her exactly what to expect next.

"We're gonna go visit Jade," he stated. "Do ya wanna come with?" His question was hopeful. She knew why too; he was big on facing your fears. But every damn time she tried to go with them, she had a panic attack. She hadn't seen Jade since she was loaded into the back of an ambulance, and she was surprised to find that she actually missed her tormentor.

Tori exhaled a large sigh. Biting her lip, she nodded, albeit a bit reluctantly. "Yeah. Yeah, I do."

His smile grew. "Great!" he too sighed, though his was in relief. "Everyone's waiting outside."

He fumbled for words as they walked down the stairs, trying much too hard to act cool. But Tori just laughed at his awkwardness, and his smile grew even bigger until he had a shit-eating grin on his face and managed to return to his normal smooth self.

Andre reached the door before her, pulling it open and bowing exaggeratedly. "Ms. Vega," he said in an overly posh accent and waving his arm, "Your car awaits."

She laughed again, hooking her arm with his. "Why, thank you, Jeeves."

Fifteen minutes later, she was crammed between Cat and the door in the back of Beck's car. She stared out the window at the LA scenery she had seen so many times before. But every time she looked at it, she found something new. And besides, it was better than looking at the nauseatingly sweet couple besides her. Yep, that's right. Couple. Because somewhere along the way, Robbie had stopped being scared and Cat had stopped running away. And now, Tori wanted to barf because it was just so – for lack of a better word – mushy.

It was sweet, and Tori really did wish the best for them, but they were her friends and she so did not want to see them make out.

The car pulled into a parking spot miraculuosly close to the doors, and the five of them stepped out. They knew their way around the hospital like the back of their hand, and the trip to Jade's room was short.

They were stalled no more than five minutes in reception, and while she could feel her heart beat pick up, Tori managed to walk the halls of her nightmare without dropping to her knees. Andre nudged her.

"Hey. You sure you're okay?"

But Tori just brushed him away again. "Yeah. I'm fine."

Beck pushed the door open without pause, but the rest didn't follow. It was obvious that the ex-couple needed some alone time. Especially today.

Jade placed another t-shirt in the suitcase lying beside the bed before turning to see who the intruder was. Beck leaned against the wall near the door, his hands in his pockets. "Hey," he smiled.

She raised an eyebrow, but returned the greeting with a slight chuckle.

"How ya feelin'?" he asked. Somehow, her eyebrow managed to move even higher up. "Right, that was a dumb question."

Jade nodded, but answered anyway. "I feel like crap, but don't tell the doctors that."

He held up three fingers and crossed his heart. "Scout's honor."

"What are you, five?"

"Nooo." He pouted as he started to move closer to her. "I'm about to turn six! You can come to my birthday party! It's next week."

"Wow, seriously? I'm pretty sure I just felt my IQ drop at the stupidity of that answer."

"Ooh, we can't have that, can we? Soon, you won't have many left!"

"Funny," she bit.

"I thought so." They were only a couple feet away now.

"Y'know what else is funny?"


"This!" She punched him in the arm, hard.

"Dang, Jade. No need to get violent. I'm pretty sure hitting a five-year-old is child abuse."

"Really? We're still on this?"

"Yep! In fact, I might have to report you to the police. Or…" he got a malicious glint in his eye and Jade started to back away, "I could do this!" He reached out, grabbed her by the shoulders. He pulled her onto the bed and started rubbing noogies into her scalp.

"Beck..Beck…Stop!" she managed to get out between fits of laughter as he began to alternate between noggies and tickling her. "Beck…I will call the police-Beck!"

"Oh yeah, and tell them what? That you punched a five-year-old?"

The rest of the group watched through the window as the two flirted, and dammit, they were so painstakingly obvious, why couldn't they – oh.

Beck's fingers slowed, and the two found themselves mere inches apart. They leaned forward, mere inches away, when the door opened and a doctor barged in. They jumped apart, and the doctor continued, oblivious. "Well Jade, everything seems in order. Congrats! You can go home!"

There was, of course, a party. Because Tori can't leave anything alone, and she just had to. What she wasn't expecting was to feel so claustrophobic. There were too many people. Too many faces, and hanging with her friends had turned into a couple-fest. Andre had disappeared to God-knows where long ago after promising to get her a drink, and she was left alone with two couples that really should get a room.

Sighing for the umpteenth time that day, Tori slipped away through her back door and out into her backyard. The sun was setting and the pulsing music from inside diminished to a faint buzz. She sat down softly in the grass and stared out to the city below.

She sat for a good fifteen minutes, her thoughts running rampant and contemplating why she was here. How she had survived. How they had all survived.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Andre for the second time that day.

"This a private party?" he asked, and, when she shook her head, he joined her, placing two red plastic cups besides them. The reddening sun shone goldenrod beams on their faces, and the purple sky above settled on them like a blanket.

More time passed, but no more words were spoken. They sat complacently for the longest time, till, eventually, Tori fell into him. She rested her head on his shoulder, and he rested his atop hers. She listened to the beat of his heart as it provided the baseline for the faint song inside.

"Hey," Andre whispered quietly. "You okay?"

She turned her head to the side and looked up at him with weary eyes. Their faces were centimeters apart.

Tori couldn't take it anymore; she was tired of lying. So, for once, she tried the truth. "No."

It wasn't much, but the short, one word answer was all Andre had wanted to hear since he got her back. Their lips graced each other, the gleaming sky creating the perfect frame. After a few seconds, Tori pulled back, her gaze directed down towards their almost-touching hands. "No. I'm not okay. But – I think I'm going to be."

Andre just smiled, and he leaned in, kissing her again.

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